Brazilian Killers Use Fingers to Gouge Eyes and Brain of Murdered Man

Brazilian Killers Use Fingers to Gouge Eyes and Brain of Murdered Man

Messy video from Brazil shows a group of killers playing with the corpse of a murdered man. The victim’s skull was split open, so the killers pluck remaining brain matter from the cavity using their bare fingers, and then proceed to use the same bare fingers to forcefully gouge his eyes out.

I didn’t get much backinfo with the video, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was filmed in prison, from where we’ve seen a lot of savagery come out of. Having a vagina would have saved the guy, I’m guessing.

Props to Best Gore members @remzap86 and @13lunt420media for the video:

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196 thoughts on “Brazilian Killers Use Fingers to Gouge Eyes and Brain of Murdered Man”

      1. Brazilians are not Hispanics.
        Hispanics are mostly Mexicans but they can also be Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Central Americans and those that are Spanish speakers and usually refers to those that are brown skin.
        Hispanics speak spanish.
        Brazilians don’t.

        1. The Portuguese and Brazilians are pathetic for continuing to push that lie that they are not Hispanics. Hispanic originally meant people who came from or are descendant of “Hispania”. Hispania was the Roman name for the ENTIRE Iberian peninsula. It was also the name for the Roman colony of the Iberian peninsula which consisted of the lands where modern day Spain AND Portugal are situated. This giant lie that they are not Hispanics stems from the Portuguese desire to not be considered to be Spanish but the reality is that they are noting more than Spanish people who were traitors and became British puppets. This is because Portugal was a province of Leon (which later became Castile and later on Spain). The King of England encouraged the Duke of Portugal who was a Leonese peer to rebel and sent English soldiers to help ever since Portugal has been a British puppet except for the time that it was reunited with Spain for 88 years. THE Anglo-Portuguese Alliance was signed in 1386 and is still in place and considered to be the oldest alliance in the world.

          Alot of Brazilians actually ARE NOT Hispanic because they are not of Hispanic ancestry. Many of them are Black of African descent just like a Black Puerto Rican or Dominican is NOT really a Hispanic or a Mexican 5 foot Indian is not really a Hispanic or Latino but just an Indian. Stop trying to change what the word Hispanic means White Brazilians AND Portuguese ARE Hispanics. We need to start using the words Hispanics and Latino for their proper meaning and stop doing what Anglo-Saxons Americans are trying to do which is to lump together everyone south of Mexico as a Hispanic or Latino. The terms Hispanic and Latino in the modern use of the word does not denote race BUT in its original use it can denote rate, so its freaking ridiculous that a word has two completely different meaning. The modern “popular” use of those terms are extremely inaccurate and are generic terms which no real meaning. Both Hispanic and Latino are like the term “American” a catch all phrase that can mean White American,Native American,Black,Hispanic,Korean,etc.

          1. Native American in its historical meaning was a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant born in the United States of America. The Native American Party was White Anglo-Saxon Protestant nationalist organizations active from about 1845 to about 1860.
            The… first people to label themselves “Native Americans” were actually white Anglo-Saxon Protestants born in America instead of abroad. In the mid-19th century they formed the “Native American Movement,” aimed at shipping blacks back to Africa, Irish back to Ireland, and Indians to reservations out west. The 1837 Greenfield Gazette & Mercury (vol. 7 no. 534) …”Foreigners. . . are a dangerous sect – they have no interests coincident with ours. . . If we admit them to share the privileges of our citizen soldiers, we must, of course, admit them to the ballot box; and the mischiefs resulting from this cannot be magnified by any language, however strong. American citizens ought to control and govern American institutions. . . our institutions are of Native American birth and growth, and let them remain under Native American culture, or they will droop, and wither, and die.” The writer is discussing the threat of Irish volunteers in the Boston Militia… the term “Native American” also distinguished English colonists from later white immigrants, and persisted into the 1970s among the Yankee aristocracy.

        2. Brazil is largely a mestizo country and many of the few whites remaining are mixing with mestizos at a huge rate.
          What is worse, many mestizos are considered “white” there. So you have a lot of mixing with mestizos too

          Racial lines in Brazil are like in argentine , of more social than biological character.
          In Brazil, the official classification is based on skin color. The racial classification, if I can call this, is solely subjective.

          whites are only 05% of the population in Brazil,no more than this!

          1. dont confuse yourself, I think you never been in Brasil because if you think that only 5 porcent of population white you are very wrong kkkkkk I think you will surprise yourself if you ever come here. Maybe 5% of the population is european white with blue eyes like in the south of the country but around all of Brasil there is white people everywhere. Disregarding the indigenous people everyone here has some sort of decendent of some place from around the world so you can find brown father and mother with very white son. If you asked me what is the main color of skin in brasil I answer that I have no idea because it is so difficult to tell and everyone is so different and mixed kkkk but to generalize I would say that 50 porcent of population is “mestizo” or whatever the fuck that is, 40 porcent is white (not “mestizo”), 6 porcent is the color of black from africa and 4 porcent is white like in Germany. Colors are different in different locations but where I live is the capital of Brasil which is the biggest concentration of Brazilian people from everywhere around the country. Rio de Janeiro has many black people and since it is the only city people from outside the country know they have this mentality that you have.

