Booyah – HelmetCam Video of Albuquerque Camper Shot by Police

Booyah  - HelmetCam Video of Albuquerque Camper Shot by Police

If you watch this video, you will have watched the Albuquerque Police Department (New Mexico) officers murdering a man who was not a threat to the public in any way. The kid was homeless, had nowhere to go and just camped in the wild. Apparently, it was illegal to camp in open space so the police came with assault rifles and a dog and shot the man dead. And then, the cops acting like they stopped a terrorist or some other great threat to the public. At 1:02 just after shooting the camper, you can hear an officer say what sounds like “booyah“.

I can’t believe how bad it got in North America with police. In Canada, Mark Marek wrote articles about wrongdoings, and police treat him like the most dangerous criminal who needs to be in jail to keep the streets safe. In the USA, a camper pulls away from the public, pitches it in the bush and the cops tricked out with ARs rifles and military gear kill him as the first response, then shoot him with sandbags, and have a K9 gnaw on him. When did it get so bad that killing non violent people became a sport for the cops?

Booyah, everyone. Look at these cops – they totally loved every second of killing this poor man. The camper did have a knife, but he never lunged towards the cops to attack, nor made any threatening moves before they threw the flash. He may have come across as uncooperative, or a smart ass, but that in no way justifies murdering him. They ordered him to lie on the ground, he turned and started to walk away from them. And in that moment they killed him, ordering him to put his arms out and then continued to shoot as he was on the ground. This was pure and simple a death squad style execution.

If these cops are allowed to get away with this, they will do it again. Maybe they killed this guy because they’d killed someone like that before and got away with it. These psychopaths acted with certainty that their crime will be supported by their bosses and will go unpunished.

According to Albuquerque PD police chief Gorden Eden, the video shows that the officer involved shooting of 38 year old James M. Boyd was justified.

The victim had a long history of mental health problems. He told the officers that he was a government agent:

I’m almost going to kill you right now. Don’t give me another directive. Don’t attempt to give me, the Department of Defense, another directive

Officers Dominque Perez and Keith Sandy fired three bullets each. They’re now claiming “self-defense” since the camper was holding a knife (imagine that – a camper had a camping knife at a camp site). They’ve also tried to cover their tracks by smearing the camper’s name by releasing his criminal record, as if the camper’s identity and his criminal record were known to them at the time, and as if that justified shooting someone in the back.


  1. The officers are on paid administrative leave pending results of “outside agency” investigation.
  2. Media scrutiny of the officers is forced to die down as no information is released “due to the ongoing investigation” but whatever pictures the victim as a bad guy continues being “leaked”.
  3. Press conference is held and a statement is made that no fault on behalf of the officers was found.
  4. Grand jury no-bills the officers based on the prosecution.
  5. Officers and local government get sued by victim’s family in federal court.
  6. Family loses trial.
  7. Cops continue to escalate situations and murder civilians with impunity shouting “boo-yah”.
  8. Hoard of the sheeple applaud killer cops as heroes.
  9. Back to #1.

When you militarize the police and train them to assume the citizen is the enemy, this is what happens:

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          1. yup. civilian self defense and police self defense are two very different things. a civilian is expected to disable the attacker or force them to retreat. if a man breaks into my home with a large knife and i shoot out his knee with my 9mm, i could very possible be charged with assault with a deadly weapon because he had a knife and i had a gun. it’s unlikely here because PA is a progun state and has the stand-your-ground law, but it is still very fucking possible. but as we’ve seen on another post, a man(suspect) reaches into his truck and the cop empties the entire fucking magazine into an unarmed suspect. and it’s “justified”.
            but me, shooting someone and without being arrested and charged could still result in spending the next couple years of my life in and out of court defending myself against the state or the DA and the fucking criminal-ass “victim” and amassing tens of thousands of dollars in court costs and these cops can literally LEGALLY murder you for “resisting” or whatever bullshit they come up with.

            sorry for ranting, but this whole topic really sets me off.

          2. Don’t forget obli that the bad guy could sue you for shooting him in YOUR own home..that is truly bullshit!!..I believe in defending your own…I’m thinking about moving back to Florida for that reason there!!! Fuck the U.S.judicial system and law enforcement….grrrR!!

      1. Canadian cops are exactly the same. Zero difference.

        After seeing that I am feeling completely sick. Nauseous. Disheartened.


