Brazilian Prison Massacre – Carved Out Heart Next to Decapitated Corpse

Brazilian Prison Massacre - Carved Out Heart Next to Decapitated Corpse

I got one more video from recent massacres in Brazilian prisons, but I did not get the clarification as to which prison exactly this is from.

The video shows multiple corpses, many of them headless, laid out along the floor. At the end, there is a carved out heart next to a decapitated corpse.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Currently, there are 4 “maximum security” federal prisons in Brazil (inspired by the American model), and that work a little better I guess… but neither the Roraima nor Manaus are maximum security.

          Just let they kill each other, they´re only waste of money and oxygen…

          1. And in there they have white guns, cell phones, contacts with gang commanders, ps3, barbecue, cigarettes, and sometimes whores! But the struggle for domination of territories and the will to end the CCP is what gives them blood in the eye!

        2. Currently, there are 4 “maximum security” federal prisons in Brazil (inspired by the American model), and that work a little better I guess… but neither the Roraima nor Manaus are maximum security.

          Just let they kill each other, they´re only waste of money and oxygen…

      1. @bleirohrchirurg. I can’t stop looking at your profile pic. Got a story about it. I grew up in Hudson county nj. The iceman killed a lot of people in my area. MATTER of fact I have the chills right now. When I was 5 years old my brother was 6. We use to get mister softee everyday we waited for that catchy chimey song. Everyday 4 pm he was there. ONEDAY he didn’t show up. His garage was literally 3 blocks from our house. Me and my brother jumped on our bikes and went to the garage. The door was open and I approached. As I got close I saw a man with his head blown off and eye ball hanging out. He was slumped over and hanging out of the truck. We ran TOLD our mom and she called the police. Just so happens Richard klukinski aka the iceman killed him. Now if u watch the movie which was great it’s not all true. In the film he kills him on a park bench. That’s not what happened I found him he killed him in his garage. This is crazy. Also mister softee the other mass murderer who killed a bunch of people was serving us icecream everyday for years. Amazing we have mass murders around us and by looking at most you would never know. Sorry it’s off topic I had to since I see him as your profile pic.

  1. I guess this was that prison in Manaus which had 4 inmates killed. The guy says that they killed only these as they were the only ones that were identified, but that if they find others they’re done through and that this is just the beginning of the elimination of ZFDN (North Family) from Brazil and the world. So I guess we can expect more gore in the future…

  2. Just give them the ingredients to make the menudo! What do you think they are doing with the intestines? Clearly those inmates crave traditional cuisine. Nothing says I miss my mom like disemboweling one of your buddies for fresh tripe.

  3. I am Brazilian, I will explain to you what happens, firstly Brazil is a very big country, as there are these horrible places, there are better places, like what I live in the south of the country, where it has the lowest crime rate … O Drug trafficking in Brazil is commanded in the states by criminal organizations (factions), the largest is the CV (red command) of the state of Rio De Janeiro (forget that fucking wonderful city that the media imposes the state capital), the CCP (First command of the capital) of São Paulo as the second largest, and the FDN (northern family) as the third largest, with what happened in Manaus, the PCC declared war against the FDN and who supports it … In Roraima it was The beginning of the CCP’s response, as we know from videos and aids that circulate on social networks. These organizations have members and all states, each has thousands in the country, they communicate with each other, it’s very organized, you must be wondering, how the prisoners get so much guns, cell phones, … how they keep commanding the traffic of Inside prisons? Well, Brazil is a country that has already begun to err because of the self-index of criminals in the highest positions, certainly judges, delegates, politicians, judges, lawyers, and everything else are involved with these organizations, crime in Brazil is irreversible; That I live in a place much better than north, northeast, southeast … I do not trust myself to walk after 22 in the street without problems, I can not even imagine in these places there of the video, I do not want to visit also, are regions more Poor, far from everything, close to the strong Latin countries in the smuggling of arms and drugs, there is everything to go wrong even, the borders of Brazil are a shame, everything comes in and out that is bad all the time, Thick for horrible crimes, and justice does not work, there are organs to defend thug here in the country, here if a policeman shoots a bum, he bothers more than if the bum shoots him … That’s basically me when I walked in In this site I did not believe in the large proportion of content that Brazil provides hahaha, it is complicated even, by the will of people already would have death penalty for heinous crimes here, but the government closes the ears for the people’s wishes, just so you know, Brazil is the most plundered country in the world! We are the people who pay more taxes, and almost no public institution works right … These atrocities you see are a reflection of many other things that happen in the country basically!

    1. @maikonbrazilian. Ty for the information being that you live there. Place scares the shit out of me. Ruthless and inhuman acts of violence. we see a lot of content from your country and going to prison there is a death sentence. Have you noticed the crime n corruption erupting in the past few years? Last ? What’s your last name? I’m kidding !! GOD BLESS

    2. Tá brincando? Quando que o Comando Vermelho (CV) é maior que o Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC)?

      Semana passada o pessoal do PCC fez um assalto milionário com outras facções da América do Sul, foi mais de 40 milhões de dólares! CV só é CV no Rio de Janeiro, e olhe lá. Agora inventaram de se aliar à Família do Norte o que aumentou, digamos, o poder do CV, mas ainda sim o PCC é o maior do Brasil, em número de membros, em número de aliados, em influência etc. Existem inúmeras evidencias sobre o PCC ser aliado a vários partidos poderosos brasileiros (PT, PSDB, PMDB) e até organizações criminosas gigantes como as Forças Armadas Revolucionária da Colômbia (FARC).

      In english, my remark could be simplified as PCC being much stronger and influent in Brazil than any other brazilian gang, even CV, what is probably the most famous after First Capital Commander (or PCC). CV is very influent in Rio de Janeiro though.

  4. The boy in the video says that it was a response from the pcc over the massacre in the chain in Manaus, that these were the NDF of the chain of Roraima, that was a response to the height, that only killed these there because they were the ones that they knew to be FDN , But if they think that they are going to kill more, that this was the beginning of the extinction of the NDFs of Brazil and the world, that they are coming to Manaus to kill more of them, that the NDF moved “where it hurts” with that massacre killing the ” Brothers “of them, in the end he says” as soon as you kill yourself “and complete” feel only that heart there “…

  5. I was born in Ireland and raised in Brazil, lived there for the most part of my life. I moved out last month, not because of crime, since where I lived was basically as safe as Dublin, but because of the economy. The south of the country is fine, which was where I lived, but I never went north of Brasilia, which is also a pretty safe city. Crime in Brazil is financed by drugs, as it is everywhere else in the world, yet the population thinks it’s better to keep them illegal and give more money to drug dealers and gangs. The borders aren’t patrolled and all the shit enters Brazil from Paraguai or Bolivia, the Air Force even get some planes down crossing from Colombia. It’s a shame really, I love the place and the people, they just need to have better control of what enters the country and legalize the fucking drugs.

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