Brazil – Man Pops 8 Bullets In His Ex-Wife

Brazil - Man Pops 8 Bullets In His Ex-Wife

Brazil is just awesome. Murderers don’t bother finishing people off in private. They do it in broad daylight, in public places and in full view of spectators. Our main protagonist in this video waves his handgun about while people just stand around, including his ex-wife who must be new to Brazil cause she’s got a pissed off Brazilian man with a loaded gun right in front of her with and she’s just standing there like she’s bullet proof. Well, he showed her – she wasn’t. One pop in her midsection sent pain waves down her spine, another sent her down to the ground and a few more in her head and she’s done. Whoa for Brazil.

Thanks a lot for the video, Mao. Looks like the victim took 8 bullets all together. I can’t imagine she could have survived. You can’t miss head at such close a range.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Brazil – Man Pops 8 Bullets In His Ex-Wife”

    1. i don’t know what happened between them, but soon as she sees him she puts hand on her waist like “WTF are you doing?” BLAM BLAM. At least she went down fast. But i hope that guy got lynched or something. Cold blooded murder like that. Asshole.

  1. This case rang a bell, so I just looked it up. This happened in 2010 in the city of Belo Horizonte, capital of the Minas Gerais state.
    According to a national news channel, the man had been stalking and threatening his ex for a whole year – she even went to the police to report it. 8 TIMES.
    The bastard shot at the victim 7 times.
    And, no, the poor woman didn’t make it…

    1. have you listened to the guys sisters when they interviewed them (do you speak portugês) not saying that what he did was right but according to the other side of the story the women was a bich who basically when out of her way to destroy that man in a divorce.she got her self killed.who gives a cocky hand on the hip anyone with a gun in you”re face only a major bitch.

  2. What there are no white people in Brazil? Anyway she has had that gun pulled out alot. She is not afraid. He has done this before and he backed down. She just thought that he was doing it again. Too bad he used it this time. when a man points a gun at you more then once RUN LIKE HELL !!!!!!!!!!

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