Brazilian Camera Guy Gets Unexpected Surprise from Assassin

Brazilian Camera Guy Gets Unexpected Surprise from Assassin

Brazilian Camera Guy Gets Unexpected Surprise from Assassin

In Brazil apparently, a guy is filming shit on his camera while hanging out in some place, when a group of seemingly unimportant people passes by. Catching him by surprise, among the group is an assassin who without much hesitation, fires directly in the direction of the camera guy.

Ayy. Ayy. Ayyayyayyayy… I think the camera guy was the actual target. Seems like he survived, but may have been hit. Lousy hitman, if that’s the case.

Props to Best Gore meber @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Brazilian Camera Guy Gets Unexpected Surprise from Assassin”

      1. He was very casual about it. Wyatt Earp would have told him “Stay calm and take aim” This one got the calm bit right just needs to practice on the aiming bit.

        1. gotta Jack Ruby a mutha fucka. You only get one real shot.. make it count.

          Ruby used a .38 special, snubnose. nearly all of Oswald’s organs were hit. He was ashen in 30 seconds and bleeding out. At the autopsy, the doctor characterized his guts as being “liquified” Hell of a chance, the entire coup d’etat hinged around Oswald not talking. Call ruby whatever you want..but the guy got the job done….. credit is due.

          1. @deadvector What the americans call a wheel gun is superior to any mag loaded gun, these da silvas mostly seem to have worn out used mag loaded pistols.
            My choice of weapon for any hitman would be a Smith and Wesson .38 snub nose, if you can’t finish the job with 6 you need to find other ways of earning a living.

  1. That reminds me of when the naked man with the ‘terror boner’ was being dismembered alive and kept yelling ‘ya no ya no ya no’ and ‘aye aye aye’ – LOL!

    It wasn’t funny that he was being cut up into pieces, what was funny was how he kept saying ‘ya no ya no ya no’ like a fuckin’ retard.

    Just take the dismemberment like a man and die faster. I remember when they gave yhim shit for yelling a lot by smacking him with his own goddamn leg. Fuck Mexicans.

    I mean, once they’ve cut off one limb, he must know there’s no amount of ‘ya no ya no ya no’ that will save him. So, in light of that, the dude should have just stfu.

      1. That’s about the worst way to go, i’d have been screaming bloody murder. That’s why most of them just lay down and take a bullet because the alternative is too horrific to think about. I remember in the 70’s there was this hammer horror film where this bloke was in hospital and every time he went to sleep they operated on him and took a different limb off. He woke up screaming. That stuck in my mind ever since. @Travis Bickle

        1. @polluted

          Haha! Agreed. It would absolutely suck. I think anybody would be freaking out vocally. I personally found it really funny that the dude was ‘ya no ya no ya no’ – LOL – still makes me laugh. I think he could have just screamed ‘maybe maybe maybe!!!


        2. @polluted; Friday and Saturday nights were the nights that I baby sat for my neighbours.

          Full access to the drinks cabinet and, typically, a Hammer Horror at 11 pm with that little bit of nudity, terrible acting and the screams!

          a.k.a. The Abominable Dr. Phibes

          1. @nastypersuasions Aah those were the days and that little bit of nudity, loved those Dr Phibes ones. Here’s another one for you, one that also sticks in my mind, Vincent Price is pissed off at Robert Morley criticising his acting, makes him eat his poodles

      2. @honkykong

        Yeah. Basically, LOL! Love this site and all the members! It’s fun visiting this place. I like real shit.

        My sense of humor dictates that I find the fact the dude screamed ‘ya no ya no ya no’ to be funny as fuck! Makes me laugh just regarding it now. LMAO!

        Ya No Ya No Ya No

        The rest of what I said was just tomfoolery about people I think less of than ants. The stuff about how he should ‘die like a man in silence’ was just random bullshit commentary. LOL!

        The dude did, however, get pretty quiet after they smacked his face with his own fuckin’ leg though! LOL

        Ya No Ya No Ya No

      1. @Hoping for Nemesis True nem, i din’t want to burst his bubble but let’s be real, he’d be pissing his pants just like the rest of us, i know i fukkin would. I really felt it for that young lad in brazil that they dismembered. It was about a horrific as death gets. Me and you are real Nem.

        1. True polluted . Im honest and pragnatic as much as i can. I toyed with being an atheist once but i read a lot of history and war documents. The tone is “there are no atheists in the trenches”.Meaning ,apart from very very few people ,when the time comes,even most tough guys will pray to God and ask for their Mother under the hail of enemy bullets or situations like this. Signed,sealed,delivered!

          So jokes aside ,the odds are against Travis or any of us being a tough guy here.

