Boy Killed by Landmine in Colombian Jungle

Spilled Boy Killed by Landmine in Colombian Jungle

Colombia is the most heavily-mined country in South America and second to only Afghanistan in the number of landmine victims of all the countries in the world. After decades of civil conflict and with drug gangs relying more and more on mines to protect their crops, Colombian land mines claim on average three victims per day.

According to the figures provided by the Colombian government, 63% of the landmine victims are soldiers and police officers. People from the International Campaign to Ban Landmines warn that hundreds of civilians, including children are killed or injured by the land mines every year.

While number of victims killed by mines laid by guerilla fighters decreased since 2009 in Colombia, number of victims killed by mines laid by drug gangs who booby trap their illegal coca fields increased.

I don’t have detailed information on how exactly the boy from these pictures died and whether he was involved in anything illegal or not. The mine sure shredded him really badly, though. Both his legs busted and guts spilled right out. Brutal. Colombia remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

PS – rubber boots are tough motherfuckers… Thanks Mao for the pics šŸ˜‰

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17 thoughts on “Boy Killed by Landmine in Colombian Jungle”

  1. I think they were safe, he just cleared the mine for them… But why is everyone in camo?
    ( except for the boy ) I am going to assume he had camo on and it was blown off. Unless wearing only rubber boots is a new fashion statement.

  2. Yep, it seems from here. However, I must say that violence is not what it used to be. Things are going from fucked up to bad, and the main problem remains to be the U.S. and European drug addicts who still give huge amounts of money to the mafia and terrorist by buying their drugs.

  3. Hey thanks for posting the pics Mark, Now Rubber boots are really popular among guerrillas, but also among the farmers who have to live in the middle of this conflict, the guy in camo i can tell you he is from the Colombian Army, they probably helped recovering the kids body, that would explain the camo tarp, now a second option could be that the kid was a guerrilla, they have recruited loads of 11 year old. Colombia has become alot more safe now, im currently in colombia myself and i am actually amazed of how many american and europeans have come live here. FARC is dying out, goverment has killed almost all of their influential leaders, and they only have control inside the jungle, where no one else goes to, i mean really deep into the jungle. I will send you some pics of the guerrilla leaders that were murked. again thanks for posting the pics dude.

  4. Insanity . This article reminded me of an interview with Pablo escobars sister . It was shortly after his death the reporter asks a question about violence in Colombia was Pablo escobars fault . The sister responds ok my brother is dead do you really think all violence in Colombia will stop now that he is gone . (I shit you not ) the reporter responds with yes . The sister gets a look of You are seriously mentally impaired .

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