Bound, Tortured, Killed and Wrapped in a Teddy Bear Blanket

Bound, Tortured, Killed and Wrapped in a Teddy Bear Blanket

Someone, quite possibly more than one, had a real problem with this man. I have no information save for the photos themselves. However, it is quite clear that the person(s) responsible had him in a place where they could take their time. He was bound and, given the amount of blood and the gashes on his head, I’d say he was ultimately stabbed to death. Finally, as if being a murder victim wasn’t bad enough, his killer(s) wrapped him up in a cute teddy bear blanket in an effort to hide him.

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  1. moist wet juicy lusciouness

    by isitpoetry

    juicy though it is
    never used, it is never discharged.
    Therefore, it is
    it is the source of ten thousand moans
    love can it be
    such whispered moist thoughts
    never seen
    and to it’s very depth,
    sharpening the edge long I am resolved
    that the curve of your wet red lips
    in trust I have shared in your thoughts
    and, nobody knows
    that needs to know about this.

    is it poetry

        1. @Killosopher, I couldn’t have said it better.The poetry guys words make no sense and trying to read and draw any meaning out of it is mind numbing and nothing more!

          *i just wish he’d go away*

  2. You know what they say, you can never be too old or too dead to enjoy collecting teddy bears.

    However, men who play with “my little pony” can get the fuck out of town, sick demented bastards.

    Also, Care bears. Men playing with Care bears is going too far north of sanity land, they clearly have bats in the belfry and should be locked up for their own good.

      1. @POZ, sorry for bringing back bad memories for you.

        The 80’s had many cartoons and toys for children, Star Wars, Thundercats, He-Man, Visionaries etc, but you were given a Care bear.

        I’m so, so sorry.

        1. Hey Ob’s have you seen the shops security film stealing from a store just before he got shot? The guy was a giant violent thug. His mate who was saying they were innocently walking along was with him. The shop owner called the police and the police were given his description.

      1. @Alicatt, Honestly, if my demented identical twin brother comes to buy anymore of those She-Ra Princess of power and Rainbow Brite toys from you please just ignore him……..and give him a cheaper price than last time.

          1. @z
            ohhhh yeah…you would do well with those….google them and see what they are going for then if you are wanting to sell list them on kijiji ….they will sell

