Brazilian Store Owner Reacts to Armed Robbery, Kills Three Men

Brazilian Store Owner Reacts to Armed Robbery, Kills Three Men

Brazilian Store Owner Reacts to Armed Robbery, Kills Three Men

The owner of a clothing and accessories store reacted to an armed robbery and shot three men in Jardim São Guilherme, north of Sorocaba São Paulo, Brazil.

According to the Military Police, the case occurred around 11am on Wednesday October 7, 2020. The three men allegedly entered the establishment and attempted to steal objects by threatening the staff with a firearm. However, the owner reacted and shot the trio with his firearm.

Got to admire the balls on the store owner. He didn’t cower, but faced the armed guy and walked toward him like a fucking Terminator. The robber clearly didn’t expect this level of resistance and when he saw the guy has a gun of his own, he discharged a round. The store owner got a bit lucky that the terrible shot of a robber missed from such close distance, but I think a lot of his luck was helped by the size of his balls and how he made the robber come this near to shitting his pants.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the incident. The action begins at around the 1:42 minute mark. Props to Best Gore member @p1r0t3cn1c0 for these:

Here’s the aftermath video. The backinfo I got says that all three shot guys were killed. But in the video one of them is still alive:

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          1. Thanks alot Dre for the compilation! Personally,I found the video of the police and his son being flayed to be so brutal! Couldn’t finish watching it to this day! Call me a pussy!haha

          2. @Dr.Truth
            You are very correct brother as humans are sick fucks for the most part. 🙁
            Except for us and our Mum’s though, lol. 😉

          3. @dr-truth and @kroenen
            For me, the most brutal and interesting videos on dres furom list are, first one “Three Men Executed by ISIS with Shogun Blasts to Heads” – really interesting, especially the slo-mo…how head reacts to the insertion of a hot lead slug at speed.
            Then number 4, “Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade” Just about the most brutal and shocking video on here in my opinion.
            Scroll down the page, other people [as i believe Andre wanted] joined in and posted some of their “favorites”
            If you guys find anything you consider worthy, post it on the forum page!
            You are right – its a great collection of the best of the best. And as more is added, the better it will become

          1. He’s a stupid fuck for risking his life over that, but than again it’s Brazil, the shithole of shitholes. He got lucky the punk missed him. Otherwise he’d be corpse like these three stooges. Any favella rat worth it’s salt would waste him from 5ft. How do you miss a shot from 5ft….hahaha

        1. @drstrangelove
          Good,,, or Great Observation & Kudos my good Brother. And i say this cause after i checked it out i saw what you saw and it blew me away that you had investigated and checked-out this detail that most, if not all of us here would have most-certainly missed. 🙂

          1. @deedee123
            I Have an incredible, and vast library of Best-Gore’s Bests. So please give me a little more
            time to assemble what will be another Andre’s, or The-Dre’s Top Ten Video’s Of all Time.
            You will see it Appear in the Forums under The Gore Video’s Thread. 🙂

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      1. @The Captain – you gotta love guys like him – pulls out his gun after dropping out of sight for a minute while the owner takes on and kills 3 robbers. No doubt at the end he told the owner, “I had your back the whole time.”……..

    1. After cowering in fear behind the counter and then almost running away, he was trying to tape his nuts back on…

      All respect in the world to that store owner. Advancing toward a guy with a gun pointed at you, that takes balls of steel.

  3. Great job! the only good nigga is a dead nigga! Looks like most people are armed in Braziw, not only off duty cops! Those fuckers can barely breathe with those diapers in their faces. The owner was a tough fucker, too risky move tho, since he was already being aimed while pulling out the gun, he could have been easily wasted first if it wasn’t for the fact that the robber was a faggot and he was too scared to shoot

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  4. That owner is a hero to be standing up like that but also lucky he didn’t get shot in a vital spot. In America I can see him going to jail and have to be proven innocent on why he fired when the guy took a shot and ran, and than see a lawsuit from the robber for being shot. Damn out justice system is ass backwards thanks to the big wigs lobby to protect there crime.

  5. How did the owner know those other two guys were in on it?
    Judging by their reactions, it makes it kinda tough to put them in on it.
    I mean they were already running away before the owner actually had his gun out.
    Owner had good instincts I guess

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    1. Nah bro, all three were in on it. They weren’t acting like legitimate shoppers. They were caught off-guard because the plan was to attack the shopkeeper alone. Wasn’t working out because that chickenshit sales associate kept flittin around… The gunman got impatient and just decided “Fuck this, I’m going for it anyway”.

  7. 3 evil faggots that went to rob one store owner have been taken away for good, ihope he will get a reward from municipality, for helping clean street from walking garbage cans like them
    And sue their families with the expense of cleaning the mindless brains out of store…

  8. Haha the other shop worker’s reaction at 2:00 when he sees the dead body.

    Also I’m glad it was the one who originally pulled the gun that survived. To add insult to injury he will be ridiculed for being such a lousy shot that he could hit a target 5 feet away.

      1. In Zionist occupied Serbia, you have no right to kill them.
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        The guy ends up in prison for some time but pressure of the public, tones of petitions and some protest leads to release of all charge. He has wife and small child at the time of attack.

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    Anyway, did anyone see at 1.30 where everyone disappears there is glass on the ground and when they come back all is normal. Very strange. Other than that the shop owner was a boss the way he walked toward the guy with the gun was impressive. Motherfks if you wanna rob somewhere rob a big chain company, not a guy trying to make a living. He fkn owned them. Good on him.

  10. As I’ve always said, not the slightest level of sympathy for thieves. A real man does not take the possessions of another. Regardless of the level, neither petty thieves nor politicians. They’re all shit and they all deserve to die. Death to all of them.

  11. That was extremely lucky that the robber’s shot missed. I reckon the robber just simply lost his nerve and panicked. Having a gun and knowing how to use it doesn’t mean you actually have the nerve to use it. Ah well….good work.

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