Brazilian Man Comes Home Early from Work, Catches Wife Fucking Another Man

Insanely Nasty Tits, Eww, Who Would Even Entertain Fucking This Skank?

Brazilian Man Comes Home Early from Work, Catches Wife Fucking Another Man

Well… AWALT! There are no exceptions. Women cheat. It’s their second nature and their privilege tells them it’s totally acceptable and expected for women to cheat.

This happened in Brazil. A man stupid enough to marry comes home early from work. Lo and behold, he catches his wife, in their marital bed, riding a Tyrone. Justifiably, he goes ballistic and uses his firearm to dish out instant justice.

Dear Men, no woman is worth more than your self-respect. Never forget that.

The dog is faithful, woman never.
~Turkish maxim

He that can avoid women, let him do so, so as to take care each day not to do what he may regret on the morrow.

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208 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Comes Home Early from Work, Catches Wife Fucking Another Man”

  1. Fuck gender profiling, both sex’s cheat! It’s becoming a part of of common life these days. This is due to how weak people are these days. Majority of people have no inner strength to be able to have self-control, will power, standing up for what they believe in, head strong. No sense in being insecure in a relationship cuz if your partner wants to cheat then they will make it happen. If your partner is cheating, accept what it is, make your decision to stay or go, then that’s all the mental you need to put towards that. Not a soul is worth getting out your character and fuckin with your mental wellness!

  2. Some months ago a close friend wanted me to fuck her. Living 1 minute from my house at that time, and she was in a relationship. Looks like her dude wasn’t taking enough care of her snatch. One morning, she called me, I almost went to fuck her in her house before leaving to work, her boyfriend already left to work at that point, but I put myself in the dude’s place, so I back off from her. I felt it wouldn’t be right. My damn concious mind. Otherwise, who knows, I’d be another one here in BG.

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