Brazilian Military Cop Shoots Unconscious Man In the Face Twice

Brazilian Military Cop Shoots Unconscious Man In the Face Twice

Video from Brazil shows military cop shooting an unconcious man in the face – twice. The victim, a local mechanic, was on the back of a motorcycle that was stopped during a traffic stop. The driver panicked and tried to flee. Both men were shot off the bike, and man in the video was ran over before the video starts.

In the video, the victim is already unconscious. Someone from the crowd went to check his pulse and said he was still breathing. Then a military police came and put two bullets to the man’s face.

The driver of the motorcycle is hospitalized. The cop is now facing murder charge.

Looks like this citizen killer learned how to murder citizens from fellow cops in America. What he didn’t learn, is how to get away with it with a medal and a free, fully paid for vacation. Cops in America are masters of it. All it takes is lie in the report that you feared for your life, that you saw the victim move toward you in a threatening manner, and that you saw him reaching for something that looked like a gun.

Ta da! You get a medal, and if the public expresses discontent, a free vacation. Your boss will say that the case is being “investigated“, while the union will say none of the procedures were violated. And then you’re off to hunt for your next prey.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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    1. As a brazilian, we, citizens, are in a very sensitive state due to the massives reports of corruption everywhere. We are facing waves and waves of strikes on a lot of sectors. The taxes are getting higher as move to fill the holes and reestablish the economy… it’s a snowball growing day by day. The videos here showing carnages on prisons is a kind of retaliation against the elevated numbers of prisoners per cell. I tried to give a brief explanation but it seems superficial, altough. Hope you guys understand my English!

    1. Sounds to me like the cop knew the bloke, expecially the way he treated him, moving his head with his foot etc,, sounds like it was a long overdue payment, and the cop just didn’t care,,,he wanted him dead and this was his chance, he didn’t care who saw, or what happened to him,,

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  1. As of Jan 1 – May 31,2015, 178 whites have been shot by police in the US. 100 blacks were shot. You might think it’s a percentage thing due to population – but consider how many cops have to deal with blacks on a daily basis. Yep, we’re listed as #1 in killer cops in the so called western world. Our cops are so far ahead of Germany, Britain, Sweden, Finland, etc, it’s not even funny.

  2. I see 3 crimes commited by the cop:

    1 – Deliberated murder
    2 – Corpse occlusion (they shoved him in the trunk of the car like real criminals.)
    3 – Fleeing crime scene.

    But on the other hand, they should thank the cop, because:

    1 – Prisons are full.
    2 – Tax payers wont need to pay for the medical bills of that criminal.
    3 – He’d be dead in prison anyways. 😆

  3. ” Well, can you live with it ? ”
    ” Live with what ? ”
    ” Him breathing the same air as you, getting away with it everyday ”
    ” So what are you trying tell me ? ”
    ” Kill him, shoot him in the face, put him down like a dog “………

    ~ Elvis to Clarence, True Romance.

  4. Well once the police kill like that cold blood and in full public view….its over for that cunt tree. Plain simple murder then home for tea. No one even seemed surprised. Camel’s cock of a place to live. Fuck that.

  5. Just as in America, thanks to the Jews, who are responsible, cops takes civil code enforcement way too seriously, often turning a civil matter into a criminal one, and executing criminal sentences like Johnny on the spot, I mean, come on, this cop really must get a hard on writing civil tickets, and went ballistic like a lover scorned, “You don’t want my steel baton up your ass anymore, Marky Mark, oh you’re running from me? If I can’t ticket your ass no one will, blam, blam.” I bet the cop treated his ex wife the same way.

    1. Here’s a riddle for you, Detective Piers, why aren’t police police awarding medals of honor for exemplary performance thusly: “I’m sorry, captain, the suspect fled on motorcycle north on bumfuck road, and, in keeping my oath to protect life and property, was unable to pursue without causing harm to either?”

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