Brazilian Comedian Ricardo Sena Beaten to Death in Street Fight

Brazilian Comedian Ricardo Sena Beaten to Death in Street Fight

Actor Ricardo Sena de Macedo Soares, 37, better known as “Rodrigo Bomba”, was murdered on Wednesday afternoon, April 1 at the Pedro Teixeira complex in Coqueiro neighborhood, Belém.

The Military Police reports that the victim drank near the Main Square of the Ensemble when he became involved in widespread confusion and suffered various injuries to his body. Ricardo was rescued by relatives to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) of Icoaraci, district of Belém, but died at the unit.

a friend of Ricardo confirms that the victim was involved in a fight: “It was a fight yes, it was dawning and it was fighting, but he could not stand and the guy punched him down on the ground and at the time the fall broke the head and the neck, it was a mortal blow!

Civilian Police teams were at the scene to begin the investigation.

So far it is not known what motivated the fight.

Props to Best Gore member @perfectlycylindricalturd for the video:

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    1. I agree.
      watched it over and over like 6 times….he lured him in towards him,and shirtless guy was in transition moving his feet, and green shirt guy who to have some training or experience put all his weight forward into guy’s chin-face. He was out be fore hitting ground. Then caught a kick to the face for good measure…as U2 music plays the end credits to his life.

  1. Here ‘s Brasil Paulistano with the news on the hour every hour reporting live on ‘HO’ TV’
    As reported earlier on the April 1 at the Pedro Teixeira complex in Coqueiro neighborhood, Belém. , our sources have finally confirmed the death of comedian Mr. Bomba with a bombastic punch shattering his glass jaw line to thousand pieces . The perpetrator behind the incident appeared to be remorseless at the time of his arrest .When asked what lead to the altercation between the deceased and him , Mr. Benigno Jarrod said , it was all due to the deceased laughing mad for no reasons when alive even during funerals , Sunday masses and other somber occasions.

    Back to ya Nascimento

  2. Too- drunk turds fighting! Yukk! I dont even know if the guy who kicked him in the head twice even punched him to make the victim land on the ground?

    Either way the kicker needs a public whipping for getting drunk and being in a fight and/or sinking the boot in when the man is down. No need for that.

    I don’t mind excessive drinking, but the moment you become a troublemaker because of it ,you need to be belted good and proper.

    I hate dumb and /or mean drunks!

    1. NEMS @ hopingfornemesis , ya know it was the comedian who thought his popularity will shun the other guy off ;and then again ,it was he who seemed more drunk than his opponent . Can’t blame the other guy as the comedian had looked all set to take him head on .

      For a man of his stature it would have been applauded by the crowd; if he (the comedian) had to exhibit some civility but that never showed which had his number dialed for a quick departure to st peter’s gate without bag or baggage.

  3. Big tough famous guy that he was really something didn’t he? Lol. He had no business fighting. Other guy had some moves. Toyed with him, and the first punch he threw put him out. Followed up with a couple Pride FC soccer kicks to the head. Done.

    I will say one thing, and that’s that even in death, he had me laughing. Haha funny guy.

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  4. I may get some flack for this, but if someone was to put him in the recovery position (Lean him on his side, not on his back like he is in the video), you think he might of had a chance to survive? I’m new with my medical training but I think being on your back after such blows to the head can definitely effect your breathing. But I don’t know, if the neck was broken with that last couple of kicks, he was already done fore with all the blunt force trauma to the head.

    1. Luckily I’m not a betting man Pigs, my money was on the fit looking dude in the fight. That was a sneaky little rabbit punch to the noggin that more than made up for his hyperlipaemia. The drunken clown didn’t count on that, as he went down for the final count.

      1. .. And just to show how DEADicated he was to his craft, he purposely landed on his head very HARdy, HAR, HARd in order to give himself brain HAmorrage, because he had his sights set on bein the world’s first COMAdian… The idea was such genius, the other guy KO-signed for it…

  5. … Say Docrates… Correct me if I’m wrong… I deaduce that it wasn’t necessarily the impact from the fall that killed this comedian, instead it was his uncuntcious state coupled with the 2 facepunts received from his attacker, which broke his neck cuttin off cranial circulation from his… JOKE’ular vein…. Do you concur, Herr Doktor..?

  6. Being Russian, where drunk fights are a daily occurrence basically everywhere across the country, I’ve seen/heard too many times about one fatal punch to the head.

    Just think about how frail is human body. One good knock-out punch to the head is all it takes to kill somebody. Who need guns? That’s so sad.

    You know how in the movies guys knock each other out just as means of pacifying? Well, this doesn’t work in real life.

  7. I miss the times when I was just completely comfortable and stress less when something was so funny my side hurt, tears welled up and once I thought I was no longer amused the dang thing would parade itself through my mind and the whole thing would begin again with snot rolling mouth agape eyes squinting complete loss of the sense of self and the world in utter complete bliss. -951-

  8. “Actor Ricardo Sena de Macedo Soares, 37, better known as “Rodrigo Bomba”, was murdered on Wednesday afternoon”
    How is it murder when its mutual combat? At worst shouldnt it be involuntary manslaughter?

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