Brazil – 15 Year Old Drug Dealer Dies in Pain

Brazil - 15 Year Old Drug Dealer Dies in Pain

Being involved in drug trafficking at the age of 15 in a country like Brazil where gun slinging lunatics are a dime a dozen doesn’t set one up for a very long life span. 15 year old drug dealer in this video learned it the hard way when he was shot 5 times by gunmen who turned up from out of nowhere, discharged their guns and left.

Following in the path of good old China, the people who videotaped the teenage drug dealer shortly after he was shot did precious nothing to help him or ease his dying. The kid writhed in pain for a while and then just gave in. Only 4 more years till the Olympics in Brazil. Woohoo. Never will there have been more a prolific time for quality gore.

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36 thoughts on “Brazil – 15 Year Old Drug Dealer Dies in Pain”

  1. He didn’t have a chance to learn the hard way. Can’t learn if the blow that should have given insight killed you.
    Yeah, Can’t wait to see the gore when the olympics come around in this pathetic country.
    I’ll bet that the Olympic Committee is aware at how disgusting Brazil is. They don’t care, because they would HATE to see USA’s Chicago get it.

  2. Brail, THE WORLD’S GREAT CORPSE FACTORY cranks out another one!
    Don’t even want to guess what his last name was.

    Just A Thought, talk about confusion, just imagine going to a Brazillian cemetery and You are looking for a spicific da Silva grave and You don’t know exactly where it is……. TALK ABOUT BEING LOST!

  3. He just pissed off the wrong people. He was a terrible dealer because if he was doing a good job they would not have used the termination. I know he is only 15 but he knew better. I feel sorry for him righting in pain. But I feel more for his mother. He baby is dead. RIP kid. My God help the family with the grief.

  4. I still can’t believe how all these people can just stand there and watch. I don’t even hear any empathy in their voices. Why is that, are they afraid of repercussions or is it just the way they are?

  5. Even though he was running drugs, I don’t condemn him for it, and I do feel sorry for him. I remember what 15 was like, and I was still very much a kid at that age. It sucks that such a young man had to die like that, but I guess those are the breaks when you live this hard lifestyle. The maternal instinct in me wishes that someone would have just sat with him and held him so he wouldn’t feel alone when he passed. I’ll probably get castigated for saying that, but I’m a compassionate person, or at least I try to be and I won’t apologize for it. I want to be able to say that when the world went to hell, it didn’t take me down with it.

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