Brain Protrudes from Fractured Skull of Man in Malaysia

Brain Protrudes from Fractured Skull of Man in Malaysia

Video from Malaysia shows a man laid out on a road with brain protruding from his cracked skull. When medics place him on a stretcher, the extent of damage to the head shows by way of deflated skull.

I don’t have any info on how he died – could be suicide, but could also be traffic accident, etc.

Props to Best Gore member @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video:

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          1. Is it just me or does it look like he’s following one of the paramedics with his eyes or at least trying too? Lol if that’s the case he was conscious and hurt like a motherfucker

          1. hahaha if I keep the beret on and walk around with a croissant in one hand, a baguette in the other and a ciggy hanging out my mouth I’ll blend right in 😉 @kevinh67
            Does it make you feel unoriginal that we both come out with the same crap? lol although you got there first which means I guess it’s just me that’s unoriginal

  1. Well that will be the last time that Lo Wang
    “Lost his mind”

    It is very nice for the cleanup crew that he kept it close to him.
    Nothing more frustrating then having to search a large area for a wandering mind :-p

  2. (I did do an update to my original post, but somehow it got lost…I wrote:)

    It looks like he’s doing a Village People Dance Routine into death: “It’s fun to stay at the AfterLife”.

    Or was he doing The Brianwave?

    I’m always surprised that hospitals will still use bedsheets as the blood will always seep through to the plastic bed underneath. Why not just skip the sheet altogether?

      1. Can I get a fairly good one with just a couple years on it? I don’t think I would want an unused one because you just never know. Could be a retard or a deviant… “AB Normal” or something of the kind.

        1. A used brain, however, might have vivid memories of some brutal prison sex or maybe a 900lb wife. You will have to live with those memories as long as you own that brain. It’s always a gamble.

      2. lol I read an article about a guy who’d had 90% of his brain tissue eroded by a disease which creates fluid on the brain who was still walking around fully functioning and I thought ‘big deal’ I know loads of people who are still walking and talking whilst only engaging 10% of their brain@kevinh67

  3. Some Translation

    The lady starts with some snackbaring and then she says “why did he jump, I heard a pop. Why did he do it in the month of Ramadan”. It is a suicide folks, however he is a muzzie so it is not a big loss. Later on she says “he must have mental issues” of course all muslims have mental issues, Islam is a mental issue.

    1. What a dumb broad. News flash: if someone wants to commit suicide, they don’t care if it’s ramadan, xmas, hanukkah, festivus or their own damn birthday. Must have mental issues…no shit, but he still has more brains than that girl.

  4. Not the first time ive seen these asians check the pulse of a CLEARLY dead motherfucker. shit i saw a guy check the pulse of a man cut in half by a truck. maybe its procedure and they dont want a telling off from boss man.

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