        These asshole murdering pieces of garbage are not in the least our “finest” citizens. They are sadistic, lunatic fucks. They have deeply disturbed minds to think for a second they took the right action.

        I cry for my fellow man.

          1. I truly feel sorry for you North Americans with cops like this. They hostly believe they have a right to decide who lives and dies! Cops in my country aren’t like this at all and I would like to know how it all went so wrong for you guys? In 2012 the entire Australian Police force let off a total of something like 31 shots.

    1. The guy was cooperating until they shot the bang grenade and let the dog loose….no excuse to use lethal weapons on him…..the military police esculated an offense attack on him….shoot him 6 times than shoot bean bags after he is down and than have the dog attack him…..all this because he was camping out… of the free my ass…..

    2. Sadly in New Mexico this happens a lot! The cops shoot first and ask questions later. If you have a knife in your hand, a toy gun, a BB gun or sword, you will be shot and killed. All of these things have happened in Las Cruces and in Albuquerque. I know this because I live here in NM.

        1. @Sylvanas AND @Mash-Did you not hear him asking /saying, “I can’t move! Please don’t hurt me,” two different times once he was face down flat on the ground and posed ZERO THREAT? Then they continue the assault with non-lethal rounds and a dog… you don’t find the cops went hard just a little? You must either be in law enforcement or close to someone who is. Sorry.

  1. “OMG, he has a knife! We are several meters away yet we gotta shoot him several times in the torso or head with our automatic weapons!”.

    Must be fun being a cop in the US, getting to “legally” murder someone every now and then. Must be even more thrilling being a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. Getting to shoot the locals and getting away with it most of the times and even getting payed for it. No wonder so many join…

    1. I don’t want to come out as anti-American with my comments though. I really do feel for Americans, hey, this shit repulses me too. People not to start informing others, sharing these videos with everyone they can, so the masses get to know the countries they live in, and who their ‘representatives’ serve, don’t jew think?

      1. This is just sickening , what fucking cowards . Wouldn’t have happened in UK , know why ? , cos the cops carry nothing more than a truncheon , unless they are an armed response unit . I’m all for freedoms but , imo , because UK cops don’t carry guns , the perps live to face Justice , or at least live to face another day . And this guy wasn’t even a perp ffs . Trigger happy cowards hiding behind a badge . They could have easily used a tazer too , which proves beyond doubt that they are out to kill .

        1. Hey ewestomper maybe not but a soldier did get decapitated in the street. Enjoy your new sharia law. If I were you’d id be wishing there were no gun bans /gun control. Like a criminal or terrorist gives a fat flying fuck about the laws if the land. I’d also advise you to look up the stats in Australia , how armed robberies, gun murders and home invasions have increased just to name some of crimes that have increased there since the gun ban. And no, I’m not siding with these cops just saying england really isn’t any better what with your government cowing to the Muslims.

          1. There’s one particular thing I’d like to say to that but trust me , I can’t . Say what you want realitycheck , our cops don’t bully , never have in my whole lifetime , apart from the odd one or two . This guy would have lived in UK simple as that .And the Muslim bullshit is scare tactics my friend , to get people looking in the wrong direction . Not me . Not saying I agree or disagree with guns just stating how it is .

          2. @realitycheck..I am from Australia and I can tell you guns have not been banned. I dont know where you get your information from but it is wrong. As far as gun crime goes it is rising due to *ahem* “new Australians”, wannabe gangsters and prefers who want to bring their wars and troubles with them.

        2. Taser, that is how any other Police force would have handled this situation. But even then, taser is pretty heavy for someone who seems to be cooperating. The way that cop said ‘if you were out the front of a bar right now, i’d have every reason to kill/shoot you’ just goes to prove what they wanted to do all along. I totally agree that is 100% cold blooded murder execution style. RIP matey.

      2. It’s really ironic that in America they basically label us as a ‘patriot’ or a ‘terrorist’, each of which are the exact opposite of their meanings in this context.. I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live like this.

      3. I don’t like sounding anti USA either but so much of their shit is so fucked up, I just can’t help it. They not only fuck the rest of the world up with their bully tactics but if seems they love to fuck over their own citizens as well, all 300 million of em.

