Brazilian Cops Chase and Execute Member of Competition in Drug Trafficking

Brazilian Cops Chase and Execute Member of Competition in Drug Trafficking

Brazilian Cops Chase and Execute Member of Competition in Drug Trafficking

In São Paulo, Brazil, members of a street gang with badges chased and extrajudicially executed a member of competition in drug trafficking.

Cops are the worst and most cowardly kind of gangsters – they use the people’s money and qualified immunity to practice organized crime activities.

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the video:

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99 thoughts on “Brazilian Cops Chase and Execute Member of Competition in Drug Trafficking”

  1. Nice… So do not become a Cop, or Join Any Gang Boys & Girls, as it will Fuck-You Up and your whole life too man. Cause once you join,,, there is no way out but death. So think about what i said before you think that you will look cool if ya join one, as it is nothing but an Evil,, Very-Evil way of life. 🙁

          1. @RoyalFlush2112
            Cool brother but at the same time i hear where you are coming from when you wrote your comment, as i sometimes feel the same way. I Love to visit many of those Country’s in January, February, or March for their beautiful beaches, Palm Trees and Camel-Toes, lol.

            Cause when it is -35 Celsius in Ottawa, it’s nice to get away from the cold Canadian Winters. But, it’s always nice to come back home to Canada after a couple of weeks away, and back to the safety, and the comforts of home. 🙂

            I Have a couple of questions for you brother,,,Are you a fairly new member here on Best-Gore, and are you living in Canada, the States, or Overseas in Europe?? I Am Just Curious My Best-Gore Brother, cause i do not believe that i have seen you here until very lately.
            Cheers for now,,,
            Andre. 🙂

          2. @skulled
            I Like to treat people kindly cause without love,,, what else do we have? So by spreading love, instead of hate, i truly believe that it is the only way that we can/will one day achieve world peace, and a chance at real, and long lasting change.
            Love Ya B G Brother. 🙂

          3. @PrinceSahel
            Ha, ha, ha dude, lol, as you must be fairly new here. OI Say this cause i used to always say after i told one of my B G Bro’s that I Love them, and that was (No Gayness) lol. 😉

      1. @D3aDC00ki3s
        Much thanks for the kind words as My Boys and I could not ask for any better. I’m glad that i am able to give you a chuckle, or two while on here with us brother, as this makes my day.
        Welcome my friend, and let’s hope that we speak again. 🙂

  2. Some comments here are just disgusting. Made by idiots who judge without wanting to know the true story.

    Fuck you imbecile gringos, fuck the first world countries, I don’t trade my Brazil for any of you, shit dictators.

    Funny how they criticize certain crimes but defend those who shoot you in the head over a phone.

    This happened next to my house, so applaud the performance of the best police in the world, a medal for these men. Able to put a lot of strength from various countries to suck.

    Fuck the first world

          1. Lmao! First thing I thought of when reading your rant was someone stole your kite, or you lost it in kite battle

            But I do respect your attempt at defending your nation @faveladasilva Someone send this boy a kite! or return it 😆

    1. This happened near your house? Beautiful area, do you know of any houses for sale because I’m interested.
      You have everything a person could ask for; gorgeous view of run down boarded up shacks, unpaved roads, filth everywhere, drug dealers milling about on every corner, a murder rate higher than Detroit’s, and the occasional police shootout next door.
      Jeez, what more could you want, my bags are packed.

          1. I don’t know if they have these in your shit hole country but there’s things called schools, you should really think about going, not sure if you can read this big word but getting an education is pretty useful

        1. haha, you said right there that you didn’t know there was Internet in Brazil. This just shows how bad the education in US is. Specially geography, once you guys call yourselves ‘America’… lol America is a continent, not a country hahaha, I bet you don’t even know Brazil’s capital and location in the map. Cheers

    2. The true story as of late, is the insurmountable revenue lost from your tourism, due to this corona virus Scamdemic. Secondly and I’ll stay on subject, is the fact that profits need to be taken out of the drug cartel business. Yes, the United States has a black belt, when it comes to drug trafficking. This is true. However as an ex addict I must admit, that drug abuse has become a major issue among many nations over the years. But I’ll be honest with you, when it comes to legalization of ALL drugs…

      First and foremost, education regarding drug use and abuse, should be taught at every level in our educational system. Legalization is an option, ONLY when education regarding drugs is it’s first priority. The reason why I believe this, is the fact that legalization ONLY, solves the money/profits issue of drug trafficking. It does not focus on the dangers of drug abuse, in relation to destroying the integrity of a society. By slightly expanding this educational view, I can see how it totally lacks critical thought as well. Fear and anger are usually the result of a society, totally incapable of solving problems. We are conditioned in school simply what to think, and not how to think. The media obviously, promotes this train of thought, simply because they want to sell you the products that your local schools are promoting. With no effort from our educators nor the public to push for critical thought, we’ll always attend our schools under the pretense, that life will dictate on how we live it. (and not the other way around)

      This is NOT to be confused with “thinking outside the box.”

