Brazilian Man Comes Home Early from Work, Catches Wife Fucking Another Man

Insanely Nasty Tits, Eww, Who Would Even Entertain Fucking This Skank?

Brazilian Man Comes Home Early from Work, Catches Wife Fucking Another Man

Well… AWALT! There are no exceptions. Women cheat. It’s their second nature and their privilege tells them it’s totally acceptable and expected for women to cheat.

This happened in Brazil. A man stupid enough to marry comes home early from work. Lo and behold, he catches his wife, in their marital bed, riding a Tyrone. Justifiably, he goes ballistic and uses his firearm to dish out instant justice.

Dear Men, no woman is worth more than your self-respect. Never forget that.

The dog is faithful, woman never.
~Turkish maxim

He that can avoid women, let him do so, so as to take care each day not to do what he may regret on the morrow.

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209 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Comes Home Early from Work, Catches Wife Fucking Another Man”

      1. If it was me, a naive cucked mangina, would have taken a picture(proof of tainted vows) send said pictures to close family members(on her side of course) sued tyrion/chad… Roll around on money like scrooge mcduck and relish the fact I didn’t need to kill anyone to validate to society that I am a man.

      2. I didn’t “find” her cheating on me. And no it isn’t. Because the last I heard of her, she was living like a bum on the streets and her family disowned her. She is still paying for being a cunting whore and I’m not in jail for making her pay with her life, being reminded of her everyday. Does that make sense?

      3. More pleasurable when it’s a (falsely) propped up nigger.
        LOL. A worthless, low IQ Tyrone propped up by POS Jews and their POS system of PC and censorship.
        Fuck you nigger. Fuck you Jews.
        May all your yenta wives be gang raped by schwartzas!!! May they all be Kobe’d.
        LOL. Fucking kikes.

    1. Ive been cheated on , most men have.
      Now ive never raised my hand to a female , never hit one , never threatened to hit one , because thats exactly what they want … you catch them sucking another mans cock , you hit them , THEYRE the victim .
      My ex fucked another man , i just went round and fucked her mother , hey presto , i get my revenge , her relationship with her mother is ruined, his wife got a copy of of the video i set up to catch him with his cock up my slut of a girlfriends arse , and i dont spend a second in custody .
      Patience , kids …patience

      1. I’ve fucked married bitches plenty of times, I know what they are. They either want the green, or someone who they think is more physically capable than the guy they are with. Marriage.. haha Only works if you are at least 15 years older than they are. Then that usually only works for a time. Until they move on to a younger studmuffin because you became an old man in their eyes.

        1. Chain … yeah id been getting little looks off her mother for a while , stroking my arm when she laughed , the usual shit , i knew she was game .
          Tell you what boys , the mother knew her way round a cock , 10 times better fuck than the little skank she spat out , i moved on real quick , theres billions of them out there , dont let one ruin you

        2. Married women on girls night out usually start the conversation with “I love my husband and the kids”. An hour later, they’re offering a lift home, or to the beach, or wherever. Paternity testing must be made mandatory, end of it.

          1. I hope so too. Would be better than dying in a hospital bed. You fucks get to lulz over my mangled corpse, that would be cool. Until that day, life goes on!

      2. @goreman77
        Good man, Goreman. My ex’s crazy and highly religious parents didn’t approve of our relationship so we kept it a secret from them. When I found out she cheated, I went and told her parents that she was having “premarital sex” with me and this other dude. I also exposed her mum fucking her second nephew behind her husband’s back and had photos and text messages to prove everything (I actually found out she cheated through texting). All fuckin hell broke loose once I told them everything lol. Her reputation as a “good little christian” and her family both went up in smoke and they kicked her out of the house with literally nowhere else to go lmao. I also brought home a tinder date a few days later and fucked her on these bedsheets that my ex wanted me to buy as a final “fuck you” lol.

