Brazilian Policeman Killed by Car Thief After Shooting Him In Leg

Brazilian Policeman Killed by Car Thief After Shooting Him In Leg

A Brazilian policeman recognized a car that had been reported stolen and pulled it over. Of two apparent car thieves inside, one surrendered, but the other was getting overly aggressive with the policeman, who in self defense, shot the car thief in the leg.

That however did not stop the thief who remained aggressive and eventually pulled out a gun he had in the car and shot the policeman dead with it.

According my an anonymous Brazilian friend, the policeman did not kill the crook when he had a chance, and paid for it with his own life.

The camerawoman fucked up during the deadly shooting .That’s on top of filming vertically:

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25 thoughts on “Brazilian Policeman Killed by Car Thief After Shooting Him In Leg”

  1. shitty trained cop. if two people are begin sketchy and aggressive he should have had the gun pointed at them and not given them a chance to go to the car to grab a gun. If he couldn’t handle them on his own should have called for backup.

    1. i think it’s fair game that when you are resisting arrest and running around in circles when a cop pulls you over you should expect to get shot and killed. If i get pulled over and i have done nothing wrong i don’t resist and act sketchy like this running around.

  2. I want to kill everyone holding the camera lately. They’re either masturbating while filming, taping vertically, or lose their shit and jerk the camera at the last second so we can’t see bullets penetrating, vehicles colliding, bodies bouncing off of pavement, etc. It’s still good material, but it makes me miss some of the older stuff that was deleted off of here. Speaking of which, is BG really going to start re uploading the deleted videos once it has its own server set up?

  3. well its said if ya live by the gun youll die by one. to me the cop didnt have control over people in the car 2nd ya dont warn them by shooting one in the leg a ton of mistakes by cop his shot should of been fatal then out of fear he would of got respect. they sniffed fear and set him up.

    1. he didnt come from nowhere..

      he is standing hand in air at start of video, then move away to the fence/tree at right (in shadow) and wait (he surrender). but as the other kill the cop, he just come back to car and go away

  4. First up some retro posts ; it was an EX COP , and here on the scene is a cop on duty who paid with his life cause he just couldn’t resist lingering big time fucking around some bugsy cars .
    It was more like a cat and mouse kinda scene unfolding with every frame . He thought he could nail them down on a busy street road and while it all kept happening at times they nearly escaped getting run over by some heavy vehicles passing by every now and then .
    While I am gonna rate the departed cop a first class untrained rookie with all brains to his knees
    on the other hand the thief needs applauded for as he was in his elements of thievery and a well planned escapade .
    He did it he showed it !
    Will have ya next time brought in reported dead Mr THIEF hereon the Bestgore.
    until then happy thieving !

  5. What the fuck is wrong with women these days?
    They just lose their nerve when suicide person jumps off, or cop gets shot, and mis-film and start crying at the crucial moment. What did they think was going to happen? And what the fuck will crying do? It’s not like the victim was even related to them.

    I hope that all future filming will be done by men. Women lose their shit too easily coz they are mentally weaker.

  6. “Durrrrr they should have shot Tyrone in the leg, he dindu nuffin!!”

    You see morons, this is why police shoot to kill. They aren’t going to risk their lives for some shithead thief or felon, and rightfully so. Want to avoid being shot by cops? Don’t point weapons on them, and don’t physically fight with them. It solves nothing.

    But don’t let me spoil your edgy police hating bullshit.

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