Bombs Go Off During Peace Rally in Ankara, Turkey, Killing 86

Bombs Go Off During Peace Rally in Ankara, Turkey, Killing 86

On October 10th, 2015, in the capital city of Ankara, Turkey, a peace protest of Kurdish Nationalist/anit-Islamic, HDP were rallying against the wave of “security” operations of Turkish AKP forces against Kurdish civilians in Southeastern Anatolia when explosions rocked the site. 86 people were killed in the initial blast and thousands more seriously injured, to die later at hospital. In videos you see moment of one bomb’s detonation and in the other video is the aftermath. You even see someone vainly using chest compressions on a victim.

It is believed that two bombs went off and that they were detonated by two suicide bombers. Reports of the body parts of the bombers strewn about seems to be testament to this. ISIS is being named as the culprit, although they have not claimed responsibility.

From what I can gather, the AKP is the political party in charge of the government and that they have made no secret of their pro-Islamic stance. And this attack is interestingly taking place during an important election year, the next to be held November 1st. One election has already taken place. So clearly a lot of political tensions, which we all know brings blood shed. This incident also mirrors two other attacks which occurred this year in Diyarbakir and Suruรง. Both of which were covered here on Best Gore and can be found here and here.

Besides the Anatolia situation, the Kurdish terrorist cell, PKK and their strong arm tactics in securing Turkish land in the name of the Kurds has also led to much tension and violence for quite some time. Hurting their people more than they are helping. Hence another reason for the AKP “security” measures against Kurdish peoples. Sad times.

Mad props to Best Gore member, seytan, for the videos and story.

And a gallery of images documenting the carnage.

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    1. Of course they are. Because they are getting desperate and scared that Israel is going to be exposed and destroyed for all the shit they’ve done.

  1. Conveniently enough. This incident seems to have been the precursor to talks between Turkey and the EU, which, annoyingly, took the route of the Turks demanding visas for entry into the Eurozone, in return for their support in the battle against IS. So, more Muslims heading this way no doubt.

  2. Turkey is Islam, coincidently they also hate the Kurds therefore false flag comes to mind.

    The fact that they want to enter Europe as a member despite being pro-Islam is also indicative of their goals because when the opposition wishes to live among the competition, Christianity, you know that they are up to no good.

    Blackmail is the name of the game here, let us join and give us money otherwise we unleash the hordes of Muslims upon you.

    My conclusion, Fuck them. Create armed border defences and stick the middle finger up at the Turkish.

    Let the Turks take the invaders and we defend our own boarders. I guarantee the Turks will turn them away of their own accord.

    The Turks are scum anyway, just ask the Germans who have to deal with their filth everyday.

    1. Empty, “our” chancellor repeated over and over again, that Islam belongs to Germany. One of the Ministers (J?rgen Trittin/Green Party) said once, that he is glad, how Germany is destroyed every day, bit by bit. The key positions in the government are occupied by Bilderbergers, Trilaterals and One-World-Internationalists. They say, the nation state is obsolete, and they want the white race to be mingled with the others, to lose it?s culture, to be easier to control. Just hear them prattle about a “Mediterranean Union” in the near future, it?s the next step in the agenda. Well, you see, we might have more than one worm in the apple, which doesn?t mean, that we can?t fight it. The hugest problem is, that the most love their servitude, and the messenger is treated like the perpetrator.

  3. open the frontier and let the turk clean all the shit . they are freaking strong enougth to destroy all the frontier country. and all the frontier country are shit.

    greece ? well, not really an frontier country, and actually without money, they have no chance anyway . its surprising that they didnt have try to blow shit up on greece already ..

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