        Apart from the execution of this dude there are other things that are quite fucked up. Cuffing a dead man is taking things too far as well as shooting a guy and being more interested in finding a butter knife than finding a pulse and offering first aid and CPR is really fucked up !

        What are bean bags?

    2. I can’t speak for everyone joining now, but I can tell you that’s not why I joined the USAF in 1984. It was during the Cold War, and the Soviets were considered THE major threat to the USA.

      Brainwashed by the government & media? Perhaps somewhat. But I didn’t want to go to any far-off land and kill locals. I just wanted the USA to be left alone, much as I myself do today.

      I served for 20 years, and don’t regret it. I’m not so sure I’d heartily recommend it these days, what with “nation building” and “police actions” consuming the U.S. DoD’s time & effort.

    3. I Was in the military. I was a medic. There are those who shoot locals and claim self defense and such. There are things you see. That you can never forget. So. In war it’s a different story. Especially overseas. You can rarely tell the difference between hostiles and friendly’s. That’s why we are paid to go watch our friends, and brothers die. And see this sickening pathetic shit. Watch them get called heroes and get away Scott free, I am personally disgusted by this. Because they could have easily have used non lethals, gazed, and subdued him. But nope. Someone had to get trigger happy and kill him when he said he was coming to them and injured. Fucking sickening. The country I fought for.

  2. Sadly this was performed almost to a t….sigh…why did I ever want to get into the legal system again?!?..oh yeah to try to be a honest voice for the dead that’s right…..the fuck..booyah??..REALLY…sounds like someones a nigger much… =/

      1. Oh how I know sleeping beauty..I’m okay…I’ve been put on bedrest until I’m allowed to function…this SUCKS!!!….my head feels fucking awesome though….I’m so grateful…not one headache since the 13th.. 🙂

        How are you doing love??

        1. @lady

          I am glad to hear your headaches are gone, that is great news! 🙂 Get lots of rest. Watch some good movies to past the time 😉 I hope you feel better, soon.

          The weather is starting to warm up here. So I hope we get some more sunny warm weather and it lasts. I am less achy when it isn’t raining. It has been such a long and rainy winter.

          1. @lady
            Thanks Lady. I watched the one on BG here about a month ago. Are there more? Faces of death wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be after seeing stuff on here.

            Beheadings can be a bit too much for me and animal cruelty gets to me, though.

          2. Yeah girly I’m on the 2nd one in the middle..I’ve seen up to 5 so far..but I’m watching em on Jewtube…meh…FUCK animal cruelty…I love animals!!..that gross guy interests the fuck outta me…good shit sleeping beauty… 🙂

          3. I apologize…I just started watching them earlier yesterday….have you seen them Mikey??..I’m debating on watching another but I only got 3 hrs sleep yesterday morning….meh…

          4. Oh no I literally just found this out a week ago! I always thought they were 100% real until I read the story about it. I just thought you’d find it interesting too 🙂

  3. I don’t see a problem with what they did. I wouldn’t risk my life for some low life like that, I’d shoot him aswell. Even if he was far away,he is still a threat even if a little one.

    1. You saw him as a risk? The blades he had were all of two inches long and judging from the size of him he wasn’t moving anywhere fast. The dog could have held him but was called off, probably so he was out of the line of fire. There are plenty of non lethal solutions to a situation like this, they even used one after they had shot him, bit fucking late. Typical Yanks in uniform, shoot first and cover it up later.

      1. Agreed this shit here was typical cop theatrics oh shoot him in the back and then make it seemed justified before he bleeds out by putting beanbag bruises all over so you can try to say I tired the non-lethal then we shot him even though clearly these fucks shot first! Oink oink poor Sap..

      1. You and i both John. These Gumby, fucktards deserve every gangland bullet coming to them for this exact reason! People should be wary of today,s cops as a lot of them are trigger happy & have all the Zio backing they will ever need. Fucking sad state of affairs, my friend.

      1. maybe the flash-bang grenade and dog chewing on his nads disorientated him??…that tends to happen you know…..he just wanted to get away from the noise and dog,,,,,,,,its a base survival mechanism

  4. I can understand why the US military and police are so hated across the world. They seem to have a gung ho attitude and seem to go in letting off rounds like ammunition is going out of fashion before assessing the situation first. Could it be due to the gun culture in the states?