      3. Did the same shit except I fucked her best friend her sister her cousin too. Took a picture of my babies blasted all over her sisters face and sent to her that was way better revenge. Black eyes heal
        Tainted relationships not so much.

    2. @jack-doe true, but honestly if I was married to a land-whale like that I’d probably be happy just to have somebody else willing to take her off of my hands. Alright ya fat bitch, you wanna fuck Tyrone? That’s fine, but you’re getting your shit and both y’all are getting that fuck outta MY house. Peace….

    3. There is more to this story than meets the eye. She is fucking STUNNING and he looks like a stunned goldfish. Unless he was a billionaire, she wouldn’t have been with him. I’d say it’s more likely that the shooter was obsessed with her, hated her boyfriend and ended up stalking her only to kill her and her man after she rejected him as the ugly bastard he is. There you go – case closed. Thank you very much……..

      1. @firstinline

        Youre right about he being an ugly ass mother fucker and shes way out of his leage aesthetically, but like the classic brazilian female does, she was in a relationship with him for the money and at the same time fucking the other guy. Wellp, guess what, he was on to her scheme and put an end to it.

  1. These type of women should be sent to Afghanistan. I like their methods. If you engage in fornication of any sort then you either end up in prison or get stoned to death. I agree with most of Sharia Law except for the parts about forced circumcision (which is a disgusting practice) and killing infidels and men being able to take multiple wives (which is quite rare anyways), divorce should only happen in rare circumstances. Western society is just complete opposite of the way it should be even among the very religious people. Women have no morals over there now.

    Women should also be covered up almost entirely and men should be covered up too. I don’t wanna see some dude’s nasty arms when I go out. Only the face, head and hands may be left uncovered. I dislike modern clothing in general.

      1. Why not? One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that these things like feminism, equal rights, etc.. accompany advancements in medicine or technology. Because these are the things which we correlate with the modern age. (Hard for me to explain clearly due to English not being my first language but I hope you understand. )

        We can have technology, modern medicine and infrastructure but we don’t need feminism and all this modern crap.

        1. In the white western world women have always worn pretty and sometimes revealing clothing throughout the ages, only during the most religious times did that change.

          Do a internet search for European fashion trends throughout the ages and you will see how varied it is.

          Now. Into the issue. These women of yesteryear were not all whores and sluts because most of them lived in times of very strict behaviour wherein sex before marriage was heavily frowned upon and affairs were against the law. Feminism and equality laws didn’t exist then either.

          To get to the point. The world you described in your first comment was a world that existed in the west up until around the 1950’s and before the 60’s sexual revolution.

          If I had to choose then, the current world but with the morals of 1950’s west/Afghanistan, I would choose the 1950’s west because it falls more in line with what I have come to expect and require from a modern lifestyle but without all the decadence of modern society.

          Afghanistan is just too far removed from any lifestyle I would want to live.

          I suppose if one grew up in a middle eastern country they would probably find more connection with middle eastern morals and lifestyles which is why many middle eastern people who travel to the west tend to want to recreate their own countries within their new host countries.

          I agree with you though. The modern world but without feminism and all the modern crap would be ideal.

          1. What we know of female western clothing largely comes from paintings and we know that most painters/artists were liberals and they actually helped make the degenerate society we have today. Not talking about the ones from Ancient Greece as they celebrated a different type of artistic style which may have had nudity in it but it didn’t feel degenerate.

            I believe it’s the 1700s when somewhat revealing clothing started becoming the norm in the West. France and the French Revolution playing a big role in that. With the Church losing its power, these ideas became even more prominent but even back during Shakespeare’s time in England, women’s roles were played by young boys because it was frowned upon for women to act on the stage.

