Rival is Strangled by the “One Flip Flop Bandit” In a Brazil Favela

Rival is Strangled by the "One Flip Flop Bandit" In a Brazil Favela

I couldn’t begin to imagine anything worse than getting captured by a favela rival, can you? Not only to be killed but guaranteed to be in brutal fashion. If there is a Portuguese speaking member, much would be appreciated with translation.

So-called rival is well dressed and seems out of place to be in a Brazil favela; or, perhaps he belongs to a successful gang and can afford shoes. Briefly spoken to, look of disdain disheartens his facial expression confined by fear. Fashionable man is shown stomach face down with ligature tight around neck. Literally, being squeezed the life out of, the “One Flip Flop Bandit” makes appearance; wrenching his victim to death. Kind-hearted, the villain saves the man from any inconvenience his god-awful grotesque big toe may have caused.

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      1. Indeed it was the nastiest big toe ever.
        This man’s personal hygiene and also his morals need to be questioned.
        I just fucking can’t believe people in that part of the world have foot fungus given that they wear flip flops 24/7/365.

  1. >”I couldn’t begin to imagine anything worse than getting captured by a favela rival, can you?”

    Yes, I can. Being captured by a favela rival, tortured and killed, while Justin Bieber song is playing in the background as the last sound you hear…

    1. And to be told by the crispy toe bandit to nibble his crispy toe and he will let you live……. 60 minutes later the crispy toe bandit tells you he was only joking and procedes to do what you described above.

          1. @gorefest1971
            this web site has a good purpose, a number of forensic science students around world visits this site for academic help, best gore inspires young investigative journalists to understand dark side of the authorities, author of this site @happy spent
            years in jail for this achievement and some faggots and dykes literally turned this site into a ”faggot club”

        1. @godfellas I hear you bro loud & clear. Sadly yes it’s becoming a faggot fest (no jokes on my name please LOL). I’ve been viewing this site for years now. I remember mark going to jail & he uploaded vids when he was in a bad storm. @thedre how did your fund raiser for mark go by the way them years ago? I wanted to donate but had no money.

          1. @gorefest1971
            The fundraiser ended-up doing ok, i guess, even though times were tough for many members, All of their kind words, and well wishes made up for it! We really have a good group of caring Members/Siblings on Here. Or Family, as i like to call them. 🙂

          2. I’m glad it went well and Mark is still able to run this site despite all the idiots that wanted this awesome reality site shut down. Yes, there are some great people on here. Definitely out weighs the idiots. All the best on your leg surgery and for a speedy recovery.

    1. @Heroin Harry Holy shit, fucking great find man! Excellent eye that you have and a very astute observation indeed!

      That watch is probably worth five human heads in that shithole. In America it’s just some basic ugly gaudy watch that people with strange egos like to wear. I prefer Victorinox myself but I’m not a fancy guy.

          1. Ha. That’s not a problem. We’ll whine and cry and start a riot. We’ll get a 3 min spot on CNN and win the grand prize. Free government piss pads.
            #I Mis’d Skuuuu #Pads R’nt cheep

            We’ll, that went a little off course.

          2. When I transition into Broke Dick Dan I will take up a new hobby. Demanding free boner pills or anything for that matter isn’t gonna happen.
            Maybe basket weaving or, oh I know, Lobster Fights. I’ll open a gym where the lobsters can work out and get all roid buffed.

          1. Heaven indeed. I was there in ’94. Before the lesions and yellow mold.
            That fat bitch filled up the entire French Quarter. Left my poor nub glowing like a Chernobyl glory hole.

  2. This is what they say, in very regional and repeated Portuguese:

    “This guy here ratted out on his family. He’s taking a bullet. He’s going out.”
    (on the floor) “This is how we kill, strangling.”
    (after he’s dead) “Faggot’s dead.”

    Most of the time, they’re just talking about how much they like strangling rats.
    The dead guy’s name is Matheus.

  3. If any of these fuckers have half a brain would carry a damn cyinide pill or something like this in there pocket at all time!! They already know what awaits them if captured so the moment this happens break out the pill and swallow taking your destiny in your own hands.

  4. I think he was an ex member that had quitted to have a “normal” live but it’s blood in blood out with these savages
    Still He died relatively easy; No hacking with dull garden tools, though the pus filled toe near his nose could be considered a cruel and unusual punishment.

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