Brazilian Man Dragged Out of House by Mob Gets Shot Dead

Brazilian Man Dragged Out of House by Mob Gets Shot Dead

Whereas this happened in Brazil, I can only imagine that what had preceded the video was a woman pointing a finger and saying: “Waaah, waah, he hurteh mah felingas, waaaah…” and the notorious Brazilian white knights tripped over each other to hurt the guy.

The video shows the guy being dragged out of the house by the mob, where he’s swiftly shot dead by one with a gun. The police car arrives seconds later, but in pussy whipped Brazil, the cops are just as pussy whipped as everyone else, so if indeed the victim had a finger pointed at by a woman, then his murder would be considered justified.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. That says something coming from Syria, it’s not exactly been a picnic for you guys the last several years, but I have to agree that Brazil = Mad Max world for real, thugs on motorcycles blasting people in the streets on a daily basis

  1. In Brazil we are all becoming MGTOWs, only in very poor places like this in the video there are a lot of manginas, but in normal places, white knights, in general, are not majority. In Brazil, if you look in the eyes of the wrong guy he will kill you. Imagine to enter in a fight to save a woman that I don’t know who is. FUCK HER! IF YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER, SORRY, CALL THE POLICE, BITCH!

    1. @Brazilian666 Do the jews have a strong presence in Brazil? Its something I’m currently looking into and would appreciate any info. Because Brazil (no offence) is one fucked up country. I remember telling my brother about Brazil, a few years back, when he was going to Brazil for a holiday, a few hours of watching videos on bestgore, he’d cancelled and booked a holiday to Thailand . Later finding out on bestgore that Thailand wasn’t exactly the paradise we were told it was either. He went to Blackpool instead, which is a shit-hole seaside resort here in the UK.

      1. Current president of Brazil (which took power through a state coup) is a lebanese freemason and a very obedient puppet to Israel. He put jews in charge of all the important roles of his government: The president of the central bank is a jew (Ilan Goldfajn), the defense minister is a jew (Raul Jugmann) and the intelligence minister is a jew (Sergio Etchegoyen) and there are a lot of others too.

        1. @42ridick Yep! Thanks buddy, I thought as much, if a country has been flushed down the shitter or is about to be flushed down the shitter, then you can bet your bollocks, that a Jew somewhere has his hand on the flusher. And like a greasy turd they always float to the top!

      2. Jews have no strong influence in Brazil. Mainstream media is not controlled by Jews in Brazil. Largest financial institutions are not controled by jews in Brazil. Our problem is impunity and corruption and we ourselves are to blame for this, not the jews.

        Leftist ideology is strong in Brazil, which is one of the main, if not the main, reasons the country is fucked up. But brazilian leftists are pro-palestinians and dont like Israel. So, i cannot see any hwo the jews would be to blame for our plight.

        1. “Mainstream media is not controlled by Jews in Brazil.”

          The second largest TV network (SBT) is literally owned by a jewish billionaire (Silvio Santos) while the third largest (Record) is owned by a petencostal priest that couldn’t possibly suck Israel’s dick any harder. Globo is also heavily biased in support of Israel.

          “Leftist ideology is strong in Brazil, which is one of the main, if not the main, reasons the country is fucked up.”

          In the whole history of Brazil all of great the boons of progress took place during the rule of left wing and populist rulers (Vargas, Kubitschek, Lula), whereas all of the state coups and selling off of the country to the USA and Israel took place at the hand of reactionary governments (the military dictatorship, FHC and now Michel Temer). You have to be incredibly alienated and brainwashed to think like this when we have a fascist and reactionary government deliberately fucking up and destroying the country right now like that.

          1. Silvio Santos has jewish ancestry but he couldnt care less about Jews and Israel. He married a non-jewish wife and all his daughters ( he has 5 daughters, not even one son)are christian.

            Globo is dominated by leftist journalists who are all pro -palestinians and against jews, who they see as evil international bankers.

            Booms of progress? Vargas, a dictator who is one of the main responsibles for our corrupt parasitical giant government bureaucracy. Kubitchek was responsible for the building of the city of Brazilia = big big mistake, giant public debt and more corruption. Lula??? he lived off fat from the 8 years of the reasonably good government of his predecessor and basically handed a destroyed economy to his successor.

      3. Brazil (offence) is one fucked up country. Last year we had over 60.000 murdered civilians, for sure, most of then Illegal drug trade related, btw, financied by the real drug dealers, politicians oligarchies(yes, lots of jews)

  2. Well, on the bright side, at least he didn’t get his F’ing head sawwed off; I mean being dragged out of his house by a group of men, what else would you/anyone expect? He got damn lucky; I think we’d all want to go out that way as opposed to…….Yeah!!!

  3. It’s sad to be poor (and I don’t necessarily mean money) poor in education, poor in environment, poor in common sense, poor in decency, poor in more than I have room here to note. I can only summize that this is how it’s always been so it continues and only gets worse. Pretty damn sad. The next generation has no hope of changing things unless they get the hell out of there and demand more of their self.

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