Brazil – Chest Open, Heart Ripped Out and Torn in Half

Brazil - Chest Open, Heart Ripped Out and Torn in Half

It probably wouldn’t take anyone half aware too any guesses to figure out this happened in Brazil even if the country was not mentioned in the title.

The video shows a group of men gathered round a man with an open chest. One of them puts his hands inside the warm and slushy content of the torso, and rips the man’s heart out. He then uses his fingers to tear the heart in half.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish and @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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189 thoughts on “Brazil – Chest Open, Heart Ripped Out and Torn in Half”

    1. Seems more like a National Geographic
      Documentary dealing with dumb ass animals and not human beings
      Pretty strange how most of these events take place in third world countries.

    1. I’m sure that it will be along in a minute; just remember kids, the heart is typically in the left side of the thoracic cavity (dextrocardia, when the heart is situated further to the right side occurs in around 1:12,000 pregnancies).


      1. Neither did they possess a precision oscillating diamond saw for the sternum. We can point a finger squarely at the level of abject poverty for these glaring omissions.
        For this reason we implore you to look deeply into your own hearts and give generously to the Brazilian Heart Foundation.
        You may just save a life.

      1. These are sophisticated and discerning patrons of culinary delights. They’re more than aware of the potential to contract a Prion that could lead to a nasty case of Kuru. It’s a well known established principle, that the worm that arrives early, gorges on the bird.

        There’s a saying among this elite band of Brazilian gastromes: Eat heartily, and don’t let the crazy puta madres eat first.

      1. As this was probably their first attempt at open-heart surgery, we can afford to let a few things fly this time. It’s easy to confuse vital organs in the heat of an operation.
        Why, just the other day, I accidentally removed a patient’s brain instead of their ingrown toenail. Silly me.

        1. @Doc Undy; Damn, that’s a bit of a mistake, was it after a late night? Hopefully, the patient was a GOMER* and there aren’t any troublesome relatives around wanting money.

          *GOMER: Get Out of My Emergency Room, typically an old, demented and difficult patient from Samuel Shem’s ‘The House Of God’.

          Recommended reading if you want to get a very satirical, and incredibly funny, take on life and death during the period as an intern.


  1. They are from north.

    “FDN (Família do Norte) e CV (Comando Vermelho), mano. Não é porra de ADA (Amigos dos Amigos), não. Se brotar outra, morre, safado! (…) PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital)” = “It’s North Family and Red Command, nigga. It’s not fucking Friends of Friends [a rival gang], no. If you are from a different gang and come here you donna die, bastard! (…) First Capital Command [they are in war against this gang too].

    I don’t know if that guy was a PCC or a ADA former gang member. What the fuck, is this shit in a prison?

  2. How is that intimidating? Mutilating a corpse post mortem is pointless, the dead guy doesn’t know and anyone else living wouldn’t care. Now if these vermin Spics killed the man in this manner, like how those Beaners flayed that kid alive then THAT would terrify others.

    I hate all filthy Spics anyway! Keep them and their barbarism in their shithole countries! Brown people should all kept in one area so it’s easier to kill them all when necessary!

  3. Agenda 21 meets a willing population in Brazil.

    In celebration they open an “All You Can Eat Buffet”.

    Try watching the video clip with the sound turned down and this tune playing on another tab.

    It is really lovely and you can let the tune get going and then just randomly start the video at any point in the tune.

    It is like a true flavour of Brazil…. they are more than just coffee.

        1. @nastypersuasions
          Thank you for your heartfelt comment. It lifts the spirits to see a hand wave across the ocean.

          It is a lovely, catchy tune and it does make most of the ISIS videos a bit more watchable too and is a useful replacement to their pish, moany soundtracks of morbid prayer chanting. I find the recurring “Aye. Aye. Aye, ay-ay Chiquita…” chorus really adds a lightness to the proceedings.
          Often the videos are either too short, to boring, too derivative or so poorly filmed so that it can make it bit difficult for me to actually cum, but the jolly music does make them all still fun to masturbate to.

      1. Mr Chiquita was a notorious banana kingpin and warlord funded by the CIA to start wars in Central America. It’s just business. Think of it as the enforcement of bad debts in those Banana Republics.
        This announcement brought to you by the friendly United Fruit Company of the USA.

      1. I’ve been to Brazil. I stayed on Copacabana beach. Walked everywhere, Ipanema beach. Took the subway downtown. Took a tour of the favelas, seen a guy with a handgun in his pants. Bought weed in the favelas. I’m not soft, so don’t get it wrong. I’ve been in jail. But I do have morals.

  4. When I die I wish that no fuckers touch me, especially no autopsies or embalming shenanigans. So, maybe when I feel my time is drawing near I’ll take a hike up a mountain with some supplies, like booze, ganja, a little food, a battery powered radio and a lethal dose of heroin. I’ll leave a note just in case spelling out how if any fucker tries to mess with my rotting corpse they will be cursed to eternity. The last thing I want is a fake funeral! Let me feed Pachamama like she feeds me.
    These niggas are all gonna die soon.

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