Brazilian Traffickers Open Up Rival, Fail to Tear Heart Out

Brazilian Traffickers Open Up Rival, Fail to Tear Heart Out

Brazilian Traffickers Open Up Rival, Fail to Tear Heart Out

It’s your typical “Brazil” stuff – traffickers kill a rival and proceed to disembowel him. Best Gore member @nikish offers appropriate remarks:

Gang stuff, rival being gutted, but in reality he is putting his hands inside, like someone looking for something inside a bag. I don’t understand much Portuguese but the guy who is recording the video is asking the accomplice to have the guy’s heart tore out. Seems that these guys don’t know shit about the anatomy. At the end of the day, they couldn’t find the heart.

Thanks a lot for the video, @nikish:

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101 thoughts on “Brazilian Traffickers Open Up Rival, Fail to Tear Heart Out”

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          1. Nah…. holidays for now. Back on in a few days…. but… actually there is not much footage from the cartels. Some rumors ’bout “El Mencho” (Leader of CJNG) got killed by rivals. But that’s absolutely not confirmed by now and for me…. hard to believe. So… we’ll see what the next days or weeks will bring. Stay tuned ;D

      2. Ha delusional? Whats more delusional: believing in some higher power that you learned about via books written by uneducated goat-fuckers from before the invention of toilet paper, or believing in whats been undoubtedly proven to have happened or existed? Why not just live in reality, have fun, and laugh at a guy struggling to rip another’s heart out?

  1. This is why it’s good to take an anatomy class of basic human biology and anatomy as well they’re nowhere near the heart in order to remove the heart one was first remove a section if not complete section of the rib cage which is what protects the heart where they were at in the stomach area where large intestine meets the small intestine next to the liver kidneys etc. etc. as we all know the soul purpose of ribs is to protect the lungs and oh I don’t know the heart

    1. What they need to do is hire you to stand next to the dead rival guy reading instructions to the chopper monkey so he won’t look like an asshole rifling through someone’s business looking for shit that he’ll never find.
      Or you could at least play the warmer/colder game for him.

    2. Those rebel rascals have no time for education its just shove shit in it and wiggle it around and eventually get it right. Can they even read? Or is everything just pew pew shank shank over there.

          1. Twitching like a retard was not the worst habit from the last dead rival that I propped up in the corner.
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          1. Yep. They practice day and night on jungle rivals to prepare for the World Operation Championship.
            They throw in one of those deformed, bent back, lump headed retards just to keep the would-be competitors sharp.

          1. That was a great movie. Definitely the apex of the Australian film industry.
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  2. The insertion was done through the wrong hole surely one above was the right whole for penetration

    Don’t know if its been said already can’t be bothered reading through all the comments: this guy had a big heart I mean that thing seems chunky & juicy I wouldn’t expect the organ to be this size

  3. Dialogue translation
    1- The guy recording. 2 – The butcher and/or other guy nearby
    1-Here it’s: PCCU (PCC gang + butthole). PCCbutthole from hell. That’s what we do. We take the heart out of that bastard. Stick your whole arm inside his chest and rip his heart out. This bastard PCCbutthole. Take it off. That’s what we do with these bastard threebutthole! threebutthole! Did you get it? Take the knife. Stick your hand inside. The heart of this bastard lies deeper. Stick your hand! Stick your hand! Take his heart out.
    2- The heart can’t be taken out!
    1- This bastar doesn’t even have a heart. Threebutthole from hell! He said goodbye to his other fellows. What’s the name of the others?
    2- Jequiti.
    1- What’s the name of the others?
    2- Jequiti, Jefinho.
    1- Who are the others?
    2- Denis.
    1- We gonna catch them all. We’ll get them. Threebuttholes from hell.
    1- His heart is out.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know. This is what I heard.

      PCbutthole, this is threebutthole. Come in PCbutthole.

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  4. Dear, god those people are filthy and unhygienic. Never wear gloves, plastice,masks, hair covering shit. I can easily see Brazil being wiped off the map from the corona this combined with their retarded president pray for them or maybe not .

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