      “Thinking outside the box” most always, comes from a group or individual that doesn’t have, nor bring up any ideas to solve any problems. Their statement is a reactionary comment, and not a proactive one. However critical thought, put’s one inside the box and brings others together, in solving problems that created the symptoms to begin with. However with our educational and media situation as it is, it’s virtually impossibly to bring anyone together, when fear and anger are the driving tool for change. Any kind of attempt to bring a positive change, usually comes from a media that wants to separate a society to begin with. In doing so, the media can promote a certain group, as being the victims of some kind of injustice. When in fact it was the disinformation given to a society, that created the problems to begin with.

      In closing, I understand your obvious anger. We here in the states, are also good at it. Fear and anger are almost but not quite, inseparable. However, fear can keep us alive when danger is present. Anger can drive one to motivate themselves and others, to solve many problems that I find quite frankly, easy to solve.

      The negative attributes of your statement, simply is the result of a set of priorities, given to you by your educational, telecommunication and governmental system. (or lack thereof)

      Glorifying citizen killers who very well may be, the victims of a society promoting this kind of behavior, makes you a victim yourself. However your statement regarding the United States being a first world country, only shows how easily the media and a government, can brainwash a society into non existence.

      The United States has been a shithole for years!

      Due to my generation and others…

          1. He has a good point. Brazil sucks way harder than USA, whether you are rich or poor.
            Hitler only moved to someplace that may or may not have been Argentina because he HAD too. Needed a place to lay low after that Allied clusterfuck of USA doing Soviets work for them. Now he lives in an undisclosed location in the countryside. He writes me emails.

          2. @coffindodger

            Your comment supports what I’ve already mentioned in my previous post…

            When a nation has become victimized, it can easily find fault towards other nations who in fact, have been victimized themselves. In this case, the United States. What I find quite perplexing, is how the United State’s media, hardly mentions the positive attributes towards any country, we pretty much destroyed. To do this, requires a challenge from others which we should all know, never gets the time of day on our privatized airwaves.

            …problem solving

            So, in order to do this, the United States in this case, would already have the economic, environmental and social support functions already in place to benefit everyone. We can get into the lazy asses on welfare if you like. However, and at least in this country, our whole system is designed to fail. Either through the privatization of our healthcare system, banks or our media, the whole system is designed only for the rich and powerful.

            Brazil is a beautiful county rich in natural resources and tourism. It’s climate, allows them to produce a quality of crops, that few countries can equate to.

            What makes Brazil, as well as other countries substandard, is the fact that first, the United State’s monetary system has destroyed many nation’s economies. Devaluing a nation’s currency by replacing it with our own, only brings economic oligarchy. The Federal Reserve, the World Bank, IMF etc, are all controlled by the interests of the United States.

            He has a good point. Brazil sucks way harder than USA, whether you are rich or poor.


            Of course it does…

            But it’s usually the rich CD, who end up being the beneficiaries of such economic and political chaos. Only the poor are it’s victims. Show me a rich victim, and I’ll show them being prepped for the lethal injection table.

            …or his brains getting blown out in a limousine

            We have no middle class CD. If it wasn’t for the credit card and careless banking, many more would be out on the streets today. Many, are just one paycheck away from being homeless. (or sleeping on their parent’s couch)

            So simply stating that one country is worse than another only tells me, that such said country wants it to continue on it’s demise. Granted, a nation’s demise can be the result of their own careless government. However, there’s a domino effect, when it comes to a monetary, as well as an overbloated military system, designed to keep the masses at bay.

            A good example of this, is our election process here in the states…

            Both parties are equally hated. However many, are convinced that a positive economic, environmental and social changes will be solved, by simply voting “for the lesser of two evils.” (which usually ends up with one party being at fault over the other, making them more evil)

            How’s that working out for ya! Not too well for me!

            If we have to look at other countries worse than our own, then why aren’t we helping them?

            …I have the answer

            Because our country’s system of checks and balances are now, in the keystrokes of the rich, answering to the call of their stock buy backs.

            In other words, they can’t look to the United States or others for that matter, as a barometer for a better life for everyone. Simply, because we don’t have one for ourselves I’m afraid.

            Usually if it’s something we want, we simply destroy it.

            Empires require this type of democracy!