            Even a lot of what we know of history today has been interpreted to fit in with modern ideals and it is still going on. Now with the LGBT & Feminist agenda, they are trying to implicate that all the ancient religions of the world (like Greek/Hellenism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, the rest of pre-Christian European religions) celebrated degenerate behaviour and they will use fragments from ancient texts or statues/sculptures to fit their agenda. Yeah, there may be some sculptures in India depicting bestiality and gang bangs but that doesn’t mean that this was part of their religion or that these practices were rampant all over the region especially since the Hindus had a tradition of widow burning, where if the husband died then his wife would be burned alive on the funeral pyres. This was done to ensure that the wife didn’t go around disrespecting her deceased husband by riding another cock. This was practice was common all the way into the British period and pre-marital sex as well as adultery even today is looked down upon over there and the importance of the veil (head covering of the woman) was something the Arabs actually learned from the Indians.

            But these liberal, feminists cucks today will tell you that the importance to chastity and modesty was a product of the Abrahamic faiths (particularly Christianity & Islam) because we know a lot of this is pushed by the Jews and they hate Christianity and Islam and want the other faiths to cater to their world view. Them and all the other male feminist modern liberal cucks. They are the same thing, jew or not.

            I’m also sure that you probably have already seen those “Iran/Afghanistan before Islamic revolution” pictures/memes online with one side showing women in western clothing and other in hijab/burqa. This is another type of misinterpretation/cherry picked brainwashing they use on the dumb fuck masses. They really imply like all of Iran or Afghanistan had women dresses like that everywhere. They took some picture of three girls somewhere and they may not have even been Muslim.

            Well, I guess that was really long but I love history.

          2. I think the problem again lies in extremes. Religion gave us morals and purpose to an extent but can also go too far. The Spanish Inquisition for example. Historically speaking religion has always tended to violently crush any and all opposition when it was at the height of its powers and pretty much every social movement exhibits the same behaviour when at the top of the food chain. As do humans in general I guess.

            The modern left, now at the height of its powers in the western world, is extremist in nature and bullies everyone into submission and like you said alters the past to fit the present as well. Anyone who goes against them gets labelled a bigot, a woman hater, a homophobe, a transphobe so on and so forth. It really isn’t any different than the religiously pious shouting blasphemer at the questioner.

            In the above then we shouldn’t exchange one extreme for another. We should be looking for a workable middle ground that allows for personal freedoms without all the decadence we have now.

            Extremes bring about extremes. Always has always will. Push too far and it will swing straight back again with vengeance.

          3. There is a reason why people talk so much crap about American culture as it was through the 1960’s. It was better then, and people who denigrate those times know it. They know people want those times back, and if those people have their way, all the haters would lose any power they have. I want those times back. For all the problems then, it was probably still way better compared to the crap seen today.

          4. I enjoyed reading both of those. Yes ,the Brits also stopped Thuggeeism ( religion of the thugs) as well or ritual murdering of strangers and travellers. @chainsmoker

            Some clever scholars now say that political opinions /systems are like a horse- shoe. Initially ,they stand and act for different things ie money or people for centre right and centre left respectively . Yet ,the more extreme they get the two wings come closer and closer together but not touching so that far -right resembles far -left in practices. We are in such times ,where both try to force us to adopt their beliefs violently.

          5. @userinnameonly

            The main reason why western libtards hate the 50’s/60’s so much is not because it was better per say(it was) its because it was whiter and the races segregated.

            The above of course translated into lower crime and higher standards within the white communities. Jobs were also plentiful as well in those days due to the fact that greedy company owners couldn’t offshore industry to the third world like they do nowadays.

            Libtards then, servants to the current globalisation based one world one people mantra as set out by the moneyed elites, despise what came before them much like how the fervently religious reject the world prior to their particular gospel and much like how ISIS destroys historical sites to prevent the time before from being known and their world view questioned libtards do the exact same thing which is why they protest against and take down statues of historical figures that don’t conform to their current world view.

            Over here in England we have our very own BBC(big black cock corporation) who play similar games. Our history and that of European history is always being rewritten by them to include the racial dynamics of today’s world.

