Brazilian Man Dismembered, Heart and Eyes Carved Out

Brazilian Man Dismembered, Heart and Eyes Carved Out

According to the info I got, a dude in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, Brazil supposedly killed a baby during a botched gang hit, and paid the ultimate price for it.

The set of pics show his remains decapitated, dismembered, and additionally mutilated, including with ears cuts off, heart carved out and eyes gouged.

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the pics:

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81 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Dismembered, Heart and Eyes Carved Out”

      1. Maybe this was just college kids trying to eat on a budget. Ra-mone’s noodle is a staple. They cut the ears off, because the dude had pierced ears. If you have ever smelled the holes left in the ears, then you know that shit is nasty. No one wants to eat that.

  1. That was a sloppy decapitation. The mortician will have to finesse the head attachment, that’s for sure.

    Maybe he’s had enough practice. Anyway, the rest of the jigsaw puzzle looks easy. Just stuff it into the suit. The ears? A little crazy glue and he’s good to go.

    On the other hand (where did it go?), the vision clinic gets a nice, clean cornea in the original kit.

    1. Lol I’ve always wondered how funeral directors deal with chopped up bodies, do they sew them back together Jekyll and Hyde Frankenstein style ? Or do they just place the arm and legs and heart next to the torso and say fuck it that’ll do?………

  2. This could have been revenge for something, their motto must have been “an EYE for an eye”. Still it is really HEARTwrenching to see stuff like this, I guess I’ll need someone to lend me an EAR now. I just feel like I’m torn to PIECES.

    1. lf you feel this way, then bestgore might not be the ideal hangout for you. The primary purpose of bestgore is to strengthen the virtue of prudence. An attendant purpose is to make us reflect on the causal matrix and the social context in which these incidents occur.

  3. I wonder which part of him they started with. Knowing Brazilians as we do, I’d say his nether regions were first, closely followed by his beady eyes.
    If, and it is a big IF, he did actually commit such a heinous crime, he still deserved a proper hearing and trial.
    Yeah right, I hear you utter, this is Brazil, the land of feral scum.

    1. Five more photos were attached, and it’s more evidence that we got a 2 for 1 deal.

      Who knows what the fuck went down? Maybe Melissa can provide a PowerPoint report, but as far as I’m concerned, when they start chopping, it’s all good.

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