Brazilian Gang Member Taken to Remote Location in Car and Executed by Rivals

Brazilian Gang Member Taken to Remote Location in Car and Executed by Rivals

Somewhere in Brazil, a man was abducted and taken by car to a remote location where his captors shot him dead. According to the information I got, this was a gang related execution, and indeed, you can hear the killers mention PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Capital Command) numerous times after the man is killed. However I’m not too sure if the killers are PCC members, or the victim. I also have no clue which rival gang the other side was from.

I got the video as a video of a video from a cell phone. Some video and audio quality was lost, but it’s still OK to watch.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Member Taken to Remote Location in Car and Executed by Rivals”

  1. I believe they killed a PCC member. They say the number 16, PCC is also known as 15-3-3, but the letter P is the 16th in our alphabet, I can’t understand…

    I might be wrong, it’s hard to understand favela accent.

    1. I have come to hate the way all of these Brazilian-Portuguese favela speakers talk.
      Annoying as fuck wannabe gangster cunts.
      From now on I shall watch this Brazilian videos and eyeslam videos on mute.
      I noticed that from a couple of weeks ago every time I click to watch a video the player by default takes me to full screen mode.
      It would be nice if the videos came with the mute on by default as well.

    1. There are more white Brazilians than in Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined. You just don’t see them here cause they don’t live in favelas, suburbios and most aren’t even remotely affiliated with drug or organized crime. Street crime in Brazil is always a black/mixed breed thing.

      1. Come to florida bro,everyone(white/black/hisp), goes to the doctors to get their legal opiates/ amphetamines ,and can get you a key the same day if their plugged in,it comes down to pr, and who you know,for a good connect. But yeah generally speaking if anyone in any part of America needed to get a gun or a crack rock in the next five or ten minutes they definitely go to Nigger Town first.

  2. i think the killers are PGC or Primeiro Grupo Catarinense, he said tudo dois which is a comando vermelho thing who PGC is allied to also it sounds like thats what he’s yelling at the end there.

  3. Why did they film the video of the execution if they could simply upload the video from the phone? I’d assume they don’t want the police to get any EXIF related metadata from the video but on the other hand I doubt they’d think that far. Seems weird.

    1. Life in favelas ara a breeze. Just don’t get in the way of drug lords and you’ll be fine. You get cheap
      good unprocessed food, plenty of pussy, booze and drugs are dirty cheap. Plenty of good pirated sat/cable tv, parties that can last 3 days, your house/shack/barraco will never get robbed, you are more protected than the average citizen and you are close to beautiful beaches. Of course, shit can get ugly when there is a firefight going on. but then again, that can happen in rich nighborhoods as well.

  4. Another video of gang of morons who need to be shotf themselves for wasting bunch of bullets. Their aim would be better if they held the gun right and quit trying to look cool and gangster. To bad they didn’t shoot each other on accident.

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