            It is quite common for them to create a tv series set in 800 AD England for example and include interracial relationships between black men and white women even though there were no black people in England back then. They even turned the Roman led Julius Caesar conquests of western Europe into a black man-white woman riddled world. Oh, and the story of Troy. Troy himself was also turned into a Sub-Saharan African too and the story of King Arthur. Arthur’s wife Guinevere was made black as well. The list goes on.

            To conclude. These libtard bastards are shit scared of the past because it undermines their present.

          6. @hopingfornemesis

            Yep. The old horse shoe theory. The extremes end up agreeing on the course of action but not on the chosen target and the centre ground wishes to please both sides despite representing and standing for neither.

            Its been that way throughout history.

            Still. At this present time the far left has the control and it is their extremism that hurts and damages society. We could therefore do with a slide to the right to get back to some normality.

          7. @empty-soul

            I hate that type of propaganda too. This is why I don’t even watch television anymore ever since I began to learn of all the brainwashing they put us through. A film may be set in 5000 BC Europe but they will put Black people or Asian people in it. I’m not even White and even I find it ridiculous.

            The Achilles thing made me laugh at first. Achilles was said to be blonde haired and blue eyed, same with Alexander The Great but they change their looks so much in the movies. I also must say that Colin Farrell looks nothing like Alexander and didn’t fit the role in the movie. In 300, the Persians were played by Black people and on and on there are so many examples.

            It’s so obvious that this is just programming/brainwashing since they do not want us to think of these historical figures in terms of their race or the way they looked like. Now, if a child watches that show or movie and he had never read the story of The Trojan Horse and never seen Troy or any other film about the story and his first exposure to Achilles is through that show which uses a Black man to play him then the image of the Black Achilles will be etched in his mind and that’s what they want.

            I also dislike how even Black people don’t seem to have a problem with it. I would honestly find it embarrassing if they made some film about Mediaeval England and used UK born Middle Eastern people to play Irish,Scots or English people.

            I also hate it when people who obviously don’t belong in a particular country talk about how they were born there and that they are British. No, they are not because they aren’t Irish, Scottish, English or Welsh. They may have been born there or whatever but their great great grandparents most likely weren’t. They did not naturally evolve in that region. White Americans also did not naturally evolve in North America either. They travelled there but they evolved in Europe.

      1. Modern clothing is a good representative of the degeneration of our society and civilization. Even back in 19th century and 1940s people dressed with respect and decency before stepping foot outside their house but I prefer Mediaeval clothing above all. People in Middle East-North Africa-South Asia still wear their ethnic clothing but it’s slowly going away among the youth because the West has taken over all these industries and the media in their countries continually promote this modern clothing. Now we got women dressed in those stupid torn jeans, you could almost see their panties sometimes. These sluts have no decency or honor.

      1. Standards? What standards?..I’ve been on this site for years…I read the comments mostly to try and get an idea of how far We’ve gotton away from “Standards”..Mostly trash talk about women…Like MEN like to do…Meh.

  2. He likely saw the signs and ignored them. He’s probably as much dumb as she was a whore. Nice tits. She was a little short and chunky for my tastes though. Looks like the bullet hit just below the liver on the hoe. Not sure how it was fatal. Unless there are others aside from the tit shot.

  3. Sad, but she is one of the ‘few’ of these types of skanks that got caught ..
    Most of ’em don’t ever get caught, ’cause they go to a motel room or some
    thing ..
    Wish they’d all end up like this
    At least Tyrone died how he lived .. Nude ..

      1. Yeah, I did it once when I got tricked and was seduced by this tall blonde fit woman : she called me up after years to come ’round for a drink, it’s only when I got there for the date
        she said she’s married and he’s always away
        I was just gonna have a few and talk .. but .. as the night got late ..
        Well.. you know the rest

        But I called her up a day later and said I couldn’t do it, and that was that

        Funny story, this sex maniac my father used to know, well he was fucking this woman in her caravan, but the husband pulled up outside, so when hubby walked in the door, this guy fled down the street in the nude, holding his clothes .. Please explain …

          1. They look very fake. I was watching a documentary on plastic surgery recently and this is exactly what they looked like.

