Boko Haram Carry Out Massacre in Baga, Nigeria

Boko Haram Carry Out Massacre in Baga, Nigeria

The Baga Massacre occurred between January 3rd and 7th, 2015 in the state of Baga, Nigeria, West Africa. This ruthless slaughter was carried out by Muslim Extremist Group, Boko Haram. The group began by attacking and over running military base that was the headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) which consisted of troops from Chad, Niger, and Nigeria. After defeated the armed forces, Boko Haram then advanced on the civilians of Baga and forced thousand from their homes, committing mass murder, leaving their bodies in the dirt and even torching some areas. The ultimate motive of the massacre may have been the seizure of weapons and vehicls from the MNJTF.

As for the ultimate death toll, it varies greatly and it’s unlikely there will ever be a definite “official” number. Some say 100, others maintain that over 2000 were killed. Well, who wants to count the bodies in the images? I’d say it’s a tad bit higher than 100.

On the plus side, Boko Haram have seemed to solved the food problem for the local populace…yeah, I’m going to Hell…

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