Brazilian Broadcaster Murdered, Dentures Shot Out of His Mouth

Brazilian Broadcaster Murdered, Dentures Shot Out of His Mouth

40 year old Edmilson de Jesus known as Edmilson dos Cachinhos (Edmilson of Curls) worked as a freelance radio broadcaster in Itabaiana, state of Sergipe, Brazil. On November 28, 2012 he was murdered while working in the studio of radio Princess FM 99.3 Hz located on Avenida Antonio Manoel dos Santos in Itabaiana.

On the day of his murder, someone Edmilson knew rang the bell of the radio station, Edmilson went to get the door and returned with them to the studio. There may have been a conversation after which the broadcaster was shot. The murderer(s) took the victims cell phone and motorcycle keys and disappeared without a trace.

Aftermath of the assassination is on 4 separate videos. You can see that one of the headshots blew the victim’s dentures out of his mouth:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Brazilian Broadcaster Murdered, Dentures Shot Out of His Mouth”

  1. I’m thinking about going to Brazil one day as life here in Portugal has been shit for the past 5/6 years because of our thieving politicians. Its the same language so that isn’t a problem, but violence is. One person is murdered in Brazil every 15 minutes. But when i go, i’ll go to the state of either Mato Grosso or Amazonas, away from all the violence of Rio de Janeiro and S?o Paulo.

    1. Trust me in Mato Grosso and Amazonas it will be no different. If you go to Rio or Sao Paolo, you will not be going to the favelas are you? Just don’t be a party animal and then wonder why at 2:00am you’re about to get robbed.

      1. Foi o que ouvi dizer. Para evitar as grandes cidades como o Rio, S?o Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Bras?lia, etc, e escolher um s?tio mais pequeno. Preferencialmente com menos de 500 mil habitantes. O meu pai tem amigos, ex-colegas de trabalho, brasileiros que me podem dar alguma orienta??o. Depois vejo melhor. Obrigado pela opini?o.
        And thanks Jack for your opinion as well. Unfortunately violence happens frequently even outside the favelas.

  2. Video killed the radio star.

    Truly no one is safe in Brazil, it seems that you can get killed anywhere and at any time, maybe they should teach Brazilian children how to write their own obituaries at school and how to keep it updated, its a bit like a curriculum vitae.

  3. He was likely right-handed. He put he right hand up as a protective move but the bullet went right through his thumb and into the neck.

    It would also seem that he was beaten up a bit before he was killed. Maybe this is why his denture flew out of his mouth.

  4. Looks like he lost TBV (Total Blood Volume) or damn near it. Bullet entered right lower jaw, blew out dentures and then looks like end up behind left eye. But thats ok that right eye is still open and the murderer better watch out. Dead man saw him and is keeping that eye open looking for him.

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