Brazilian Cops Lose Track of Suspect Car, Engage Wrong One, Kill Innocent Girl

Brazilian Cops Lose Track of Suspect Car, Engage Wrong One, Kill Innocent Girl

A major screw up on behalf of Brazilian military police. Shoot first, ask questions later.

The incident happened in NilΓ³polis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Two military policemen were pursuing a suspect vehicle but lost track of it. As they cruised around, they spotted a car that looked just like the suspect car and gave chase.

Unsure about why he’s being followed, the driver of Hyundai HB20 tried to get away from the pursuer. That prompted the officer on the passenger seat to stick his rifle out through the window and shoot at the car.

The HB20 stopped, the officers approached it and heard screams coming from inside it. One of three innocent girls inside was shot in the back.

The officers ordered male driver who was with the girls to take the wounded to hospital, while they took the other two girls to their cruiser and escorted the car.

Unfortunately, the shot the girl took was fatal. She was proclaimed dead on arrival. Her name was Haissa Vargas Mota. She was 22 year old. The officer who shot her is one Marcio Jose Watterlor.

Best Gore member CronnosS2469 provided the translation of the dialogue in the video:

-Have you been there for long? Did you see a black Sandero?
– We lost the black Sandero now.
– By the time we got to the car, the guy was far away. We shot, busted the back tire, but the guy still got away.
– There! There are 4 dudes here now, very strange.
– Where are you?
– One of those white cars, HB20. Four heads, cap and all.

(chasing starts)
– Turn the buzzer!

– STOP! Stop!

– Go away, mister! (in fact she said “boy” (moΓ§o) but in a respectful manner)
– Help her! Help her, mister!
– Calm down.
– Don’t take her!
– I’m gonna take her to the doctors!

– What was that, can’t do that, fellow.
– Sorry, mister
– What the.
– Not my friend. I can’t believe.
– Let’s calm down. It’s messy.
– I know, mister, I’m sorry.
– Why didn’t you stop? You had open windows. Listening “to open”. No, it does not justify (exculpate) the shots, alright? Does not justify.
– Guto… (radio). No, we’re to report.
– I don’t even know what to say.
– Report it. Sector Eco and Sector Fox chased a car, gave order to stop and a victim was hit. A victim was hit, got it?
– Help us out too, later, (because) we are kind of dazed (flying roach).
– I had seen long hair. Women. I was aiming for the ground, for the ground.

(the girl is taken to the hospital)
– Who fired the shot? Tell the truth, please.
– It was me.
– Who fired the shot was that police car and that (other) police car.
– At the speed bump.
– See, Patrick. Nothing justifies the officer shooting. I’m not planing to exculpate nothing. We are going to answer for our acts, ok? Nothing justifies. But if they look at videos from our cameras, they’ll see it was three cars, one after another. One car got into the favela, shooting out – calm down, people, let me speak – the other car came to Nilopolis shooting out too. We asked you to stop with the buzzer on, and you didn’t stop. What are you going to do?

Thanks a lot for the video and the translation, CronnosS2469:

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  1. Obviously the police officer was totally wrong, as even if someone on an identical car shooted them before, there was no reaction from the people inside the other one. If he was really feeling unsafe, then he should just keep his distance, while following it, and call for another police car to intercept.

    Regardless, the dumbass driver who kept fleeing even after seeing it was a police car is definitely guilt too.

      1. Thank the almighty Lord above the green earth, that you would just pull over on hearing uniformed street gang sirens @ la coqueta therefore theoretically reducing the likelihood your smoking hot butt would suffer any egotistically related harm……..I would be big time upset if your little bottom got hurt in any way……….

        1. yes they are in jail…I actually felt for the cop who was driving… he was the one who said the shots were not justified…although the situation required at least a warn shot to the ground or up… but the cops were in pursuit of other vehicles with drugdealers heavily armed inside… so they brought the heat upon the other vehicle… that was unfortunate….. they are in jail but probably feeling bad about it… while the fukn ass holes drug dealers are out there harming innocents as well…

  2. Driving should have stopped once he saw police lights and heard the siren. Can’t blame the cop, specially since they were already in pursuit of a vehicle that committed a crime. Police officer wasn’t scared, just knows there could be big weapons in the other. And criminals are know to shoot to kill in brasil or usa.