          1. That’s right Nem, i also heard those tough guys cry for “Mother” at point of death. I won’t because i never had a mother but i might cry for father and i would likely piss my pants.
            I read that some British Soldiers in Iraq were holding photos of their kids up when surrounded by isis and pleading for mercy. Just as we know isis plead and cry when they’re caught. Alpha male stuff is all bullshit.

      2. You’re right. It is easy to say from a chair. Comfortable too.

        I do not care at all about anybody in a cartel or getting killed by a cartel.

        I do not feel sorry for any of the retards who get chopped up by other retards. Not one bit.

        To me it’s funny how the idiot getting chopped up said ‘ya no ya no ya no’ whilst being chopped up. So what? Fuckin’ losers, the lot of em’. Doesn’t mean I’m some ‘tough guy’ – it literally means his choice of words being ‘ya no ya no ya no’ was humorous to me. Why? I don’t know. Do I like it when people get chopped up? No. But do I care? No.

        No of that means people wouldn’t scream or whatever when pain is inflicted. My sense of humour makes me say comments just like the one it the ‘ya no ya no ya no’ goof who probably chopped some other loser up. No body knows. They’re all losers.

  2. I know it’s unrelated to this post, but I often wonder how many of these cartel members doing the dismembering we see were also featured later, in videos on here being caught and victimized themselves.

    There’s bound to be a scenario where the sicario on the healthy side of the weaponry ends up in a subsequent video on the unhealthy side of the weaponry.

    In that life, there seems to be only one way out, brutal murder.

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    1. There are several videos of people making cameos in later films. The boy in the green t shirt who had tattoos on his knuckles, the blonde kid who got his arms chopped off while in a ditch, and who can forget la guerca loca.

  3. Aye Carumba !! Shouldn’t this come under the “Had great potential” categorey? The camera crew were there, all set up and they missed their chance.
    Now whoever hired him (competitive workmate?) will have to arrange to have the hitman come back and finish the job. There’s nothing hitmen hate more than being called back to complete a botched job.

    1. Maybe bad luck.? Shooter was a malcontent up to mischief and afraid of being seen or identified. Walks down street and a guy is filming too long in his direction. Innocent but still need to be eliminated! Cant leave witnesses?

        1. Haha. Wrong place at the wrong time . You get popped!
          Truth !,i have lost two friends to murder. One was at the wrong place when drug deals went down ie boats coming in. He was strangely chopped up by propellers. He was on holiday. Foreign cops hosed down the boat of blood before forensics arrived! Cops implicated in drugs. Long story!

          Second;family friend female at the pub,too drunk, too naive ,last person there. Her bitch friends left her there like the idiots most of these bitches are. Picked up by a cunt,raped and murdered. Gone!

          Wrong place ,wrong time,bad luck!

          1. @Hoping for Nemesis those bitches need raping for leaving her but women get silly when drunk/ i can’t think how we even got this far as a human race with women being the ones who are supposed to look after the kids. Personally from what i’ve seen they’re a pretty selfish bunch.
            I wonder what the stats are on Journalists being murdered.

          2. Yeh. They were stupid stupid girls. My friend was a very naive young woman but these bitches were cunts for doing that. I can still remember her cute little face when like five or six. It didn’t help they went to a hole in one of the roughest suburbs but anyway .They didnt even live there. You know ,hang out with the Bad Boys. Well the BadBoys fucked her up like the narco bitches in Brazil and Mexico! Sad. The prick that did it suicided when cops finally caught up with him . They found him dead in his own home. At least he had remorse or fear of being bashed in prison!

            Sorry you didn’t have a mum around mate!

          3. @hopingfornemesis That happens quite a lot, women leaving the one drunk friend behind. Probably bust chatting in their little girly world completely oblivious to the danger around them and one duckling gets left behind for the foxes. Even when sober the dumb fucks get carried away with their shopping and forget their child. That happens a lot too. Not having a mother taught me stuff…about women.

    1. Welcome, the newest trend is being flayed alive in Brazil and the all time classics are Indians being halved by trains. Have fun with all the nutjobs here, you must be a socially awkward fuck to actually enjoy this shit so you’re at the right place, weirdo.

  4. I heard a back story on this… Supposedly the shooter was a local favela gang leader who saw himself being filmed, so he shot the guy. Anyone know if that’s true of false?

  5. This vid reminds me of the Brazilian prison inmates before they go to prison. The shooter is a guilty cold blooded murder opposed to all the other vid’s where they are accused of crimes. He’s about as guilty as it gets. The victim is running like a super fag as fast as his Brazilian flip flops will allow him instead of taking it like a man like all the poor bastards that get beaten, tortured, beheaded, dismembered etc…in prison.

    Moral of the story, they are the most guilty, pussified, no good, coward pieces of shit known.

  6. Is there any fucking normal person in Brazil? I mean, nobody?? That man shooted like it’s something normal, as his face expression lets it understand….and hahahaha the camera man started shouting like that Speedy Gonzales rat

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