          2. Oh right, and fake tits fall over to the side like that do they ? Jeez for a bloke that supposedly likes tits, you obviously know nothing about the feminine form. If they were fake boobs, they wouldn’t move a millimetre and would be sitting up straight off her chest like pyramids. But they aren’t are they? That’s because there are no implants behind the chest muscle preventing movement – yeah as I already said, they are definitely NOT fake……..

        1. They look like C cups to me. A nice handful. I like anything though, depending on the body type. I don’t even mind small tits, if the rest of the package is nice. Unless the rack is extremely huge, then it’s kinda fucked up.

  4. Hopefully they don’t have the warped justice we do hear in America for this guys’ sake. It was an emotional reaction. I just can’t see any man ruining his life over a woman like this, especially when he commits suicide over the actions of some cunt. I get the fact that it tears a man’s heart out but it’s gonna get better, plenty of other gash out there to fuck. NEVER destroy your life over a female EVER!!!

  5. Lookin’ at that dead brown lying in the corner you can just see the stank of this guy. Spics and niggers stink even after a shower. They all have a funk. My buddy was in the army in Korea and he said the South Koreans said Americans smell like dairy, lol! Well, maybe we do, but I don’t smell it. Whites just don’t stink naturally if they’re showered. Browns have this sour funk all of the time. An NBA locker room must stink like the bait hold of a fucking commercial fishing boat in August! Stand next to any shit skin and a sour funk emanates from them.

  6. Yeah I hate woman that cheat they deserve to get killed so that other men don’t suffer the same fate here in Los Angeles,CA, the woman are weird always on their Fucking phones, taking pics every fucking time something happens to get attention and going to events every time while they broke, they want to drink alot then claim they are victims if something happens and having a BMW or Mercedes and think there all that when their broke or there parents are paying for it. They look down at you and always want something from a guy either money or a nice car. Also Black guys here in North Hollywood think they are rappers and dress like if they are rich but there not and they go for white or Asian girls they should stick with black girls only. The black men have attitudes and are not nice they think there the shit and will fight you to prove that, This is why they always get shot here in LA. It gets annoying you can’t talk to girls here and you have to go to social media and the girls want to see if your a youtuber or whatever. That’s the only way that I know other than that they always cheat or get divorced then you pay child support and they go out with other guys, if you come visit LA don’t expect to find a woman they are stupid here and complicated.

      1. Most are scum:

        If they were spoiled, they just become absolute cunts ..
        Because they’ve only ever had everything handed to them on a plate

        But If they had a hard life growing up, they are mean, angry,
        and just become absolute cunts ..

        Many revert to being a child too, and just cannot grow up within a relationship, even though they may act grown up at work

        All the needless crying and shit
        Acting like a baby in a cot

        They need fucking anger mgt. by Dr Pheel

        My own mother is nothing more than a cunt
        And .. her mother was a cunt
        And .. her’s too

        See the cycle ?

    1. I never understood why adultery isn’t a crime in most places. It absolutely must be a crime with beheading, stoning or impalement as a punishment. I’m confused as to how it is just a “moral crime” and not a serious crime. If fraud or scamming people is a crime then adultery is the same thing and worse. In scams, people lose money or property but adultery just crushes your soul and destroys you completely.

      1. You laid it out well. I don’t disagree with that. I just prefer to turn the other way and not dwell on it too much. A lot worse things have happened to people than having their wives being cheating whores. And if you take it personally, you become the cuck that she thought you were to begin with. It’s rough, but just move on, dump the bitch. Let everyone know what happened. The laws where she gets to keep your shit is the real problem in this modern day and age.

      2. Okay, I don’t agree with the beheading, stoning, impalement part. Didn’t read your post well enough. It should be a crime like fraud though. Fraud like that is a felony and has life altering effects if convicted of.

