Boston Strangler Crime Scene Photo of Mary Sullivan

Boston Strangler Crime Scene Photo of Mary Sullivan

As his name suggests, the serial killer known as Boston Strangler operated in Boston, Massachusetts area and murdered his victims by strangulation. He is believed to have murdered as many as 13 women, even though there are still many unanswered questions and guesses. It is possible that only (if you can really use that word) 11 women were actually murdered by the Boston Strangler. The killing started with strangulation of a 55 year old Anna Slesers on June 14, 1962 who was sexually molested by vaginal insertions of foreign objects and then strangled to death with her bathrobe cord. The last victim of Boston Strangler was murdered on January 4, 1964, which means he only operated for one and half year. Her name was Mary Sullivan – she was 19 year old and she is the woman in the crime scene photo above.

Mary Sullivan was found naked, bloodied with a broom inserted up her vagina. Boston Strangler left a Happy New Year card by her feet. She was strangled with her own stocking.

Is Albert DeSalvo Boston Strangler

One year after murder of Mary Sullivan a man named Albert DeSalvo came forth and confessed that he was the murderer known as Boston Strangler. Albert DeSalvo was a convicted rapist who was serving time at Bridgewater State Hospital. His confession remains questionable and many forensic specialists doubt that he was the real Boston Strangler. While he provided many accurate details regarding all Boston Strangler murders, there were also many serious inconsistencies. For example in case of above pictured Mary Sullivan, Albert DeSalvo confessed to raping her and strangling her manually. However forensic evidence proves that Mary Sullivan was strangled by ligature and there were no signs of sexual intercourse taking place anytime before or after she was strangled to death. Albert DeSalvo also got date of her murder wrong and there was no semen, nor other DNA evidence that would link him to this murder.

Albert DeSalvo died in 1973. He was murdered by fellow inmates at Walpole State Prison. The Boston Strangler case has never been officially closed and the more evidence is brought forth, the more it becomes doubtful that Albert DeSalvo committed any of the Boston Strangler murders. Now, half century later, it is possible we will never know who the real murderer responsible for atrocious killings of 13 women, including Mary Sullivan seen in photo above was.

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  1. I have a hard time believing this photo is correct. Who shaved off their pubic hair in the 60’s? The overall picture just doesn’t look very 1960’s to me. I looked for pictures of Mary and found a blog with some images of the victims. I think the last picture is supposed to be the real Mary Sullivan, whose hair is much more cropped than the woman in that photo.
    I think the picture is fake. I think I’ve seen it used for the urban legend where a girl supposedly masturbates with a broom and then falls on it by accident.

    1. Wow yea know I hadn’t put much thought into until I read your comment. I also read the passage in the link you’ve provided as well as examined the photos and you are absolutely right! Her hair is too long and the shaved pubs don’t add up to the time period she was in. Going bare down there is a relatively new trend for woman. Plus the photo given on this page doesn’t look as old as it should. Good eye doll

  2. This is not a picture of Mary Sullivan. This is a photo of a case the FBI handled in the 1970’s. In the case the victim had the broomstick shoved all the way to her throat, Mary Sullivan however was found with the broom handle inserted barely seven inches into her vagina. Read the autopsy report.

  3. this information is really outdated. semen was found on the scene AND it was many years later tested by the family. it is claimed that the dna didn’t match albert desalvo

  4. it is also correct that this is not a boston strangler crime scene picture. and while intercourse/rape was not determined, there was dna evidence of an oral act

  5. some of you are very disrespectful and should realy get a heart, i to feel that the picture has question. however you cant see the broom and if it is or is not broken off or if it is the actual size of a regular broom stick what 3.5ft long and it would show a area of possible exit or placement, if it were 3.5 ft long. I however must say that i appreciate the people who see a human being and actualy would use resorces to check the fact out about the picture.

  6. This is absolutely NOT a pic from Boston Stranglers career. This is a victim of Hillside Stranglers Kenneth Bianchi and his sicko cousin. I am SO disappointed to see such a blatent error! Makes me doubt every thing on this site. Fix it or you look like idiots.

  7. We’re all collectively sad that the great general is disappointed and doubts everything on this site. I think I’m gonna have an hour of mourning cause some retard feels he’s the great poop.

  8. How can any of you speak so blatant on the death of this woman? She died in a way that is not only demeaning but horrific. This woman was TORTURED. They set upon her like savages and this is evident in these crime scene photos. No human being deserves to die so horribly. And you speak of it as a joke.. to everyone who said these ignorant and malicious comments, you have no compassion and no respect for a human life that was taken so violently. Its sad and a scary thought that there are people like you out there finding amusement in something so terrible. Imagine your wife, your sister, your mother, or daughter.. Tell me, would you find it funny than? Would you be able to make sick perverted comments than? I bet not.

    PS.. This is not the Boston Strangler this is the work of the Hillside Stranglers.. Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono

    1. You are such a hypocrite, comming to this site to criticize without aknowledging you are actually a sickfuck who searches these things. People just talk /write without thinking, but it does not imply they really mean to say those stupid comments. Besides everybody in this site is free to say whatever the fuck they want. So you and your CENSORSHIP can both go to hell.

      1. I feel shame…..not really. I wouldn’t wish it on almost anyone, but it’s happened..and that’s that. She feels better about herself now. So, what’s a nice guy like you hanging out on this thread like this? 😉

  9. This is not one of The Boston Strangler’s victims, nor is it one of the Hillside Strangler’s. In fact it showed up on alt.tasteless back in the early 90’s from a person calling themselves [email protected] (not totally sure about the isp but the username is correct). The poster claimed to be in set design and did this type of stuff for work. She claimed she was the person in the pic.

    1. No, maybe YOU shouldn’t be on here if your so bothered by everyone else. Jesus most of the people who visited this site in the earlier years were so fucking ignorant. All they do is whine in the comment section. Fuckin’ sheep cunts

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