Brazil – Man Beaten in the Head with a Rock

Brazil - Man Beaten in the Head with a Rock

This happened in Brazil, but sadly little information came with the pictures. The pics are in high resolution though which easily makes up for it. The man must have pissed someone off really good to get them in such rage so as to smash his head into a bloody mess with rocks like that. Damn!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Brazil – Man Beaten in the Head with a Rock”

  1. It looks like a large piece of concrete was literally broken apart after being thrown down on his head; look at the smaller pieces around the body as well as the large one by his head. Look at the splash of the brains as well. Must have been a hell of a blow.

  2. Two or three years ago there was a case of an argentinian tourist that was killed with a stone to his head in Brazil. It was a notable crime and it was around the news for a few months. I’ve got to ask if you have at least the date of these pictures.

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