    2. And those fucking trannys who get surgery and lie to men, telling them they are real women are scammers too. They are lying and commiting fraud. They need to be beheaded too.

      There’s so much wrong in today’s world.

        1. I agree. And everything he says is “over in the west it’s terrible bla bla bla” whilst writing a articulate novel but claiming he can’t really express himself coz English isn’t his first language.
          This cock smoker is obviously a second generation Muslim who was born in USA but never fit in because of his sharia based beliefs and wishes he really lived in Middle East but is too scared to go there because he knows he won’t fit in there either. So easy to see straight through these bullshitters………

          1. I’m a literate and educated person and I was actually obsessed with Hollywood films particularly the ones about history or the past like with settings before World War 2 and I was very fascinated by history and spirituality as well. My interests in these things have gone down now. I learned English through movies. The reason I mentioned that English isn’t my first language is because my vocabulary isn’t very good and there are certain ideas which come in my mind in my own mother tongue that are harder to translate into English for me.

          2. He sounds strikingly similar to someone who was on here not too long ago. @nukethisworld aka “All white women are whores”. It doesn’t look like that account is active anymore. They both go on about how degenerate the west is, stoning sluts and fornicaters, hate sex before marriage, both insist that muslim sharia law is the answer to everything… to name a few. And they both mentioned Afghanistan a few times so I’m guessing that’s where he’s from.

            Any of this ring a bell? @smokinguns?

  7. When I was cheated on I had some crazy emotions running through me I’ll admit. But I never wanted to make my life worse by killing the bitch. I just accepted the fact she was a hoe and dropped the bitch. I moved on to better things

  8. She got that wrong, ‘pussy pass’ won’t apply if you are in a relationship with a monkey.
    Also, while I find really despicable the act of cheating on someone’s ass. At least she could do that right. I mean, why not going anywhere else lol-
    Maybe poverty is the answer.

  9. I guess I’m naive. I never cheated. Not one of my female friends or family ever confided in me that they’d been unfaithful to a boyfriend, let alone a husband…SO…what? A substantial percentage of the women walking around and the women I know really are cheaters? I’m not even religious and I honestly never felt tempted. Males-of-our-species are kinda programmed to get some if they can, but not even all men cheat.
    Not gonna lie, but I was a blond bombshell in my day and used to passes being made, but never took any seriously. I guess I kind of figured that was the way a lot of men behaved and I wasn’t particularly insulted and I wasn’t interested either…Now we have the “Metoo” movement.
    I wonder if a lot of people of both sexes are kind of chronically…bored? They don’t have much going on in their lives and their heads even if they are in a committed, loving, sexual relationship so they are sort of always feeling vaguely dissatisfied…Our biology being what it is, a weak person just says “why not” to anyone who offers.
    But I don’t know.

  10. If this ain’t a MGTOW ad, what is? Though I’m under the impression sausage casings cheat as much as chicks. It’s just that society expects more from sausage casings, and if they’re smart they do walk away from the stupid cultural programming.

    How much better life would be if everyone was raised to take care of themselves first, and the twatted ones not look for some Prince Charming to rescue them from self responsibility. (Man, who do I hold in greater contempt? Donald Trump or Marla Maples, ya ken?)

  11. It should say this at weddings:

    “In the name of God, I, Cockbag, take you, Cockwhore, to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, to blow you the fuck away if your found cheating, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.”

  12. This happened in the city of São Luiz, State of Maranhão , Brazil. Carlos Eduardo, the betrayed husband, is a policeman, which means her wife’s lover knew this was a particularly dangerous situation. Carlos Eduardo shot dead his wife, Bruna Lícia, and her lover, as soon as he surprised them in his bedroom. The male victim was about to get married (with another woman, obviously).

