Boko Haram Carried Out Easter Sunday Suicide Bombing in Kaduna, Nigeria

Boko Haram Carried Out Easter Sunday Suicide Bombing in Kaduna, Nigeria

Boko Haram says “Happy Easter” to all. Of course, Boko Haram are practitioners of the religion of peace, spreading the message of peace throughout the world. Their warm-heartedness and tolerance of others comes out the most during Christian holidays. Bombing of churches on Christmas Day was a good example of it. And since Easter is another important Christian holiday, Boko Haram made sure it went down with a bang again.

Operating out of Nigeria, Boko Haram are believed to have attempted to bring down the church in Kaduna, but security forces were in place to protect the church-goers so the suicide bombers detonated their explosives loaded car in the middle of a busy street instead, killing many motorcycle taxi drivers and beggars. Security around churches was tightened because events of the past few years made it clear that Boko Haram likes to target non Islamic religious establishments during non Islamic holidays. Nobody does “peace” better than peace loving Muslims.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. but then again, for the Jesus freaks this is supposed to be the happiest event in their lives anyway, the are about to meet God and live in heaven happily ever after, so why all the crying and stuff! Religious nutsacks are happyly dying! Aren’t they? Don’t then totally believe that heaven story after or, or what.. lol

        1. common sense tells you there is no afterlife. no brain activity=no consciousness=no afterlife. we are biological creatures no better than the animals. afterlife is a delusion of the mind. as for God, he’s real. somebody had to get the ball [universe] rolling. it makes sense to me. reason it out.

          1. Interesting point. But I’d like to point out a flaw in your reasoning. Reason itself. The human (or mouse) mind cannot comprehend divine matters.

            Example: Think of NOTHING… You can’t, if you try you will always be thinking of SOMETHING.

            As corporeal beings we are flawed.

          2. “reason it out” = the god hypothesis raises even more questions about the “creation”/origin of the universe than it answers.
            “Where did God come from, who created him, does he have a father?”
            If you say “well, he’s always been there!” and you’re happy with that answer, then why can’t you be happy with “the universe has always been there”?
            Reason it out, there is no personified god, he’s only in peoples’ imagination

        2. science 101: if you make a positive claim (“there is a God who created the earth and universe etc.”) YOU have to provide proof and evidence.
          NOT the one stating: “there is no evidence or proof for that claim, so i don’t believe it and don’t follow and conclusions or rules you derive from your initial, unverified claim.”

          get it?

  1. the religon of peace strikes again. has there ever been such a thing as a religon of peace? are not they all murderess and intolerant of other religons that don’t believe their bullshit? my god is better than your god and to prove it i’ll kill you in his name. allahu snackbar motherfuckers! sort of like yippie ki yay motherfuckers! [bruce willis in “die hard”].

    1. Die Hard 1 was the best one, I think. The sequels just kind did the same shit over and over.
      Religion and politics…sheesh! Even on BG we are beset by religion and politics! I am spiritual, not religious, and I think my country made a GIGANTIC huge-ass mistake putting Muslim boy in the WH.
      Okay, who wants to verbally abuse me over that?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. You know, it really does not matter if Obama is a Muslim or not. His policies are all pro-Islamic. He is bending backwards for Muslim Terrorists. Every speech he praises Islam and the Quran. While he is preaching racial and religious equality, them Muslims are bombing their way to the White House. Very Sad but True.

    1. I noticed, almost all them autopsy videos, Car bombing videos and other gore videos have those in common: 1) extreme shaky. 2) extreme close-ups so no one can make out what the object is. 3) shooting the camera like shooting the machine gun. 4) glancing over interesting ones. 5) It’s like the video was shot with cheap Nokia cellphones…. Of course one can’t complain. These are gore scenes. Adrenaline is pumping and no one can keep hands steady and think straight.

          1. ive just posted a link but it has to be approved first…if you use google chrome there is an add on called Hover Zoom… should installed it….you get move your mouse over the image and it enlarges it for you

          2. ok thanks. yea I was wondering about that. you mentioned it on a later post. Hope the link goes through. stay with me..I have Google chrome so I look up “hover zoom”. is it a program that i need to down load?

          3. @bidity it will only enlarge the picture to its original size i think….ive noticed with mine it doesnt enlarge them all on this site……but it works on every site you visit…..great on facebook when you dont want to click a link just to see a photo

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  2. Strange.
    Religion, at least my understanding of it, at it’s root, teaches people how to be with one another. And how to guide your OWN life to serve a purpose and how to live an on-point, decent life, without IMPACTING others.

    Humans are so completly talented at screwing up anything and everything that we come in contact with.
    Nothing at all is excluded from the Fleshy Virus’s reign of terror.

    1. yes
      it is a tool to keep people in herds like animals, simply because one cattle influences the others action, making control easier.
      one nation under control
      i am friggin blazeder than a calabasa bean

    2. If only more people believed in the religion of I Don’t Know; there might not be so much insanity in the world. To me that’s the only realistic (and I use that word loosely when talking about religion…) answer to what any of this life thing is all about, and to what happens after we die. I don’t know, and I’m not comfortable saying that I do. So, Christianity and Islam, and any of these other mind viruses can infect someone else. I’ve got a better life to live than what religion can give me.

        1. True enough , although i believe religion
          & spiritual belief are two entirely seperate
          issues , and no “religion” starts out to be
          a bunch of assholes , mankind adjusts
          an idea to suit their own rotten ends.

      1. And… Quran says: “Enslave or kill the Infidels (non-believers) wherever you find them.” Now anyone has any doubts why those people are bent on killing others? Religious equality? It’s worse than a joke.

  3. Well, If you can’t kill the ones you want : kill the ones you’re with. Just think about all the “survivors” who still might die because of the risk of infection. These people live in pure filth and being poor is no excuse for not picking up the trash in their own neighborhood. If you live in shit all you’re gonna get is more shit. Period.

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