Brazilian Bandit Shot in the Nuts While Fleeing Police

Brazilian Bandit Shot in the Nuts While Fleeing Police

Two police officers in Pavuna, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, state of Rio de Janeriro, Brazil, were having coffee at a bakery when they noticed two men on a motorcycle driving suspiciously. After watching them, one of the officers noticed that one of the men had a gun on him and identified the men as suspects in a recent robbery. The officers then gave chase.

When the suspects on the bike noticed they were being followed, the one with the gun began to fire shots at the officers. The bandit driving then lost control of the motorcycle and one of the men fell to the ground and was struck and killed by a car. The other man made it off the bike and took to the ground running, when the officers then opened fire on him and took him down with what appears to be a single, well placed round to the nuts. Disabling the threat, while keeping him alive…let’s see an American cop pull that off – “Oh shit, he put his hand in his pocket!” bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the pics and story.

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  1. That dudes balls are all fucked up looking.
    His fuckin balls are out of the sack and bobbing for air.
    I would be mad as hell to get shot in the nuts like this.
    But you know what, It beats getting riddled with bullets here in the States and dying cause you failed to raise your damn hands fast enough.

    1. He might get lucky and have a working set when all is healed. He’s gonna be real tender for a stretch.
      Question remains….where is the bullet..?
      Where did it end up..? It had to go through his balls into something else. I see a wounded thigh, could be.

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  4. Officer Mike Faulkner right here in Virginia Beach, VA (My own hometown) was picking up a stranded driver to transport to a service station when, after running the guy’s ID, was drawn upon and retaliated faster, firing one not only through guys nuts, but also his femoral artery. He got what he deserved. He bled out in minutes in Mike’s cruiser.

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