Brazil – Druggie Stabbed in the Face and Clubbed to Death

Brazil - Druggie Stabbed in the Face and Clubbed to Death

24 year old Jailton Santos Silva (is Silva the same as Da Silva?) was found dead on the afternoon of Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Grota São Benedito, Jacintinho neighborhood in Maceio, Brazil. He was stabbed in the face multiple times and his skull was deformed from multiple blows from a club. Jailton Santos was a druggie and a second victims from the same family after his brother was also slain by drug dealers.

A few days prior to his murder, Jailton Santos’ aunt Iracema de Freitas tried to talk him out of doing drugs because she had a strange dream in which, as she told reporters, she had a vision that something bad would happen to her nephew if he continued taking drugs.

Here’s a video report by Emergencia 190 (in Brazilian Portuguese) concerning the murder. Iracema de Freitas talks about the vision she had with the reporter:

And a gallery of a few pictures of poor druggie stabbed in the face and clubbed to death in Brazil:

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44 thoughts on “Brazil – Druggie Stabbed in the Face and Clubbed to Death”

  1. being a drug addict is bad enough, but a drug addict in brazil?
    thats like having aids but also being locked in a burning oven.
    it’s like having cancer, and then getting gang raped by nignogs
    it’s like having diarrhea, and when you go shit, all of your organs spew out your anus.
    you get the picture

  2. What the hell is wrong with Brazilians? Your guys’ country is overflowing with amazingly attractive women and all you can do is run around and slice each other to bits. If I lived in Brazil the most gruesome thing that would happen to me is blue balls.

  3. According to the aunt: One of his uncles was also killed approximately twelve years earlier. His brother was killed also because he used and sold drugs, and killed people. A family full of killed people and drug addicts, lol.

    That’s all i could understand because Negro country folk don’t speak good Portuguese.

  4. another life lost to drugs. i was on the same path 20 yrs ago, tho not in Brazil. i was hanging out with the wrong crowd and in my youth felt immortal. i’m surprised i’ve made it to 48. now all of my old crew is either dead or in jail. i walk the Earth alone with many costly lessons learned. only 2 ways to go with drugs really. dead or in jail. i quit and chose life for whatever that’s worth. dead or in jail. those of you still getting high……… choose wisely or end up dead or in jail like the fellow above.

    1. i HAVE to reply to this. all seriousness.
      Im 18, in liberty city ( niggerville)
      this fucking place has eaten away at my innocence.
      My uncle got shanked during a deal,i was only 8, it was until i was 12 that me and him got drunk and he told me he was stabbed. a friend got paralyzed driving high on X, and another friend died from anorexia from heroin withdrawal. and i still have her in my contact lists.
      this that i’ve just written is very very gay, but i am high right now and i want everyone to see what a hypocrite i am.

        1. Don’t worry, I think it may be safe for me to assume that every single one of us knows where you’re coming from…..for some reason it feels safe here to spill your guts, sort-of-speak.
          And for that the words you talk here are listened too and you’re not looked at as a total fag.

          Quite the opisite, Young Man, I enjoyed the read.

  5. Dammit why did I have to smoke tonight?…ganja makes the gore way too scary…I love the aunt saying she had a bad feeling something bad would happen to him if he kept using drugs…as if there was an alternative

  6. As a guy with a beard, I feel a certain kinship with this man. It’s always sad to see a fellow beard go. You had a rough life, and your beard was with you until the end. Rest in peace, Beard Brother.

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