Brazil – Man Splits Wife’s Head Open with Metal Rod

Brazil - Man Splits Wife's Head Open with Metal Rod

A heartbreaking case of a Crime of Passion from Mecca of Passion itself – Brazil. Luciano Gomes da Silva had a bit of an argument with his wife – 23 year old Sueli Teixeira da Silva and decided to settle it with a metal bar. Judging by how split open his wife’s skull is, he’s granted her with quite a few well aimed love strokes.

The attack occurred on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at around 8pm in the settlement of Boa Vista, in the village of Cruz in Delmiro Gouveia, Brazil. After his wife’s brain was turned into a beaten eggs mix, Luciano went to the village and informed his family about what he’d done. Family went to his residence, found Sueli Teixeira with head split open and alarmed the police. After telling his family, the attacker fled to an unknown location riding a green colored Honda motorcycle.

Nothing says “I Love You” like a metal bar to the skull:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Honestly, do you really spend your free time contributing to this website with your spiteful comments about women? I mean you probably have a hard time accepting the fact one broke your heart, so you take out your anger on this website. I think maybe you should get a therapist, maybe that would help you.

      1. You know if you really want some attention there’s other ways of doing so,stead of Being an annoying bitch.maybe your just a reincarnation of the chick in that pic,better watch out!who knows who might pop up with a stick! :b

  1. Brazil seems to have quite an ugly underbelly. I am very much grateful that I can feel sheltered and protected here in America, although I know bad seeds can grow anywhere. Anyway, God bless America, and I won’t be headed for Brazil any time soon.

  2. All the fucking comments about “sandwiches and getting in the kitchen” are really shady, and annoying. I don’t know how you guys could be such pigs and post that kinda shit. I didn’t know they’re were so many damn sexist hypocrites on this website. EW

  3. Well it seems that we women have to stop getting married. Maybe we should take all the men to a place where they would only used for procreation. Then we can live without the fear of being raped, beaten, so on and so on. Seems that we are nothing but disposable. No respect. Too much macho bull shit . And there is no talking to half of these ass holes. They don’t understand.

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