  3. Grandpa pa Dad and Uncle D’ el Roy

    is it poetry

    Grandpa pa
    Dad and Uncle D’ el Roy
    with Mother
    ……….. …..
    all the

    Bush es and trees over grown here, like a park
    very dark
    and mighty moon and groomed left Unlandscaped
    through the old rusted gate to here delivered
    this i saw
    through a crack and going in, saw it coming out:
    The grandpa pa assisted to his preferred chair,
    Referenced re marks and grand-daughters dread
    she is and
    he starts to look at her fixedly.
    Drooling his;
    Foul breath, hanging outside his old shriveled finger.
    Her face and fear, full apparent to me, i see.
    Such beginnings with our race, thinking me.
    Long ago that Egyptian, should have stayed
    away from such a tree, she’d flee.
    She/his grand-daughter’ he wants to push,
    and pull at her inside out the treats.
    Calling, calling for more and ‘said’, come
    come ?you never want enough. ? Come here.
    Come on sweet,
    come and relive to see it more.
    My grand-daughter,
    obtains it there on the knees,
    Buckled open it pops.
    It makes my stomach turn, I wish to die thinks she.
    All because of ‘dad’ and him, ; D’el Roy ‘
    He\they ‘said’ and forced it opens each banana,
    with the peel off and it knows, grampa pa knows it.
    Incest is the best, grampa pa he says.
    Through thick; fat, full – insidious blue lips.
    Uncle D’el Roy; decides to give him\my brother those
    gyratory movements, puckered in/out and clingy.
    It is unlike what grampa pa does,
    it’s like to forward, upwards.
    Uses, used equipment like/his nephew as a girl.
    Uses from us both,
    to see it Unwrapped from silk and the distance it.
    Lipstick and make-up on his face,
    uncle ‘D’el Roy ‘ imagining him\my brother with heels
    on his feet, deeply forcing.
    Because it assized up there
    and starts to rub around his ‘familiales’.
    D’el Roy; would like to put it to the test, he said at rest it knows
    incest is just the best as well.
    Whispers; from The mother to decide to enter
    on the act, Its and its son have a special pact, understanding.
    While his/her husbands with ‘D’el Roy ‘; and works she
    obtains in her flowerbed, blooms on his and starts to give
    it’s principal, the son loves her mom and is equipped and
    instructed, upwards through her face,
    Like it draws his milk everywhere her cotton yellow face.
    He knows that its mom and is nicer than the rest,
    Granpa pa or uncle’D’el Roy.
    He knows incest is not the best, inside his head,
    but does, instead of being whupped.
    The sister and the brother are a knowing pair,
    It is more of a family name and thus divide and conquer.
    Bill\ brother cannot believe this chance,
    Having a sister who knows to lean, their away.
    ?He LOCATED, ‘It S’ grubby paws advanced there.
    ‘He folds and molds it more around it’ and takes her back,
    Why of putting itself, love like the animals they became
    the sad truth and dirty catfish muddiest, ‘ they both/know that ‘
    incest is not the best and both they know it.
    The father cannot believe that his/her daughter must be
    forced thus, not the their kind, ‘Randy’ thus like he.
    Because uncle ‘D’el Roy ‘ draws aside its moist breeches
    at the side on its knees as his\her takes it hates it from behind,
    She/He groans and shouts and starts to cry, it bleeds.
    ‘Dita’, ?He dad, you are not my type, not a kind; man, ‘Dita’.
    The? dad says his incest is the better way, it hurts much less
    And it is a game in which the entire family has played,
    since the early eighteen hundreds.
    The dad treats his\her daughter like the honoured guest,
    ‘they both know, hugging that’
    deep inside, that incest is not the best and start to cry.
    And plan to runaway when both learn too understand it.

    Is It Poetry

        1. ahh well…everyone trys to get attention in their own way….iip is harmless….he doesn’t attack people or insult others so I figure let him yammer on with his words
          ….but that’s my own opinion

          1. he creaps me out. He wrote a weird poem about my situationwith Texas zombie personally attacking me on the dead black guys page. It is just weird and I don’t like it. does he creep you out ever?

          2. As long as he doesn’t insult any of the ladies and tries to sort of keep with the flow of the post. I would hate to make him go Robin Williams on us because we crushed his artist style of expressing himself.

  4. Meh, hiding the body by wrapping him in such a flashy colored blanket… No one would find it at all! πŸ˜† Why not put some christmas lights arround him and add a festive lace to make people believe its just a christmas gift? x’D

          1. No one in here liked that vuvuzela crap. It was a really bad idea to make it the official instrument for the world cup, but hey, it came from africa, what did you expect? Anything that comes from africa is annoying… πŸ˜†

            …but the body still farts even after death, so dont be impressed when you hear that crap buzzing in his ass… πŸ˜†

  5. Oh i love teddies.. πŸ™‚ can i just ask for that blanket? Ill just wash it pretty well..
    A nice and comfy teddy blanket.. hmmm and the smell, think its so great..

    The man was wrapped on teddy blanket.. atleast he is far from being cold? Bet hes sleeping soundly now.. night night.. πŸ˜‰

          1. @iip they were talking about a pair of boxer shorts with elephantears and the trunk that you could put your penis in. boozer makes a joke saying that he already has a pair but the elephanttrunk is too tight for his penis becausehis penis is big.

          1. yes @ewie im with cheeky on this one….don’t hold back our account…I think us ladies enjoy new pics just as much as anyone else πŸ˜›

  6. It’s a Furbie gangland-style hit, can’t you see that?
    The Furbie-oso’s are putting some hurt down on TeddyTown to send a message to The Care Bearias to warn them to get off Furbie turf.
    You think this is bad??? Wait til you see what they do to the Gummi Bearias’ .
    Oh lord, it never ends!

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