Brazilian Man Shot While Sleeping in Hammock, Finished Off with Point Blank Headshot

Brazilian Man Shot While Sleeping in Hammock, Finished Off with Point Blank Headshot

In Brazil, a man chilling in a hammock was shot in the head. The shot incapacitated him, but it looks like he’s still performing agonal breathing early in the video. But then one of the intruders pops him one more time in the head at point blank range, finishing him off.

Best Gore member @pedro-hawk explains:

I have no information about which part of the country it took place, except I guess, by his accent, it is from the northeast region.

He is saying that they are settling issues with him on behalf of his brother. Later, he asked to the camera “do you want me to shoot his face?

Thanks a lot for the video and your take on it, @pedro-hawk:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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108 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Shot While Sleeping in Hammock, Finished Off with Point Blank Headshot”

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    1. Haha…saw him enjoying that hammock too much…n he just lost his brazilian shit…he went full flip flop fury….”this is going to happen to anyone who doesnt want to pay up for my hammocks and just enjoy the fuck outta them” – atte Flip Flop Cartel

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  5. Now here again that pair of flip-flop was witness to the crime
    When cozying out in a hammock in Brazil try Keeping a look out atleast .

    The earlier fired shot echoed out & ricocheted but the second one offed the guy totally .

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