  3. When I was a baby, the car my mother & her boyfriend was in happened to look similar to one that was used at a local bank that got robbed at gunpoint. The police couldn’t find the original but saw ours filling up at a local gas station and decided to nearly throw down anyways regardless of the fact the occupants didn’t match the suspects description and the car merely looked similar. It’s a good thing it happened in the early 80’s and not today or I’m sure we all would’ve been shot, since I was being carried in a sling across my mothers chest.

  4. When a crime has been committed and the cops are in chase, I’m all for them doing what ever is necessary to get them off the road and stop them being a hazard to other people, but is leaning out of a moving car and firing a rifle 8 or 9 times the best way to reduce harm, when those bullets could also miss their target and hit an innocent bystander?

    Seems like what they did here was not really procedure and just became a means to an easy end…….

  5. Cops with guns, hmm, so glad they haven’t gone down that road here.

    It seems to me that criminals are more likely to carry guns themselves if their cops carry guns. Having said that, Australian cops carry guns … @Dutchy could verify here, yet gun crime there is very low, which then leads one to believe that it is indeed the type of person carrying the gun that is the issue.

    When all is said and done, the more guns there are available, the more chance there is of being shot. Seems pretty obvious really.

    These cops messed up big time. They were unable to distinguish between the first car that they lost and the second car which they ended up shooting at.
    Abysmal police work if I’ve ever seen it.

  6. The cops were already engaged on a pursuit on wich they traded shots… When they found the victim’s car and used the siren for them to stop, why the fuck didnt they stopped? Thanks to the stupidity of the driver, their friend died… I dont consider this much fault of the cops, their tensions were high from earlier events.

          1. You’re lucky,imagine a bunch of fat cops with rifles getting drunk and listening musica ranchera in your garden that’s not funny πŸ™

          2. This is not ‘muricah, cops dont have rifles here unless they are GOI (portuguese SWAT). They might have handguns but they allways have to write a report if they ever use them… πŸ˜†

            Speaking of wich, theres a case going on where a prision fugitive that had ran off from jail and has been wanted for 2 years was caught robbing with his son, attempted to run over a cop and tried to excape. The cop (wich was a GNR (the Republican National Guard, they are superiors to cops, more militarized, and therefore they are allowed to use their guns) pursued him by car, engaged him trying to blow up his tires with their pistols, and accidently shot the criminal’s son when the shot went to high because of the bumpy road… Now the cop was condemned with 9 years in jail and has to pay 20K euros to the criminal for the death of his son plus 60K euros for the mother as well… great, huh?

            Heres the link of it:

  7. its just the police here in brazil
    first shoot then ask later
    and exceptionally in rio de janeiro theres a civil war, so cops there lives in a high tension state, and as humans they usually can do lots of dumb shit when under pression

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  9. I live in the UK, a country where cops DONT carry any guns, several times I have stopped anytime a cop car indicated I should pull over. I figured it was the best option.

    If bozo driver here thought it would be better to ignore police (who he ought to have known are armed), now let him explain that to the dead girls parents.

    The only fault I would pick up on is why the cop shot at the occupants, shoot the tires say but if no gun was seen he can’t defend shooting through the windows, it was a reckless act.

    1. Has anyone ever had the radio on, the windows rolled up and not expecting a cop to pull you over you just don’t notice him right away ?
      I’m glad he just asked me why I didn’t pull over right away instead of doing this to me.

    2. well said. My dads a US cop, and I know that kind of singles me out on bestgore, but in a situation with armed suspect, I’d hope my dad shoots first. My advice to people stopped by the police is DO what they say, it is not worth your life, a lot of them are very young and impulsive. Not even I can avoid em. The majority of fatal shootings i see on bestgore are not what you may think, these are drug addicts, willing to do whatever possible to avoid jail. Check out Kyle Dinkheller, he was advised when he should open fire, and it got him killed. Waited too long, just 22 with a wife and child on the way.

  10. Why the hell did the dumbass driver continued to speed after the first shot? the cop had to shot 10 times for them to stop….im not saying here that the cop was right (he has many reasons for me to hate him first of all he is carioca, i hate cariocas, he says like a dumbass idiot with stupid accents from the favelas, and he looks like a donkey) anyway the driver of the HB20 was even more stupid than that cop… could have avoid that fatality….

  11. honestly have more afraid of the police than of criminals, (just because I live in favelaa) is hard to be honest work and study and these guys with gun find who are above the law, not to mention corruption. help me ouu

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