Brazil – Thug Shot in the Street Bleeds Out A Giant Pool of Blood

Brazilian Thug Dying in a Giant Pool of Blood

Brazil - Thug Shot in the Street Bleeds Out A Giant Pool of Blood

That’s about the largest pool of blood from a single person we have had on Best Gore so far, if I recall correctly. Brazil always delivers. You experts need to tell me where exactly this Brazilian tug got shot. None of the pictures offers solid answer to this. Obviously, a major artery must have gotten ruptured to bleed out like this. That is one major blood loss.

Gallery of photos of a thug from Brazil who got shot in the street and bled out a giant pool of blood is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Brazil – Thug Shot in the Street Bleeds Out A Giant Pool of Blood”

  1. I think it was his artery at the neck. The blood is light red. Arteries have more pressure than vains, which causes the loss of much blood (very fast) and if you take a closer look at the second pic it seems that the blood came from his neck area. In the last pic it also looks like there must have been the wound.
    That probably would explain why his shirt is covered with blood, too. During the first seconds the blood splashes out like a fountain.

    My theory.

  2. Nah, look at his nose. He took a round through the ol’ hat rack. I know from experience, if you get a good shot on the head, you get bright red blood from the wound, the nose and the mouth.

    Our brain uses more blood (or oxygenated blood) than all of our other organs combined. Lotsa nice bright, tasty blood up there, thus when in doubt… shoot ’em in the head.

  3. That body must have sat there for a day before the pictures were taken. He didn’t die instantly, and I believe that the blood on his pants comes from a different source. Cast off stains, more like he shot someone else.

    My theory: He was shot in the left side of the neck, severing the carotid artery completely or mostly. He fell to the ground holding the wound with his hands(see the blood on his hands.) He created smears with his left arm, and died in the current position, leaving the blood spilling out.

    The spatters on his pants puzzle me though. it’s as though they were at a complete 90-75 degree pathway towards his pants. Which doesn’t fit the way his blood filled up his shirt, and didn’t run to his pants in the same manner.

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