Brazilian Man Knives to Death Monkey Branching Wife Then Self in Supermarket

Major Self Inflicted Bleedout

Brazilian Man Knives to Death Monkey Branching Wife Then Self in Supermarket

In the Penha district of Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, a man knifed his monkey-branching wife to death and then committed suicide with the same knife. The murder-suicide happened inside a supermarket.

When police arrived at the scene, the two were already dead on the floor of the establishment and the murder weapon was close to the bodies. According to Military Police, 37 year old Priscila Silva Gomes had several injuries to the body, and 38 year old Carlos Eduardo Teixeira Gomes had a neck injury.

Police also reported that the couple was in the process of separation due to the woman’s inherent hypergamy, which the violated man could not bear.

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59 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Knives to Death Monkey Branching Wife Then Self in Supermarket”

  1. Yet another domestic farce (They don’t merit the term “tragedy”). The problem is that people are actually dumb enough to believe in the fiction of romantic love, the idea that you can find your “soulmate,” the one and only person who is right for you, with whom you can live happily ever after. They each marry their image of the perfect soulmate, and then find out the hard way that the real person doesn’t match the image. This usually results in divorce, but in some cases honour demands that blood be shed.

    Thank you, God, for making me a sociopath! I have never experienced the “joys” of love, and for that I am eternally grateful.

      1. I was wondering what that hose was doing there. He was a typical portuguese/brazilian, so in love with himself he couldn’t believe it when the woman wasn’t as impressed with him as he was with himself.

  2. That’s Sad,,, for The Poor Dead Guy that is. I know 2 People, that committed suicide cause of cheating wives. And Because one of them was one of my best buddy’s this topic always get my blood-boiling Cheating Fucking Disgraceful, selfish Cunty-Cunt slut! I Hope She Is Rotting In Hell For It šŸ™

  3. Next time your man puts flip flops in the trolley don’t tell him to put them back. Just remember that you are insulting him badly.. they love to film their sandles for us gore lovers.. see how he has trainers on? He died without sandles on because you denied him his right to a sandle wearing Fame video. You bitch..

  4. Why do men even get married? Why dont you just kidnap some women, and hold them captive in your basement for some time, rape and fuck them as much as you want whenever you want, then either dispose of them by killing them or just set them free after administering some amnesia inducing drugs. Thats as simple as it needs to be, there is no such thing as a woman who is loyal and doesnt cheat. It exists nowhere on earth. Thats why you just gotta torture and kill them all. Show them no mercy.

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