Brazilian Gang Members Ambushed and Shot Dead by Rivals While on Bed

Brazilian Gang Members Ambushed and Shot Dead by Rivals While on Bed

In an unspecified location in Brazil, a group of gang members stormed a house and ambushed a pair of rivals who were chilling on a bed there. I hear the shooters calling out PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital), but it’s not clear to me if it’s the shooters who are with PCC, or the victims.

The killers used a revolver on the victims, but even the revolver kept jamming. I’d hate to find myself in a life or death situation and rely on my gun, but the darned thing misfires when a split second counts.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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106 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Members Ambushed and Shot Dead by Rivals While on Bed”

  1. “Take the mattress out!
    Fucking PCC!
    This is how we do it! This is how we do it!
    Where are the guns? Get those bitches here.
    Unload the 40!
    This is what we do to PCC!
    ‘É o trem’ (that’s the shit)
    Where are the guns, bitch?”

      1. I accept they speak like idiots, but so they do all over Brazil. Education means a lot. I personalty have a lot of fun with the way you guys from the south speak.

    1. The language is European but mixed with African gibberish, so we have that. Gladly the Portuguese spoken in the south and southeast of Brazil is different and so is the European Portuguese, way better.

      1. That is bullshit! I’m not to defend my kind but the south is no better in any sense. Its just different. tche. bro. mano. You’re just used to it. It is dumb to assume Portuguese people fair any better. In such small country… they have a LOT of disparity between them. You just assume Gramado is the standard point of comparison. You guys talk like crap also. Should take social class (education) in account. @felipe-s

  2. “I’d hate to find myself in a life or death situation, and rely on my gun but the darn thing misfires..” That is why I emphasize high quality guns and ammo. After all, it’s your life you protect. Do you trust your life to the lowest bidder?

    1. We kind of do. Maybe not with guns but lots of daily things. I don’t trust bridge construction. I’m always convinced the lowest bidder got the contract and the bridge is made of clay or something. Weird phobia, I know. Driving under a bridge really bugs me.

      1. Yeah, I’ve seen guys get all flustered and tongue tied when a beautiful woman behind the counter shows him a gun. I think subconsciously he relates it to handling his package. But other men take offense because “some stupid girl ” can’t possibly know more than him @ guns.

        1. Male customers would be right to get pissed off by a pretty female shop assistant. I would be just like “I can’t deal with you because you’re a stuck up cunt, get me the manager (male worker)”. Pretty girls think they know everything but they should just keep their mouth shut.

        2. I can see it going good or bad for you. You know a lot more about guns than I do. I just don’t have that many so I know mine and that’s it. We’ve the AR-15, the Glock and a Desert Eagle, a baby eagle. Used to have another Eagle – too clunky. But past those, eh I know very little.

          1. This is exactly what I am talking about. Stuck up bitches like you should keep their fucking mouth shut. I would want to talk to a male shop assistant while the female makes the tea and brings the complimentary food.

            A pretty female worker is fine once they are not in a role of authority.

          2. Oh he does it again folks! This man wants the world to know he’s an insecure pussy. If you kept your mouth shut, we wouldn’t even know it. Practice what you preach.
            But before you shut up, where is this gun shop with tea and food? I must give this place a visit.

          3. Personally… before I go to a gun shop… I already know what I need when it comes to iron and ammo…

            I can even make a gun if I had to…

            Real men don’t need any help…

          4. okay we get it..your dad and loosy’s dad gave u guns when you were little and now youre pros..listening to females yap about guns is as boring as listening to female sports reporters throw their two cents in at the sidelines

          5. I know shit about guns, but you all are just too funny. My guess is that women can shoot better than they can drive. It put females in par with males, or at least close to. It’s hilarious to see female cops here in UK. It’s like being arrested by a 13 y/o. 😛

    2. You got that right… Living in New York for part of the year allows me only a 5 shot mag on any long rifle and 3 shots for a shot gun…

      If that’s all you got.. it better fire first time, every time

  3. I´ve heard that the best best part of waking up.. Is to see the sunrise, hear the birds singin.. And having a good ole wakethefuckup-party with some pissed of dude with a shitty revolver shooting you right in the kisser.

    Been lurking for years now, it was time to join the fun and make a account. Hello BG!

      1. The Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 divided the Earth outside Europe into Castilian and Portuguese global territorial hemispheres for exclusive conquest and colonization. Portugal colonized parts of South America (mostly Brazil), but also made some unsuccessful attempts to colonize North America in present-day Canada
        Brazilians are (descended) the offsprings of Portuguese people,they speak the same language, and are all related by DNA. But for some reason portuguese don’t like it when you tell them; ( brazilians and Portuguese are the same )

  4. the Brazilian gangstas are biggest dick pullers on BG. Not even the finger pointing sandhogs come anywhere close to matching, and those feckin accents and voices – do they realise how dickish they sound.

  5. Hate to say this but Brazil has become a damn shithole where you can stuff a braindead nigga with coke and give him 50 reals to debone anybody on camera.
    Bope aren’t angels but the last bulwark to the next step, which is daesh (or isis for muricunts who created it).

  6. Two notorious gangsters gunned down this morning while spooning in bed. Little spoon died at the scene, big spoon in critical condition at local soup kitchen.

  7. I’m watching the clip and I’m thinking:
    “Oh shut the fuck up you stupid Brazilian homosexual cunt with your annoying excited voice. You’re only being a hardass cause you’re being filmed shooting some poor fucka on a bed with a cheap gun. Stupid flip-flop poof”.

  8. Serious…i just heared this….

    keyser soze, keyser soze (as in the usuall suspects)
    Skahead and skahead,
    out train, out train….

    Funny if you can´t understand that gibbelish XD

  9. Looks like those two guys were doing more than just chilling, you know what I mean (winky, winky)
    My only hope is that they both busted a nut before they went bye bye.
    I’m kind of jealous at these two. I often think of how I would like to depart from this piece of water and dirt speck of a planet. One of my wishes is to die while screwing(don’t matter who, it’s the last day, remember), getting a blowjob(see above), getting a handjob(see above) or watching videos of the Three Stooges. I’m jealous because these two died in each other’s arm, giving each other the Full Monty.

  10. Me personally I’ve been sleeping with my gun and with one eye open for the last 20 years. Tactics like that has kept me alive this long..doe I’ve been shot two different times a total 15 bullet holes.those where time i wasnt strapped .n end up gettin cought slipping..but i live evryday with that in my mind n thats what has also help me react and not give up.. all I got to say is The Terminator aint got shit on me

    1. These fools were definitely caught slippin. Those assassins were a complete shit show and they still got owned by them. Always be strapped because you never know when you’ll be walking downtown and some old smelly toothless shitnigger homeless asshole will come walking out from behind a dumpster and try to pop a cap in yo a$$.

    1. I wanna see a video from Brazil where one of three things happens:
      1. Both parties pull out pistols and both jam, each one manages to get two shots off and they kill each other. 2. shitty gun blows up upon attempting to fire it, gang member runs away with missing hand. 3. Gang member pulls gun, it jams repeatedly, gang member proceeds to get stabbed to death by rival gang member.

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