    1. You think? 😉

      I once saw a few US soldiers at an airport (they were in uniform) and they were making so much noise, laughing, almost screaming like “ahahah bitch, I know what you mean, ahahahahah”, so I just turned around to them and said “could you guys make less noise please? Show some respect, you’re not in your country, we don’t appreciate your hysteria”. They all shut up lol. Remember this like it was yesterday.

      1. Sorry to hear that. I’ve been out for almost 10 years, but even before I retired, it seemed that a lack of purpose was beginning to permeate U.S. Forces. 9/11 temporarily galvanized the U.S., but 13 years on, and where are we?

        There are still good troops, and there are bad ones. Remember that the U.S. Military is a microcosm of our society, so you get it, warts & all.

        Speaking only for myself, I tried to be unobtrusive and respectful, no matter where I was in the world. Unless of course I had been out with some of my European buddies, who always managed to help me get shit-faced, then I could be as blatheringly obnoxious as the next drunk asshole.

        Ahhh…. good times!

        1. Thank you for your service…my little brother was Kia in Iraq..he too joined to actually help as well….I give kudos to those who are just and do the right matter what!!’re awesome ummm…ui!!

    2. The “gun culture” has nothing to do with this. This has everything to do with the corruption inherent in the American police state. They know they’re protected by the law, their corrupt and bureaucratic police unions and an apathetic population of ineffectual “consumers” who are more inclined to agree with the police and their “copy and paste” press releases than to actually seek out the other side of the story and find out the truth of the matter.

      1. Right. You could see how they went through the motions like a frickin Broadway play.. “Is the knife in his hand? Okay I don’t like that..” Jeez., the guy is clearly subdued. What a joke. They knew damn well the guy was fuckin toast, he was pleading for his life. Regardless of our current social structure and status, a man crying out for his life should strike any human being deep in their soul. I hope these fucks get what they deserve.

    3. I don’t think it’s “gun culture” related. I own multiple firearms, and I know to not shoot someone unless I or someone else is threatened. A knife held by someone retreating from me does not constitute a threat, and if I do shoot, there a a high likelihood that I will be prosecuted.

      And I think that last part is the key… whether or not the shooter can/will be prosecuted, as another reply has already stated to you.

        1. I try to give cops the benefit of a doubt, but that’s getting harder and harder to do.

          They all had their fingers on the trigger which, in a threat situation, is where it belongs.

          The question is, was this person a threat? Of course he could have had a firearm, so someone needs to be on alert, but when everyone has a hair-trigger finger, once one officer starts flinging lead, everyone does. Then they circle the wagons and say “But he had a stick… a REALLY sharp stick!”

          1. Ooooh yeah!! Leatherface!!..him and Jason are my favorites as well…totally forgot bout his fucking crazyself!!!…FUCK Freddy nightmares are something that sick fucker would love to fap off to….blah!!!..I liked first chucky as well….that first movie scared the shit out of me when I snuck into the grown ups room and watched it with my big brother….ooof…they don’t make scary movies like before man…

          2. Hell yeah rung…he’s one scary motherfucker right there too…shit when I was younger I used to think what I’d do if I ran into one of these dudes..lolz..ahh young fluff…. 🙂

          1. Haha…he’ll rip who up trans??…only thing I’m fucking lately is attached to ME..and I’m not a I’m heading to a watery area to camp…ummm..I think I’d be covered if that fucker ever did come around… 🙂

  5. I’m beside myself with anger. The American police state has long since crossed the line from quasi-public service to an overt military occupation but this is beyond the pale, this was outright murder. If these animals aren’t put into the cages where they belong than any claims of legitimacy the police are barely clinging to now will go out the window.

    1. It’s pretty scary to think that if you show the slightest bit of resentment towards an officer, you could wind up dead.. Not good for a stubborn drunken man such as myself.. I stay home alot these days..

  6. I completely agree that what those officers did was wrong, shooting him when he is on the floor? He posed no threat. I have seen too many videos of officers abusing their powers, intimidating and harassing INNOCENT members of the public. However, he should have put the knife down…

    But seriously? It’s illegal to camp in the open?! That’s ridiculous, I wonder if they will patrol the streets and start executing the homeless.

  7. What disturbs me the most is not the killing of a mentally challenged happy camper but the use of the word booyah.

    The exclamation “booyah” is a horrible utterance to behold and it is used almost daily now by Americans, particularly of the police and army variety, to show applause for a given, often excitable, situation.

