Brazilian Man Stomped and Stoned to Death on Beach Gets His Eye Gouged

Brazilian Man Stomped and Stoned to Death on Beach Gets His Eye Gouged

According to the info I got, this happened in Ceará, one of the states in Brazil. Filmed on a beach with the vistas of the city in the not so distant background, the video shows a mob stomping a man to death while doing the V for Victory signs, which as we’ve seen multiple times at Best Gore, is a handsign associated with the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) gang. The mob also stones the man, but instead of rocks, uses coconuts.

Once the man’s skull is shattered and deflated, someone tries to gouge his eye. Eventually, the ocean is allowed to claim the beat up corpse, as the mob cheers. While in some places, an outing to a beach gets you close to the sharks, in Brazil, you get to swim with corpses.

Props to Best Gore @momox for the video:

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          1. I hope his troubles are over. ‘Twould be a terror if a pressie happened to cross his path during his swim, as does happen in any seas I’ve swam in in hot countries.

  1. There are a few Brazillians here in my country on “student visas” and every one ive had dealings with has proven to be short tempered, immature and quick to get violent. Fuckin bunch of scumbags , even the civilised ones

    1. Is that so ?
      That’s weird, because here we have some gringos down for vacations, but they all are kind of emasculated faggots.
      And yeah, beware cause brasilians are great fighters by nature, gonna get your ass kicked Very soon whiteboy

      1. Religion is the cuckoo of people. Like believing in any kind of a ‘god’ will really be beneficial. Last I checked, no super being really protects people or grants people their prayers when they should actively strive or work to grant their own prayers. My opinion of course.

  2. Human beings are like chicken or quail, you crowd them and give them the perception of resources being limited and they start killing or eating each other, and other nasty stuff like you see in the video.
    But if you give them plenty of space and the perception of plentyful resources, some education and leisure activities, and they become productive and smarter, less prone to this kind of predatory behaviour. Isolating the newborns from the parents also helps in avoiding the transmission of this kind of aberrant behaviour, assuming you raise the new generations in better environments.
    The whole “country” concept is an elevated kind of livestock farming, with most of us being the chickens and sheep of the government, being farmed for multiple resources and services. The only difference between Brazil and other countries in America (America is a continent, not a country, you damn fools) is that Brazil (and most of latin america) is a cheap, dirty chicken coop while USA, Canada and Europe are cleaner, more expensive chicken coops; the chickens in both the cheap and expensive coops are just disposable livestock serving the purpose of providing resources.

    1. While justice is a political question, and indeed, the human question par excellence, its purpose cannot be located among the “bulky mass of things,” as Socrates informs Glaucon, the luxuries men seek beyond necessity that form the “city of pigs.”

  3. I was born in this state, and crime has nothing to do with criminal factions (you have made a mistake). Some bum even said something about the Red Command (CV), but in fact the dead guy was a thug who was committing several crimes in the region, the population solved it gives a punishment !!
    Ceará is a violent state, but it is from there that the absolute majority of the ITA engineers emerge, about 40% (a kind of MIT from Latin America … this intrigues the other states a lot). The people there are very hard-working and intelligent (although there is a prejudice coming from the south), the state is also known for good humor, which also contrasts with the huge corruption coming from there!

      1. Ceará is the brazil of Brazil. Bad temperament, short fuse, dick dependent honor and an acid narcissistic humor, the kind of humor that can never laught at oneself besides via some caricature of victimization.

        North and northeast are violent “pra caralho”. No one can turn a blind eye to this fact. Maybe a cearense can.

        1. Eu não estou fechando os olhos para esse fato, a questão é que existem coisas boas no nordeste/norte! ..e sim, falo bem dos aspectos positivos, todos os outros estados falam, então não seria diferente (apesar de eu não ir no Ceará desde pequeno)

          1. Unfortunately for you Felipe the greatest Brazilian scientists in the nuclear field are from Ceará, Dr. Dalton Girão Barroso was even investigated by the United States (he is from Ceará) after releasing his book “A Fisíca do explosivos nucleares” (the Physic of explosions nuclear). ..and you do not know nor solve a equation of the second degree

  4. North Brazil should be Nuked and the surviving rest of these disgusting subhumans should be exterminated in the cruelest way. i really hate these flip-flop ppl and i cannot wait untill they kill each other.

  5. Brazilians are so violent, they seem to have no regard for human life. My son and I recently googled islands to rent and we found one called Bird Island. Check it out, it’s amazing: But when I told him Belize was South America, he said, “no way, we’ll get abducted by pirates or something. They’re all fucked down there!” Damn, guess he won’t be coming then, poor kid.

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