Brazilian Man Puts His Hand Between Himself and Gun Before Being Shot Dead

Brazilian Man Puts His Hand Between Himself and Gun Before Being Shot Dead

Somewhere in Brazil, gunmen surprised a man on the ground and shot him dead. But before that happened, the victim put his hand between himself and the gun, as if that was gonna make any difference. Indeed, the shot that took him out went right through his hand and into his head.

The shooter talks too much and too loud in the video. Also, per usual, I think his gun jammed when he came back to pop some more lead into the guy. But he was not wearing flip flops, so he included enough of his shoes in the video , as if he wanted to make a statement that not all Brazilian assassins wear flip flops.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Puts His Hand Between Himself and Gun Before Being Shot Dead”

  1. Looked like a Hi Point 9mm/45. – cheapest semi auto available, and very prone to jamming. Finally I can provide some enlightening info to a video rather than just enjoying some scumbag getting what they deserve!

    1. It didn’t jam, he was out of ammunition. You can see in the shadow, the slide was in the locked position and again when he went to shoot at the end. The guy is just an absolute fuckstick and only knows how to pull a trigger, which anyone can do.

          1. Definitely not a glock. Glock gen 3 and 4 have white open box rear site, this gun has 2 white dots. Back end of gun has subtle differences from a glock. Don’t mean to be a KIA, just looked at my glocks, thanks.

        1. I never really inspected the gun, but upon further review, I believe you are correct. Glocks are solid pistols, arguably the best in their price range. This Brazilian must be pretty sophisticated to own a Glock AND sneakers.

    2. It’s not a Hi-Point.

      The back of the upper receiver (slide) on the Hi-Point is angled, and the ejection port doesn’t extend onto the top surface.

      It might be a Glock (I’ll slow the video down later) but it would be unusual for a decent firearm to end up on the street in Brasil.

      Whatever it is, the blade sight appears to be missing so it really is a point and shoot weapon.


    1. Civilized countries have gun control laws, to begin with.
      Only pussies need guns to settle disputes. Nevada should think about the ease with which war weapons can be bought in this fucking state of retards NRA lovers.
      Thus, so many Dan Bilzerian(s) would’ve stayed in anonymity.
      Of course, this clip has nothing to do with gun control, but you were pointing at “civilized countries”, right?

  2. Let me translate for you guys…. shooter: who the fuck dressed you? Victim: what you talking about? . Shooter: did your mama dress you in those gay ass shorts, fuck it your going die ya homo fukpig. Victim:fuck you, shoot off my middle finger so i can stick it up yer sisters ass. .. shooter: fuck you and your gay shorts BANG BANG BANG

  3. Isso foi um traficante tomando a area do outro . Ele grita :
    – quem manda nessa poha sou eu, Miséria!
    Essa última palavra é uma giria do Nordeste. Esse comentário vai para os adms do best gore . Sou brasileiro e sei muito mais dos vídeos que postam doque vcs mesmo . Está feio , faltando conteúdo para explicar oque acontece nos videos do meu país

  4. Wow what a idiot thinking he could deflect bullets like wonder women!! he felt more pain that way because the bullet broke his finger. if i were him i would just had taken the bullet inbetween my eyes to the head that way it ends quickly.

  5. They’re all looking to emulate their very own psychopath. Pedro Rodrigues Filho. He could be the next criminal model like Jeremy Phinx. He actually ate his own father’s heart. If he were born in the United States he could run for President.

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