Brazilian Gang Members Show Internal Organs of Rival on Plate

Brazilian Gang Members Show Internal Organs of Rival on Plate

Video from Brazil shows member of a gang faction showing off a plate filled with internal organs, including a heart, of a member of a rival faction they had presumably killed.

Dimmed lighting makes the organs look very juicy. Just in time for Sunday supper. I do not know if this is related to any of the recent jail riots, in which over a hundred inmates have been killed during just the first 2 weeks of the year 2017.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Members Show Internal Organs of Rival on Plate”

    1. Byte size…

      Like Shreddies?

      Missed that one too… yeah, thanks, please warn a head if there’s cock in the video… or at least specify whether any dead pianists or dead penises… I could handle some guy getting shot while performing Mozart’s Piano Concerto in D Flat Major at Carnegie Hall.. or is it the one in B Sharp Minor that makes me grit my teeth…

      (Pun on Handle intended, btw, if ya’ know me.)

      1. Hahahaha. That was a good one. I called this shit last week. They’re gonna be eating EACHOTHER. Ton of shit to do yesterday and didn’t Log in. There’s a ton of stuff uploaded. Along w whatever the fuck that was ?

  1. Sorry my english.
    He is speaking that they are only hearts of the members of the FDN and that it is only the beginning and will make worse, revenge of the brothers who died in the other prision. They are from the CCP.
    I used translator.

      1. @dethbyplaster

        The Feud Network

        Alton Brown could host their most popular show “Factions” in which gang members face off in a cook off of fresh human flesh. The winner receives one (1) “Get Out Of A Brazilian Jail Free” card. The loser goes on the menu in the next episode.

    1. O cão de água português é uma raça de cão de funcionamento classificada pelo clube americano do canil. Os cachorros de água portugueses são originários da região portuguesa do Algarve, de onde a raça expandiu-se para toda a costa de Portugal, onde foram ensinados a pescar redes de pescadores, a recuperar equipamentos perdidos ou redes quebradas e actuar como mensageiros do navio. , Ou navio para a costa. [1] Cães de água portugueses andaram em arrastões de pesca como eles trabalharam o seu

  2. This is only the beggining, we will have tens of videos in the future with the same nature as those, when this war reach São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (where thousands of members of these groups are), the thing will be awesome, i are stocking pop corn to eat when that thing happen. Btw, this video is from Roraima.

  3. I doubt it’s from yesterdays rebellion, as from what I’ve heard it didn’t involve FDN members, which is a gang from the north of the country whilst yesterdays’ rebellion happened in the Northeast of the country and involved the Crime Syndicate from Rio Grande do Norte, according to what media has said so far. The media at the moment also reports 26 dead in the rebellion which happened yesterday.

    1. If you want to eliminate prison riots LET THEM ELIMINATE THEMSELVES, I mean they already have them in prison all they have to do is take a 3month long vacation
      Just don’t intervene and don’t open the prison doors for about 3 months. Nothing and nobody goes in, nothing and nobody comes out in 3 months….
      I bet that Brazil’s prisons riots would dissapear in a few months.

      Will blaze bout a qp of og in th3 process:)

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