Brazilian is Brutally Axed at a Fruit Stand

Brazilian is Brutally Axed at a Fruit Stand

If blood and bananas get your motor going then have I got the post for you. On Saturday, November 1st in UruΓ§uca, State of Bahia, Brazil a man simply identified as “Gordo” was brutally axed to death at a fruit stand coming to bleed out all over a bunch of bananas. If you’ve ever wondered why bananas have that protective skin, now you know it’s to protect against the Brazilian bloodshed so that they can remain edible. I’m sure there were witnesses but no one is taking so police have not been able to determine the reason for the murder or identify the murderer.

Mad props to Best Gore member Infected Banana for sharing these bananas.

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  1. Ironic enough to get the pictures from someone under the alias “infected banana”, i wouldnt be queuing to buy the ones in the picture anyway. What are the odds he had some kind of infection I wonder? Odds on hiv and aids have been slashed to 8/1

          1. @Stomper.

            Ha, ha, I feel this could start to degenerate, so I’ll whip out my banana trivia! ( Ooh, err)

            They don’t grow on trees and you can’t plant them!

          2. @bobcat.
            True story.
            Some years ago, I got into the routine of having a banana smoothy for breakfast.I’d done this for about a month, when great red blotches started to cover my face and upper body. So, I went to the docs, not realising the connection with the smoothies. He told
            me that I had overdosed on potassium .Frigging dangerous them bananas pal, keep away from ’em !

    1. Add ebola to the list as well, really, I wouldn’t eat bananas at all during this ebola problem if I were you because when you consider that ebola can be spread via perspiration from an infected person and that these Africans spend all day in the hot sun handling these bananas there is the possibility of cross contamination.

      1. @empty.

        Ebola is a hoax! Check out Nina Pham, fucking cured! Not even looked I’ll. The “cure” is an “experimental ” vaccine? Produced “for sale”?

        Ebola will make you horrifically ill!
        And as far as I am aware, there is no cure.

        I tell you damn straight, I’m not having any ” experimental ” fuckin vaccine!

        1. yes. it takes years to create a real vaccine. They expect us to believe that these doctors in a country who have never experienced ebola have created a workable vaccine in a matter of weeks? bull shit. this is designed to scare you into getting the vaccine which will give you cancer or make you sick in some other way. same with the flu vaccine. it is directly linked to autism as well as other neurological and physiological issues in the recipient and it’s offspring. I havent had a flu shot in my entire adult life and I can count on one hand the number if times I’ve caught it. Big Pharm has to keep us sick and keep finding ways to make us sick. if there is a cure, they are losing money.

          Please, everyone, if they present an ebola vaccine, do not get it. it is a trap.

          1. I wonder where you are getting your info… but it sounds like there could be something to it. Thank goodness I had never taken any flu shots myself πŸ˜‰

          2. those shots contain thimerosal. Poison, in other words. Pregnant woman injecting themselves with this alters their dna same as excessive drinking and smoking. and if there is nothing wrong with it being used, why would the CDC find it necessary to attempt to hide the results of vaccine showing traces of thimerosal?

          3. @Obli.

            So glad you agree, feel like I’m alone on this, friends think I’m nuts but there is so much evidence of propaganda and mind control it’s staggering.

            But if you’re not looking you don’t see.

            TURN OFF THE MSM!!

          1. @cheeky me.

            Don’t take any more! Or any vaccines! Don’t take my word for it research it.

            The Amish have NO cases of autism, but in the western world it had risen from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 50 in only a few decades, America has a mandatory vaccination policy? Why is that? Also the manufacturer’s are immune from prosecution? Hmm?

          2. @cheeky.
            Flu can be very serious for people with respiratory illnesses like asthma, especially the elderly.
            Unless you suffer from something of that nature, there’s really no need to have the vaccine.
            Wouldn’t worry about it, but best not have another if you’re fit and well.

      2. I agree @empty soul, I’ll not be taking the chance, but that’s hardly a stretch for me anyway. In my old job I used to recieve deliveries of bananas in the fruit and veg order and my primary concern was any fuck-off spiders that hitched a ride in the box. I found a dead one once and had a healthy paranoia ever since.

          1. If you think so..
            I don’t eat lil baby’s or kill innocent people! while typing to a jew I always get the urge to take a wicked shit, maybe bc my shit bowl reminds me of your land & people.

        1. Not so good bro! I have to go for more surgery on my left wrist, and forearm, It seems that my body does not like the steel plates in it, and is rejecting it like a Jew and honesty! And you boozer how are you healing up sir ?

          1. Aww shit brother! I’m doing good so far, you’re a bad MF ther is no way a jew can get you down,just stay strong love you my brother!
            No homo

  2. Apes and bananas. Hehe fuckin great.

    Next after arab muslims, brazilians are worst type of disease. All latinos should be skinned alive and tossed to the furnance. Theyre worthless and even cows crap has more value.

    We, the chosen people, hate them. Theyre maggots.

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