Brazilian Man Kicked in Head After Being Shot

Brazilian Man Kicked in Head After Being Shot

In Brazil, another young man was shot dead just like that by people with guns. The video shows him already incapacitated from a headshot, but still seemingly alive. The killer pops another bullet in his noggin, and kicks his dying body before apparently shooting him again.

The shooter also appears to have big mouth and keeps talking smack throughout the video. I didn’t understand anything other than “Caralho“, but his irritating voice and relentless yapping is enough to make me wonder why he’s not the one getting popped.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. You don’t know what you are talking about! There is no such thing as forensics over there, and they film it for a reason. It goes strait to social media (but it doesn’t last long over there). They do it to intimidate their rivals, that is why we have an overload of videos from Brazil and ‘normally’ only criminals of sexual nature gets gang raped. Enemies just get brutally killed.

    1. Brazilian Portuguese, despite being difficult, is well known for being the best language in the WORLD for poetry and music due to the immense vocabulary. You only hear here the shittiest individuals, no wonder you have such impression.

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  2. I think that when he was first lying there, it had more to do with a previous beating that he took from that mouthy-goof. Cause if he was shot in the head already when the video began, the blood would surely have been more noticeable that but a small stain on the pavement. That first shot in the ear, was instantly fatal me thinks, and the subsequent kicks did nothing to him, but annoy what was to be a beautiful, and glorious trip to meet his maker on the other side.

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