    It is right up there with “you do the math”, “pass the buck” and “how do you like those apples”. In fact a part of me dies every time I hear them spoken.

    The murder of another human being is one thing but the murder of the English language is quite another.

    1. smh, i know, Empty. i’d expect policemen and women charged with serving and protecting the public (because, we, as civilians are too fucking stupid and irresponsible to even be trusted with wiping our own asses without our government standing over our shoulder), to be a little more….mature, and not so much like high school jocks.

    2. ‘Booyah’ is originally the name for a kind of soup made in southern USA. Since a lot of he initial invaders of that area were French, the word is believed to origin from the French word ‘bouillon’.

      I looked it up recently because i wanted to know what it means.

  8. holy crap this is downright murder of a mental dude. You mean to tell me, your scared of that little knife? its the size of a pinkie finger.
    Jesus Christ. They just murdered the crazy dude, and played dumb in order to do it.

      1. A couple of things disturb me about this execution apart from the fact it is an cold blooded execution, and that is they feel the need to hand cuff what is obviously a dead man. They just set the dog on the guy and the fact that he didn’t move when the dog was gnawing on his leg kinda says he is not conscious ( or dead) and can not be feeling pain.

        Also they think it is more important to find a bloody knife than it ie to find a pulse. They just shot this dude and now they 212

  9. That could very well be anyone of us.Given the circumstance that you loose your only source of income,it doesn’t take much for that snowball turning into a boulder and finding yourself without basic necessities such as shelter.Thinking about it in these terms makes it hit home in a real way and that is scary shit!!!

  10. Pigs with guns. They’ll look after each other, and these murderous cunts will get away with it. Those who make the rules aren’t bound by them, as this video shows. Hopefully they end up as cartel fodder someday. And end up here again. What strikes me is their family and friends will probably still treat them the same. If it was someone i knew who shot him I wouldn’t be able to look at them again. Plus the fact they are clearly dangerous individuals, a law unto themselves. I wouldn’t leave them alone with my dog. If they do this shit with a camera, I wonder what they get up to behind closed doors when no-one can see them. Dildos and shotgun barrels and so on…

  11. “Put your arms down/put your arms out/put your arms up! Stand up, get on the ground, do it now!”

    Not that this was exactly said in this video, but American cops love to do that shit when one cop yells something, and another cop yells the complete opposite, then the poor guy/girl not being able to understand or comply gets tasered, beat up, slammed to the ground or even shot.

    This video confused me on the commands, including the two after they shot him about doing two different things with his arms.

    As for camping on BLM land, etc., law enforcement thrive on praying on those type of people; legal campers or not. I was in the middle of nowhere Utah and me and a bud got spied on for hours. They rushed our site with guns drawn because they saw us smoking a joint! Luckily I left my shotgun in my truck or I would’ve been shot like this dude. And all my knives where luckily put up. Holy shit had I been cooking!

    Disgusting video plain and simple!

    1. Disgusting indeed.
      I wonder why ‘authorities’ can get so hysterically ballistic by the sight of a hiker.
      I’ve seen crazy examples of this as well. Can’t the pigs stand the freedom of someone doing something outside of the herd, is that what it is?

      And how intimidating must it be for a non-violent person in a lone tent to be surrounded by a bunch of screaming gun-wielding cops?

  12. All these cops should be put to death for murdering that guy. I bet most of them are retired military. They just listen to the orders and take action. They use that dog too. That pisses me off! And when we stand up against this tyranny,those will be some of the guys who will be shooting at you.

  13. Australia certainly follows America in some ways, but thank christ we’re not that bad…yet. Here we get people camping out in some places directly under signs that read: “no camping or staying over night”. Normally they don’t even get a fine. Although we do have our share of cowboy cops too. Bondi beach, one french tourist with a knife, 6 cops shooting him dead comes to mind.

  14. It’s a shame, but if anybody is wielding a weapon when law enforcement confronts them, that’s the only reason they need to end you.
    If he was challenged mentally, then that is just horrible. I think the laws concerning people of that matter desperately need to be revised. Seeing abuse happen to mentally ill people is the same as animals in my view, something I have a tough time dealing with.

