Brazilian Couple Kills 8 Months Pregnant Woman to Steal Unborn Child She Carried

Brazilian Couple Kills 8 Months Pregnant Woman to Steal Unborn Child She Carried

In the municipality of São Sebastião do Uatumã, state of Amazonas, Brazil, a couple consisting of a 22 year old woman and an 18 year old boy under her influence, murdered a 20 year old pregnant lady in order to steal her unborn baby.

According to the delegate Claudenor Medeiros, head of the police detachment in São Sebastião do Uatumã, a municipality located 247 kilometers as the crow flies from the state’s capital of Manaus, a joint investigation involving civilian police from the municipal districts of Itapiranga and São Sebastião do Uatumã uncovered that the death of 20 year old, 37 weeks pregnant woman who has not been identified by name, was committed by 22 year old Joelma Queila Santana da Silva, and 18 year old Alex da Silva Carvalho.

The results of the investigations show that the couple met the woman when she was on her way to visit a doctor in Itapiranga. The three went to have a drink together in a local cafeteria, where in a moment of distraction, Joelma put a date rape drug into the woman’s drink, causing her to pass out. The two took the woman to a forest area where they used a knife to open up her belly and remove the fetus. The victim died on the spot.

When asked about the motive for the crime, Joelma said that she could not get pregnant but wanted very much to have a child. So she used her influence over young and immature Alex to get him to participate in the heinous crime.

The corpse of the woman was found by the residents in an area near a place known as “Campo de Pelada Pimenta”, in the neighborhood of Paz. They alerted the police which lead to the fast and effective investigation with the conclusion.

The baby, it would appear, survived and is being treated in the Itapiranga hospital.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Brazilian Couple Kills 8 Months Pregnant Woman to Steal Unborn Child She Carried”

      1. The story gets more fucked up as I read and look at the pics. The cop breast feeding?! Brazil oh how you never disappoint nor shock me with anything that happens there! One twisted fucking story

        1. Well this fucked up world is the one that provides for all of your possible needs and the needs of all others…
          Seriously I don’t see how this world is fucked up. This world is amazing…
          Don’t believe me go try to live in Mars or if Mars is too far go try to live in the moon and see for yourself, maybe that will show you how to appreciate this fucked up world that you’re part of.

          1. @Soorenho Pardon me, yeah, I’ll do that; I’ll just go & try to live on the moon! Think you took my comment a little bit too literal there. Yes, obviously it Does ‘Provide’ Everything needed to survive; Doesn’t mean this world is Not messed up though!☺☺

  1. The mother at least looked like she could’ve/would’ve given her baby a fairly good life ; what the ‘F’ were these 2 thinking? Pathetic! That baby’s life is just going to be messed up! Well done, Idiot’s!!!

          1. @ illegalsmile55
            I can totally agree with @itsplaster on this topic as well as @bubbaray.
            I drank like a fiend when my oldest two sons were in utero. Smoked a few pounds of weed back then also. They’re both in college now and doing well for themselves. No harm done.

  2. If this wasn’t so twisted, it would actually be kind of a heroic tragedy. Picture this: The mother is a psychopath who commits horrible crimes, one which is witnessed by a pious, yet infertile Christian couple who yearn desperately for a child. Can they find it within their souls to do what must be done?

    Also, I wonder if it’s ever a good idea to tell the kids about shit that goes down before they are born. They weren’t around to witness it, so it can’t become a traumatizing or a repressed memory….unless, of course, some human buzzard opens their trap and says, “Some guys tore you out of your mom’s belly and killed her in the process”, then leans forward eagerly to feed off the kid’s shock and sorrow.

    “Ade due Dambala! Give me the power I beg of you!” (Chucky, Child’s Play)

  3. Yeah cuz at 22 or however old Fat Fuck is, we are 100% sure we can’t get pregnant. If I got $1,000 for every woman (although this bitch is certainly no woman) that says they can’t conceive and then do so years later after being patient, I would be very wealthy. Hope someone kills BOTH of these 2 in a VERY agonizing, SLOWWWWW manner.

    1. It is highly likely that she just didn’t want to go through the bother/pain associated with pregnancy. Carrying a child around for 9 months along with all the morning sickness etc was not very appealing especially when you consider that she was already overweight so she would rather kill for a child instead.

    2. Their utter stupidity is why they deserve to be killed…how in the fuck are you going to kill some bitch to try n steal their kid from their stomach to raise???? Kill someone for money…debt…hate…anger…cheating…an arguement…its ok…but to raise their kid??? Lol…people are retarded

    1. Well, you’re still kinda retarded by age 18. Frontal lobes don’t fully develop until you hit 25 or so, hence why men are at an incredible risk of death, either via suicide, accident or getting killed, from age 16 till we hit our mid twenties.

      If you survive your twenties as a guy, chances are really decent that you’ll live to a ripe old age. Food for thought next time one of us bitches about being old: at least we’re not gopniks getting blasted with shotguns or falling from apartment buildings, hahah.

  4. I don’t blame these two idiots for their thoughts of wanting a kid and not being able to concieve, however wtf these pieces of shit are total retards the 3 of them.. Who the fuck goes having a drink with random people while pregnant? and who the fuck steals unborn babies like that? Also.. I suppose this was some future single mom as she was all by herself.. So i could dare to say this child is gonna be a lowlife no matter what..
    I honestly hope he doesn’t make it.. such a miserable life awaits him..
    Not being cruel or evil.. Just spitting some truth.

  5. Interesting.
    I’ve always kind of been interested in “babies ripped from the womb,” but I’ve never seen it. Too bad there aren’t better wound pictures.
    There was the pregnant chick who was stalked by her neighbor, who stabbed her and tried to steal her baby…?
    And Sharon Tate, stabbed in the stomach. And from what I understand the baby was removed during autopsy, named, and buried ~as an individual entity.~

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