            If we had a nation that was geared to think in the “cause and effect,” instead of the “problem, reaction solution” mode, Tyranny would be a thing of the past.

        1. Do they even have books in Brazil? Why are you defending such a disgusting rat infested country like Brazil? Oh wait.. you were unlucky and were born there I’m guessing? I feel sorry for you, you must have brain dead parents if they thought bringing another rat child into Brazil was a good idea lol

          1. I’m pretty good here, but thank you anyways. Your commotion isn’t needed here, even because I bet I live a much happier life than yours; but it’s not a competition, right? Hope you find something useful to do rather than saying bad stuff about people’s countries. Be safe.

          2. Lol I’d bet money I have a better life, car sales man, have a nice house, phat bank account and a beautiful partner and all the drug dealers I need, what do you do? Kick a football around in a filthy favela? And yes I love chattin shit with people it’s funny af

          3. Yeah, you sit on your ass all day long typing shit about other countries on a gore website. Dont even need to think much to know you are a delusional fat american. LOL.

            Talking about having books while your citizens are proven to be one of the dumbest. No wonder half the world hates your fat asses.

            I’d bet my undervalued money that you don’t have a phat bank account, lives in a average house, owns an average fat american car, and is very (and I mean VERY) far away from having a good looking wife.

            Congratulations on living on a wealthy country, now you need to work 3x more to have the average salary, dumb piece of shit hahahaha.

          4. Here in Brazil there is a tradition.
            We only do business with the car salesman if he gives a deep throat blowjob with a full load in the esophagus.
            Haha ha…
            We give him a box if he has a hole with a smooth ass and no shit to break into.
            That’s how here they usually have a home and a good life.

          5. that’s what I said, you guys think there are only favelas here, this is the biggest fun… reading this bullshit when I’m at my fancy and big apartment in Sao Paulo. But no problem, I like to chat shit with people too

        2. I fuck a smoking hot Colombian every night. I don’t really care if other people around me are fat. I don’t live in fucking Ohio where most of those wildebeests roam. But yea like I said enjoy your clown language and terrible people

          1. That’s it royalfhush, I really have to surrender.
            Deep down, all Brazilians know that we live in a latrine, it is no use arguing with all of you.
            As long as the world exists, Brazil will be scum due to its political system, while we are fooling ourselves with our call girls, drugs and shemales …
            Until you find death on some corner.

    3. Yikes…..10 pesos says you are wearing white flip flops and using free WiFi on your iPhone 4 to type that shit attempt to smear us 1st world entitled white assholes…..
      That town looks like something outta a post apocalyptic movie…Dirt streets wtf lol…..
      DIRT FUCKING STREETS and you dare to comment….you disgusting peasant…..You deserve a face peeling followed by a beheading with a cheap Mexican hatchet….
      What a disgusting shit hole and you….defending the police….or what do you cholo beaners call them over there…policia lol….Dirt Streets ROTFL lol ….
      You bootlicker faggot Dasilva do everyone a favour and hurry up and die…..And make it a good one.

      1. Finally a decent comment, however it is not at all exact, and this is what made me manifest this way.

        What else is seen in comments on posts related to my country, in BG are discriminatory, since I know they are unfair.

        Brazil is not even a country that is dependent on tourism since 70% of our tourism is consumed by domestic and not foreigners … much less colluding with drug trafficking, policies to combat trafficking here, they are as intense as in “first world” countries, a heavy crime here is drug trafficking, which took over the monopoly of the pcc in almost all of our territory. Because it is a multimillion dollar segment, making the ghetto a parallel power in the poorest regions. Far from being an ingrained problem in the public machine.

        As you well said, my country does have many qualities as well as defects like any other country …

        But you agree that I have the right to be a patriot, I love my country and I would give my life for him, it is not only the Americans who have the right to be lovers of their country. On the other hand, a car-selling pig drug user must be receiving adulterated drugs and vomiting shit on my country, since the media, also useless, of his country told him what he should think about me and my people ?

        I have nothing against any other country in this sphere, I even consider the struggles and history of everyone else, including because they are countries much older than mine.
        However, it is not a simple car salesman who will step on my fish.

        1. Dasilva…

          Insightful comment…

          I might add, that I’m aware of your tourism business being mostly domestic. I should’ve clarified this I guess. I’m also aware, that it’s not your main source of economic growth as well. I never stated it was. However my point, was that tourism as well as others, keeps a country’s currency and economy strong. There’s also other benefits of tourism, as it keeps people connected to one another. It creates a condition, where people can exchange thoughts and perhaps , give a little history about the country or place they are visiting. The United States as well, HAD a robust tourism industry in the past. Major tax cuts, along with the Covid Scamdemic, has put a damper on this once was, American past time.

