Brazilian Man Clubbed to Death by Comando Vermelho in Woods

Brazilian Man Clubbed to Death by Comando Vermelho in Woods

Brazilian Man Clubbed to Death by Comando Vermelho in Woods

In the Brazilian woods, a man was filmed being clubbed to death by men making the “V” handsign for Comando Vermelho (Red Command).

The killer started recording late, so when the video starts, the victim is already pretty much dead. But that didn’t stop the killers for clubbing him some more with the plank of wood.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I don’t know if he was a hero, i know that the police treated him badly, when he held out his hand to that police officer on the plane and the officer declined i felt that was childish and immature.

      1. I’ve been reading gore posts for ages and never commented because I couldn’t remember my password and was too lazy to retrieve it… until today, haha. That’s bad, isn’t it? Oh well, now I can run my mouth on the posts instead of just looking. :b

        1. Haha that’s quite funny Twiggy. It must have been quite frustrating out there looking in and not being able to say anything. Looking forward to seeing you run your mouth once again.

          1. Haha, yes it was. Sometimes I really wanted to let loose, but.. oh well. Thank you for the welcome back. You are pretty funny. I like the part where you said you are looking forward to seeing me run my mouth once again… that’s hilarious. I have to go to town, so count yourself lucky to be spared from that hellish event for now…lol.

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          1. Oh No, there’s been another video posted already, this one’s going to die on the vine. It was boring anyway

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  1. nothing new in brazil … those guys are primitive and pure hormones .. with a couple of hammers and knives would have been more fun, and the best part of the video where is this?

  2. Such Amateurs wasted a poor fellow and no actual proof that they did anything.
    As far as we know some jaguar came and killed the guy then these assholes show up and take credit.
    What is this world Coming To!?

  3. fucking maniacs, and its all a result of interbreeding with their slaves and injuns. The portuguese, unlike the Americans, readily bred with both races, and there was a debauchery. The result is a bloodthirsty, flip-flop wearing sexual perversity full of rage against humanity. Violent predators raping and killing each other nightly…..
    If the Devil exists? It surely exists here. A colonial nightmare

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      1. It is a remarkably perfect combination isn’t it?

        “Sucu Sucu” by Caterina Valente should always be played alongside as the soundtrack to ANY and ALL Brazilian Gay-Drug-Crime Cartel beatings, shootings, punishments, murders, arse-rapes, decapitations, prison lynchings, eye-socket fuckings etc etc. The song just takes the campness and flip-flop violence to a new level of genius.

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