  15. I do believe that we need another open post regarding patriotism because most people believe patriotism to be a complete belief in the current status quo government when in reality patriotism means to care for one’s own country regardless of the actions of one’s own government.

    What makes up a country, is it the government?, is it the banks?, is it the current social trends?, no, it is the people and their parents and parents before them that make up a country, their shared history and society make up a country not the shills and the hacks.

    Terrorists are, under governmental definition, anyone against the current government which is all of us.

    A true patriot is someone who acts for the sake of their own country and not their bought and paid for government, a patriot is a defender of the people and not a slave to the system.

    My conclusion, there is a huge difference between those who wish to protect their masters and those who wish to protect their country.

  16. I just want to say to the troll . Even though you think you are being oh so subtle in your approach , I find the whole scenario very transparent ,

    Apologies to admin , felt I had to say this , that’s the end of it .

  17. This guy isn’t dead. They were not shooting to kill. Those are definitely not live rounds that are being fired, not lethal ones anyway. Otherwise there’d be a shit load of blood on his white hoody, or atleast it should be pooling all around him, seeing how he got shot so many times.
    There ought not be any need to hand cuff a dead man, in fact, they are proceeding as though the guy is indeed alive.
    Which he is.

    1. Um, yeah he is dead. Two officers fired 3 real bullets, another tazered him and the one shot him with bean bag rounds from shotgun.

      This happened last Sunday and I big news in that area of the US. It was also caught on anther camera from a different angle apparently.

      You can see some blood on the ground near his head when they rush up. As for the lack of blood, body shots may or may not bleed out. Take the old WWII footage of firing squad executions: You see the holes, but zero blood. Plus, as your heart is dying, when you are dying, blood loss is slowed. Through in puncture type of injuries from the bullets, it’s no surprise there isn’t this huge amount of blood flow.

      1. 3 bullets each! Sorry for typos; tired and auto correct!

        I’ll add more: The US can thank the Supreme Court for this type of police action. They ruled that it’s OK for police to shoot fleeing suspects if they feel that the person fleeing is a danger to civilians or police. This was the case when police shot a 15 year-old in the back of the head while he was fleeing and climbing a fence. They ruled that justifiable!

        Now, again, thanks for that decision of the Supreme Court, cops in the US will always be justified cos of course in America, all criminals, pot smokers or violent offenders that run, will thus become a “threat” to society and be eliminated!

  18. This is cold blooded MURDER.. They automatically start to shout about the knife still being in his hand because they know there are being recorded. It’s so obvious and to think this can be seen in court in front of many people and still not be opposed by a judge or anyone watching is a disgrace. Wtf is going on?

    American scum at its finest…

    1. It’s because America wants to portray that all cops, military, fire fighters, etc., are these heroes (and many are don’t get me wrong), so if they were to side with the outraged people, or say that yeah, some cops (military etc.), are monsters, then they might have a serious problem!

      Throw in the fact that 3/4 of the US population are fucking stupid non-thinkers, it’s easy for these actions to be “justified”.

      Look at some comments on this site like: You should always just abbey cops, etc., when being attacked by them for zero reason.

      Throw in also that society in the US looks down on homeless people and ALL “criminals”, that makes it all the more “justifiable”.

  19. This is why some moderation on best gore is necessary. Take a look at what one member said to me (you didn’t see it because this comment was removed).

    “Did one of them reply back with, What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I?ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I?ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I?m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You?re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that?s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little ?clever? comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn?t, you didn?t, and now you?re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You?re fucking dead, kiddo?”

    1. It’s the guys who say nothing who are the ones to worry about. The only seal this guy has ever had contact with was at Sea World.

      The professionals would never threaten someone exercising free speech (ie – you) In fact, it’s what these guys have oft given their lives to defend.

      The guy who wrote the above has probably never shot anything more ferocious than a squirrel. He’lll wake up tomorrow, take two advil and start his day again as a section supervisor at wal-mart.

        1. Bang on Rota, that guy has been watching to many Liam Neeson films. He obviously hasn’t got the mentality for special forces training as his verbal ranting proves. Even after getting pissed you wouldn’t find a spec ops member spouting like that, trust me I know. 🙂

    2. 300 confirmed kills?! I knew Chris Kyle was still alive!