    1. This has gotta be the worst video Ive ever seen! Then there’s all these liberals trying to tell us every other culture is as good as ours! Maybe it’s time we send those Democrats videos like this and see if they still feel the same, sick as fuck! Entertaining though ha ha

      1. Didn’t really flinch. They could do better. That eye socket is the perfect size for a penis.

        Never mind, it probably wouldn’t be worth it, dirty pack animals like these probably don’t have much to brag about. This is most likely their form of compensating for that.

  1. Such fools. How primitive do you have to be to be entertained by something like this? If these creatures were intelligent enough, by now they would have realized that if you hate someone, truly want them to suffer, you can do that in ways way different than this one. Emotional pain and suffering is 10x worse than just killing and slicing a guy up. To play with one’s soul, their feelings and deepest desires, is something that can break a man way worse than this.

    1. I don’t think they were interested in mind fucking or raping his soul. These things only wanted to stomp barefoot through his blood and brain matter.

    2. “How primitive do you have to be to be entertained by something like this? If these creatures were intelligent enough”
      Don’t mess up an evil disposition, that is, a sadistic nature with a lack intelligence, they’re two different things, the fact that you have/are the former doesn’t mean you’ll have the latter…
      “by now they would have realized that if you hate someone, truly want them to suffer, you can do that in ways way different than this one”
      We don’t know the background, but it’s not wise to play mind games in a war, while you’re doing it your enemy may come and kill you.

  2. Well Brazil & BG, you’ve really outdone yourselves with this one and that’s saying a lot. Oddly enough the squeal of a rat being constricted by my snake bugs me more than this. Wonder if anyone can see eye to eye with me on that.

  3. They mentioned FDN a.k.a. Família do Norte or Northern Family. My guess is that the perpetrators are FDN members and the victim could be a Primeiro Comando da Capital member perhaps. They recorded the video for some guy nicknamed Cabelo (Hair) following what they say: “Are you seeing this, Cabelo? This is FDN”. Or maybe they were pointing at the corpse’s hair as they were handling its head and saying: “Are you seeing this? His hair” however it seems unlikely.

    This is indeed inside a prisonal system. Sounds like they are from the north or northeast regions of Brazil, places where ‘prison justice’ is common.

  4. “Look, ma. No eye!”

    “I ain’t got no brain, either!”

    I think it would have been better if they had gouged the eye while the poor guy was still alive, and can feel the loving fingers all over him.

  5. And that guy finger fucking that eye socket. Eew. Hope they have running water there or maybe they don’t mind walk around with blood, brains and eyeballs on their hands.

    And the way they sounded while talking irritates the shit out of me. Lol

  6. This reminds me of the 1984 movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In Pankot Palance, Jones and his lady friend gets served chilled monkeys brains. One of the colleagues plucks out an eyeball from a sheep’s head and eats it, before that.

    Maybe the script writer had been to Brazil and seen these shitheads dissect someone’s head with their bare hands.

  7. The death this guy suffered was 10 fold of what we saw…. damn! He was a carved up piece of meat with his jaw almost severed from his melon. His skin was slashed and gouged all over the visible portion of his corpse. I’d try to hold my breath to death before that S**t,.

  8. You know…we’ve got people working on ways to get us to Mars, we’ve got people working on bioengineered cures for diseases that have ravaged mankind for centuries, we’ve got a piece of shit in the White House engineering the destruction of the greatest country on Earth…even THAT is an achievement.

    …and then we have THESE monkeys, running their fingers through a dead guy’s brains and poking his eyes out. For shame. Really, for fucking shame. Thank you, all you guys who partook in this, thank you for reminding us of what our distant ancestors used to do…TWO THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS BACK!!

    I’d give you a hand, but I don’t even want to imagine what you’d do with THAT.

    1. They are working towards an achievement too, ultimately, to control the drug business in Brazil, which also allows you to control exports, as many produce that comes from Bolivia has to be sent out to first world countries through Brazilian ports (I remember a while back the cops or a journalistic investigation, can’t remember which, found that PCC had an agreement with the ‘Ndrangheta). They try to use cruelty as to intimidate the enemy and instill fear in their minds.

  9. Why the Brazil government just don’t kill all of these bastards? Why keep alive these Subhumans? They aren’t good to society, ..oh wait,they are good for BG material,ok keep them alive then..

    1. They used to do it in the period of the military dictatorship, there used to be death squads, although, the death penalty was abolished in the 19th century here. Nowadays, with the liberal ideals that have entered our country, specially over the past three decades, they don’t do it anymore. Personally, while the latter is bad , the former is also not so good, as extrajudicial executions may get out of hand, since you’ve already set a precedent of ignoring the law, although, sometimes it’s the only way.

  10. I don’t support the POV that since he was dead there was nothing wrong to have some fun with his remains. Here in BestGore we have learnt that bad is bad and good is good.

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