Brazilian Cop Shoots Two Men on a Motorcycle in Cold Blood

Brazilian Cop Shoots Two Men on a Motorcycle in Cold Blood

This happened in the Itaquiraí municipality in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. A cop pulls out his handgun and approaches two men on a motorcycle. The men are alleged robbers. After a brief exchange and an attempt to frisk the rider, the cop shot at both men at close range, reportedly killing them both in cold blood.

In my opinion, even if we trust that the men on the motorcycle were robbers (ie the bad guys), I find the overreaction of the trigger happy cop a little excessive. I have said it many times before and will say it again – the only thing worse than a nigger state, is the police state. What I mean by it is – you are safer in a complete anarchy with everyone out on their own and potentially out to kill you, than in a society overrun by trigger happy cops rendering you completely defenceless in case they decide to make you their target. In a “wild west” type of society, you can train to become a good shot and fight for yourself. In a police state you are completely and entirely in the mercy of the system. If the system is corrupt, there is little you can do to defend yourself, even if you trained to be a good shot.

This also explains why I believe it is dangerous for gun snackbarists to live in a false perception that gun ownership somehow protects them against their own government. This false sense of security gives the government an upper hand, because instead of realizing how vulnerable and defenceless you are against the technology and weaponry they have, you falsely think they won’t move in on you.

I have touched this topic indirectly in the Open Post about faux freedom we are brainwashed to believe we live in and also in the Open Post about the slavery of the mind which allows for the brainwash to flourish. Those whose minds are enslave may not understand what I’m getting at here.

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34 thoughts on “Brazilian Cop Shoots Two Men on a Motorcycle in Cold Blood”

  1. I know for a fact that prisons in Brazil are extremely overpopulated. I can remember an old video, years ago, where the police captured 5 bank robbers and lead them all to the police van. They genuinely went in one side and out the other to be shot. The van obscured most of the civilians views except for one news crew up on an apartment balcony. I may be wrong but most cops in Brazil find it easier (they may even be encouraged) to shoot on sight. Less work for the cop, the courts and the prisons

  2. The reporter says one of the robbers tried to pull a gun. It was either him or them.
    Maybe he didn’t have to kill the other guy who was trying to escape, but maybe he had a gun as wall and was just running to cover to fire cop from a safe position?

  3. “how vulnerable and defenceless you are against the technology and weaponry they have, you falsely think they won?t move in on you.” (I would rather be armed than unarmed if it comes to that)

    Afghanistan vs. US of A? The US is pulling out, being the most advanced military force in the world – beaten by peasant with AK’s and RPG’s. Ergo, it can be done.

    Also, approximately a 100 cops are killed each year in Sao Paulo – making them a bit jumpy. Especially when the guy on the motorcycle suddenly reaches down for something when the cop lifts his shirt up. Trigger happy or not, the cop probably have a wife and kids at home who won’t make ends meet without his salary. Having that thought in the back of my mind, I would have blasted him too.

  4. Am glad you explained the police state been worse……as opposed to a nigger state,it does make a lot of sense,especially the part about citizens arming themselves against their government,as if it would make any difference….every individual in a police state is a potential statistic with no recourse against the state…….armed or not.

  5. The reason that he killed this two dumbass, is that they been killing a bunch of people around Brazil (Hit Men) try to search for “Motorcycle” and the result will involved 2 guys assassination in a motorcycle” its crazy

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