    I would like to add that the killler is likely to spend very little time in prison. Murder in this kind of situation is called “simple homicide” , with no aggravating circumstances, carrying a minimum penalty of 6 years on jail. So, he will probably get 12 years for the double murder. I assume he has no previous criminal record, so after serving 1/4 of his jailtime = 3 years, he will be eligile to what we call semi open regime, which means he can study outside prison and enjoy ocasional permissions to spend some days outside prison without any police surveillace. And after 3 more years, he will be sent home.

  13. DEATH by bad jonny

    The best part of life is death ..
    When you take your one last breath

    That last breath makes you cum
    This applies to all, not just some

    Yes, you will be trapped in all time
    With that yum cum feeling sublime

    O The secret
    That death is ecstacy?
    No-one expects, you see?

    To stay down here on Earth
    You’d have to be re-birth’d

    Wanna go through this shit again?
    All the shit you’ve been serv’d?

    Think of all those pedos
    And faggots that have perv’d

    O It’s only death that gives us life
    The Grim Reaper plays his fife

    He’s just like baby Jesus’ life
    But no booties .. just a knife

    To lay the final curtain
    And make a widow of your wife

    To lay the final curtain
    So you can’t crap on
    With all your strife ..

  14. men cheat too, and you guys go creaming your panties when we talk about how men are worthless lmao. Can’t we just respect each other as human beings and put all the shitty dirty whores in one pile instead of just trashing on the opposite gender.

    thank you, and this has been my ted talk

      1. mm no not really. Some people are just more dense than others. Some people don’t see signs right away or they’re blinded by the sugary cloud their head was fit through. No one wants to get cheated on, it hurts for anyone. There is no consenting to anything, it’s just being too naive to believe you can fix someone with your love. I don’t know what you’re getting at either, every person has a different way of “choosing” who the can picture them self having a life with, we don’t have a specific way of choosing who’s gonna do us damage lmao


    He’s just like baby Jesus’ life

    But no booties this time
    Just a knife

    A knife with your name ..

    Who you think you are?
    A Sir or a Dame?

    You’re so forgettable
    Jonny forgot your name

    It’s cunts like you who are
    Really to blame

    Shut the fuck up, man!
    Your ideas are lame

    Whether you’re in Philly
    Boston or Maine

    Or an overseas cunt
    Living in Spain

    None of us sure
    Why we really came

    O Death will take us
    All just the same ..

  16. I’d probably set their dead bodies up in a difficult sex position, wait till rigormortis sets in, and then call it in. Crime of passion 😉
    I’m sure CSI/Detectives could use a good laugh or at least a little chuckle.

  17. Men cheat too, just as much as women. Jeese.

    Still…what a waste. Beautiful natural body, not too fat and not too skinny. Damn shame. But that’s what happens in a crime of passion. Doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Betrayal is an ugly dark emotion that can provoke you into making a mistake that you won’t be able to take back.

    No one is worth going to jail for.

    1. “What a waste”
      I assure you nothing was wasted. For no one is a exception to death or it’s dealer.
      “Damn shame”
      It was a shame on all accounts, did the cheaters at least achieve orgasm before getting sprayed with lead?

  18. I guess motels don’t exist in Brazil..

    Idk why these women even marry if they’re gonna continue to run around like single ho’s.
    Why even waste energy on killing them.
    He should have thrown her out in the street, expose her for being the adulteress she is, and find someone else.
    Now he’s gonna go to jail and like the other guy from Brazil, do life and be reminded everyday of those two idiots.

    1. I do agree in the existence of women just looking for a free meal ticket. But I don’t understand it either tbh. For some women I guess it’s some kind of fucking game for them. smh.

      A deadly game. lol.

      1. It is indeed a deadly game, like they should know their spouses better. Do they think their spouse has the self control to not murder if he catches them in His bed?

        The poor guy probably came back after a full hard day at work , expecting dinner, maybe a warm bath and a massage with a happy ending. and to come home to his wife pleasing another dude in his own bed.. yikes.

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