      But seriously, this guys “gorilla” warfare skillz seem pretty legit. I’d watch out because he could fly one of those Marine Corps F-18’s he has access to over your house and drop a smart bomb down your chimney.

  20. “Please don’t hurt me…I can’t move”. The last words of a mentally ill man to a group of murderers who operate under the motto “Providing a safe, secure community where the rights, history and culture of all citizens are respected!”
    R.I.P. James M. Boyd, you’d have stood a better chance if they’d sent a drone after you.

    Murdering bastards, what are you going to put on his death certificate…”Camping Accident?”

  21. Being out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere should be the one place you’re safe from all this bullshit. But apparently if you don’t live in a compact city, are disarmed, don’t worship the government and don’t love multiculturalism, means that you’re a “threat” to national security. This is why Americans have a 2nd Amendment. To stop tyranny.

  22. Ate, you and most of the morons on this site should just jump off the nearest cliff. You imbeciles don’t understand anything about a civilized society and are always giving the law breakers the benefit of the doubt.

    Let this homeless fucker with two knifes come into your home area and stab your children. Drop the fucking knives is a really simple lawful command. It can be stated anywhere in these beautiful United States.

    I’m not sure what the relation is between viewing such shit and idiots who post and run this site but stupid seems to flow both ways.

    1. I’ll bite not for this douche but for others that may not of noticed in the video or read the story:

      This guy did not have a knife when the flashbang was thrown and the first cop with do attacked him. He pulled his knife out AFTER he was attacked for no reason and after he agreed to walk out of there! The man was defending himself, he did not pull the knife out to start the attack. He was going to walk away and pack up his shit, but the cops were not happy with that solution! The attacked him, he tried to defend himself with the only weapon he had, a small knife!

    2. Ok, i’ll bite. This is in now way a personal attack. Do not misconstrue as an insult.
      It is a fantasy scenario that could just as easily be a reality show. Your last.

      **I would happily enter your home and rip you to wee little pieces. It would be easier than your daily shit.**

      Judging by your fuckwit post, you know nothing of a “civilized” nature or world.
      A happy ending will befall you.

    3. A Jew who supports murder of innocent people. Of course. He’s not a troll, he’s just a Jew. No Jew is capable of empathy, love, compassion and understanding. All they understand is terror, suffering and death, for wherever they come, that’s what they bring with them. Seed of Satan.

  23. Murder, plain and simple! These guys are supposed to be professionals. They knew full well the guy was of little threat at such a distance and over rough terrain.
    Being ex uk military, I knew the strict rules of engagement and knew if I broke them and killed someone, I’d have faced court martial. These guys were hyped up with bloodlust, and they fulfilled it against a guy who was clearly making no attempt to attack them. Murderers!

    1. All the police had to do was to tell him to lay down on his stomach with his hands outstretched, that is of course if they actually wanted to keep the guy alive. They wanted a reason to use their new Department of Homeland Security issued, suppressed M4’s. As previously mentioned, they yelled “put the knife down” a whole bunch of times to give themselves pretext to murder this guy.

  24. That guy died with a knife in each hand, now that is epic. Wrong but a cool way to go, like dying at the Alamo or with the 300 Spartans. Well I hope those cops get charged for desecrating a corpse. I mean come on, bean bags and turn the dog loose. What a bunch of scared pussies.

    1. My favourite part of that news article…

      “Berry also said he wants to bring in outsiders to help investigate the killing that came as the department is under federal scrutiny after notching three dozen shootings since 2010.”

      Three dozen in 4yrs?… Are they holding an office prize draw for the most kills?

      In the UK and US, you have more chance of suffering at the hands of police rather than the criminals…

      Doesn’t that make the police criminal?… I know plenty of ‘criminals’ that would never shoot a homeless man dead… Shame on those involved…

      1. Except that in the US, the mans color is relevant! If that were a black man, CNN, FOX, MSNBC would all be licking their lips saying it was murder. Due to him being just a white guy, it has received no national coverage; just there in NM.

        Throw in that he was homeless (America thinks homeless are scumbags), and the US’s misconception that all cops are heroes, the mans color is very relevant!

  25. Here is a guy suppose to be jr laden armed with ak47 he is planning to bomb US we with utmost bravery gun down this guy to show our bravery to the rest of the world we upload it to the web just to show how brave we are and how courageously we deal with situations something like this on daily basis

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