          Yes I agree with your drug problem, as I’ve already clarified this. I might also add, that drug trafficking doesn’t have to originate from the Unites States exclusively. Drug trafficking in my opinion, is an economic breakdown, leading to a social one. Many of your country’s challenges, are similar to the United States. Perhaps the difference, is that the United States has a team of economic hitmen, designed to influence other country’s leaders to accept bribes. If they do, they receive economic and media blessings from our corporate leaders. If not, then they are simply removed from the planet. Regardless, drug trafficking sucks the economic life out of any country. It steers valuable economic and social benefits away from a country’s bloodline, and redirects it to a symptom that a society is forced to bear. The only solution I see, is to connect ANY problem either economic, social, environmental etc, to what caused the problem to begin with? As opposed to throwing money and needless media propaganda behind it. Anyone can generate a feeling towards any problem. Your opinion regarding drug traffickers is well understood. However, it’s almost associated with some kind of breakdown along the way. I also agree with your patriotism for your country, as I’m sure it breaks your heart, seeing problems like this and others, manifest beyond control. However patriotism to me, is caring enough about your country, to find out what caused the breakdown to begin with. Therefore if I may, I’ll fine tune your comment as “You have a DUTY to be a patriot.” Duty involves responsibility. Here in the states, I have a right to own a gun, but I don’t have a right to kill an innocent human being. Therefore, I have a duty (a responsibility) to makes sure this kind of catastrophe never occurs. I hope you can see the difference.

          What else is seen in comments on posts related to my country, in BG are discriminatory, since I know they are unfair.


          Of course they are…

          And believe me, it doesn’t stop with your country either.

          At the risk of becoming repetitive, I’ll stop right here. I’ve already posted the link between fear, anger and other negative attributes, in relation to overcoming any obstacles that a country may bear. I guess the keyword here is “link.”

          In playing card terms…

          One “cause and effect,” will be a full house of “problem, reaction solutions” anytime.

          Thanks for the post 🙂

      1. You are dangerous behind your shitty iphone that serves to put in the hole of your flabby and obese ass.
        Eating too much burger there?
        Before I am murdered here it is possible that you have a hemorrhoid and some type of heart attack due to your obesity.
        Have a nice dick in your anus.

        1. Weird you chose to comment on my physical prowess….I happen to be an amateur all natural bodybuilder and if I may say so I’m pretty fucken jacked after 20 straight years of lifting weights. ..
          Just saying.

          Ps I use a Samsung Galaxy …I’ll send it yer way when i upgrade.

          1. Wow Jonny …
            We have at least something in common.
            See, not all Brazilians are so shit … We could take some estrogen together … Maybe that’s why I reacted indecently to so many acid comments to my shitty country. High testosterone can boost anger you should know.
            Anyway I accept your Samsung Galaxy. Once they stole my old cell phone with a gun. You are lovely even bro

  3. Anyways. ….Fuck all you cop lover fags for one….And secondly….Anyone trying to defend their shit nest 3rd world countries on here are just idiots….You have no right. Homeland pride is only for us 1st world whites….I live in Canada and the poorest slum here is paradise compared to your finest villas. So just stop. ….Stop trying to take pride in your disgusting rat holes and just do what you do best….
    FUCKING DIE FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT…..on Best Gore….that’s it….just hurry up and die you bloody refried flipflop wearing gibberish talking fourth hand clothing wearing old as fuck cell phone using smelly food eating covid carrying disease bags….Die for us…die for our entertainment on video so we can mock you and your disgusting country that has nothing ….nothing no resources except exporting your death on video….for me and the rest of the entitled 1st world to laugh at….you silly Beaner how dare you even comment just shut up and Die.
    Thanks take care.

          1. Hello it’s Jonny from Canada. You still alive over there in Brazil..
            You are welcome over here in Canada….Bring your flip flops and some Yeyo and it’s party time.

          2. Shit forgot to say…
            Your country is actually quite nice and I’ve no doubt is home to much tougher people’s. Maybe the estrogen wouldn’t be a bad idea lol…Anways take care.

          3. that’s it, i want to live brother. That’s why I came to portray myself, you see how hard it is to live in survival mode, I think that is why we wear slippers, we quickly become relaxed and then we run better. Yes, I’ll take care of myself, strong hug

  4. Executed what you scumbag? are you retarded? Cant you see the gun in his hand?
    This thiefs in Brazil always shoot and kill innocente people.
    Thanks GOD our cops killed this motherfucker. -1
    and go fuck yourself if you like thiefs.. I hope one of them enter in your house to beat you and rape your girlfriend.

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