Brazilian Man Shot Dead Moments After Release from Prison

Brazilian Man Shot Dead Moments After Release from Prison

Brazilian Man Shot Dead Moments After Release from Prison

All I have for backinfo is that the incident allegedly took place in Brazil, and shows the assassination of a man moments after he was released from prison.

In the video, the mark is chased by two men, one of them filming the hit by holding the cell phone vertically like a complete turd. His accomplice shoots the mark in the back, causing him to collapse on the steps. The vertical turd then shoots the dead meat a few more times.

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

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64 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Shot Dead Moments After Release from Prison”

    1. Yea, it’s the best way to kill someone, right as they’re getting out. You know they won’t have a gun or knife and will probably be wearing flip flops or crocks, or some other stupid prison footwear. This is so typical Brazil, chasing a guy then putting a shit ton of bullets in a dead piece of meat. I feel like I’ve seen this same video a million times. I kinda miss the isis videos when they were using shotguns up close for awhile. The exploding heads were quite entertaining. Can’t seem to find many videos left though.

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  1. Run Forrest, run !
    Oh, too bad.
    You survived a hell hole Brazillian prison only to be exterminated within a minute of being released.
    Someone has a long memory, a lot of patience and believes in the old saying that revenge is a dish best served cold……

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