Brazilian Inmate with Hands Cuffed Behind Back Stabbed Dozens of Times

Brazilian Inmate with Hands Cuffed Behind Back Stabbed Dozens of Times

Brazilian Inmate with Hands Cuffed Behind Back Stabbed Dozens of Times

The video begins showing inmate receiving finishing touches with hand restraints in an overcrowded cell. One inmate makes gonna-slice-your-throat with sign language.

Scores of the opposing gang sign – using the middle 3 fingers to form the number 3 – are flashed in front of the camera. I believe the sign is associated with PCC – Primeiro Comando da Capital.

In Brazil, when the rival gang member gets weeded out, they are subjected to hideous acts of torture and unspeakable deaths. Whereas the killers are presumed to be from PCC, it’s possible the victim is a member of CV – Comando Vermelho – PCC’s rival.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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    4. I did a small research on the BG history and it’s a must to thank Mark for all of his hard work.

      I just found this jewel and wow!! here in Mexico I never heard anything of this crazy/amazing case “1 maniac 1 icepick” but thanks to the old post ( of BG I was so amazed and so obsessed that I did a long research among BG post and the internet and finally found the dam video and would like to share it.


          1. @sloth12 it’s kinda funny to read the comments of that video since back in the day people said it was the most brutal gore ever seen, oh boy new gore aint fooling around eh? (also thanks for the good words)

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  1. To those who wonder what the “3 sign” means, it’s the GDE motto and they say: No one shall pass, if they do, they will be blown away. GDE stands for Guardioes do Estado (Guardians of the State) and they’re a criminal faction from the brazilian state of Ceara.

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