Brazilian Drug Addict Kills His Own Mother and Sister During an Argument

Brazilian Drug Addict Kills His Own Mother and Sister During an Argument

Wennys Callou Figueiras, 28 year old Brazilian crack head got into an argument with his mother, Maria Rita Figueiras Callou, 48, and her daughter, Laura Callou
Figueiras, who was a few days shy of her 22nd birthday. It is unknown exactly what the argument was about although I could hazard the guess that it had to do with money. When you’re on that shit, that’s all you want. It makes you want it so bad you can’t think properly and you get very aggressive if you’re challenged. The argument escalated and resulted in Wennys beating and stabbing both his mother and sister to death.

Police entered to find a room covered in blood, broken furniture, appliances and a crack pipe with some crack rocks. Wennys fled to his grandfather’s house where he admitted that he “made a big mistake”. The grandfather than called Wennys’ father who came over and detained him until police arrived at Grandpa’s house. He surrendered without incident.

All I can say is that’s one epic mug shot right there. You can actually see his brain cells committing suicide.

Many thanks to the Infected Banana.

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    1. Looks like Mom was a fat whale. And Sis was probably well on the way. At least Sis had big tits to enjoy seeing.

      After all those photos of dead guys who’ve had their pants pulled down, at least we finally get to see a woman’s top pulled down and some big ol’ titties to enjoy gawking at.


    1. Makes me wonder tho ewe… They found a pipe and rock and this desperate crack head didnt smoke the fuck out of it…… Doesnt add up! Murdered his mom and sis over crack and didnt smoke it??? I knew a guy wanted that shit soooo bad he went to a guy he knew would kill him; to beg for some rock.. Motherfucker butchered him with a machete and threw a fucking handful of rocks at him while he bled out; for one last insult. Crack head picks them up with nearly severed hands loads his pipe and smokes the blood soaked crack. Drags himself 7 km down a gravel road and lives to tell the fucking story. Something tells me the extremity of this situation would cause wenny to need that crack even more. So why not smoke it.

      Seems to me mom and sis may have more to do with thier demise than the article suggests. Failed intervention or stole it and smoked it themselves? Eithier way its unlikely that he doesnt smoke the shit once they are dead. Also extremely unlikely the fight was about money or crack unless mom and sis sold it. Which explains why hes cracked out; they are dead and theres still crack to be found. 😉

      1. Have to agree @dulphwiggins, no matter what, if some rock remained, it would have been smoked. A crack head will never ever leave even the slightest crumb behind.
        That’s a pretty extreme tale man, but I don’t doubt it happened. Those fuckers would flog their grandmother for a hit !.

  1. Things like this further my theory that inferiority is a mental condition, not a racial one. Was it a German doctor that unveiled brain scans earlier this year which showed that criminals had unique signatures on their brains during scans and regular folks didn’t? Even members of your own family could be savages and you probably wouldn’t know until it’s too late. I guess it’s that reality that’s too much to handle which automatically makes them reject this theory.
    As I said though this is just a theory of mine.

    1. Weve all heard the famous “woe the o earth and sea. For the devil sends his beast with wrath because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast….”
      If you have not heard of the “Havenshire incident” i suggest some research, and consider this thought. Why is the above warning to the earth and sea? Why does the warning speak of the relation between devil and man? Why would a number that belongs to us be worth warning about? Frequencies are put out by everything. They are a composition of composition and vibration. Earth frequency is constant and humanity has evolved to it. It fluctuates but it is also there all the time. So what happens when there is a drastic change in frequency; or another frequency disrupts ours. The frequencies in our brains respond to the alteration in vibratory pressure. If it persists than the symptoms become worse eventuality is death from liquified organs. So which frequency would interfere with earths so drastically??????? “Somewhere just below 7 mhz” 😉 anyone wanna take a stab at what it is.

      So if earths composition and gravitational tides are what makes our frequency; think on which subtance being removed would allow the greatest increase in vibration. Science would tell us its the viscouse fluids followd by the softests of metals. So if you had some knowledge of the evolution of our species you could easily predict that a left and right brained people would react differently.
      That said future leader the doctor was slow on the uptake. Posotive or negatively tuned brains are what makes the biggest difference in how we handle the changes in frequencies. Left or right brained would follow that and yes both would physically manifest in different ways. This also points to

      1. So are you saying that cellphone ( and computer) frequencies are what disrupt the earth energy fields, and that these frequencies are really bad for our health, especially for those people who are already negatively inclined?

        1. Not so much so as changing the frequency of the planet. Moreover tho think of how easy it is to emit said frequencies. And how long weve have known about it. With an ultra low frequency emitter near a fault line you can cause enuff disruptance to simulate earquake type events. Combine that with a sound that liquifies organs and youve got the makings of cataclysmic buffoonery. So if that can be done with a trip to the source…(radioshack) what can 100 trillion dollars get me.

    2. I remember seeing something about that on the show Dexter. He got his kid’s brain scanned to see if it was fucked up like his. I always wondered if that was cinematic bullshit, but suspected there was some truth to it.

  2. All that for a few rocks that he didn’t even smoke?!?!.. What a waste of oxygen man… These druggies are real pieces of work Obli!.. Personally I’ve dealt with my own addictions, hell I still do daily, but I’d never kill for them, never steal for them, nor would I ever sell myself or my shit for them!!.. What in the fuck is wrong with people nowadays!?!.. Great post Obli, thank you, and infected banana for this and these great pictures!!

      1. Good point beautiful!.. I bet you’re right, nothing but crumbs, if that! I know, correction i knew druggies that’ll lick the fuck outta the mirror we just used for lines.. even knew this sick bitch that would pick her nose and eat whatever dope she could find in her boogers, nasty huh!?!.. that’s when you KNOW you gotta problem!! 😛

          1. I did that too love.. Meth burns the shit outta your nostrils so I’d follow up with a bit of water.. but I never picked my nose and ate that shit.. what the fuck?!?.. yuck!! It’s not worth it to me at that point..

    1. and there will be tomorrow. humans are savage by nature its why we survived so long killing animals and then ourselves our savagery isn the reason a small bodied mammal survived so long amongst all them crazy beasts just after the dinosaur period.

      1. Agreed but id like to point out its not necessary anymore. We are smart enuff to think beyond our savagry. Problem is the smartest of us intend to keep us savage as long as they can. Those who wnt be savage; who resist temptation and follow like little sheep will be rewarded with seeing everyone else die. Achieving two things. Believing that god left them behind. And the guilt of failing a deity will crush thier WILL.

        This time they wont have to destroy everything. Technology wont have to reset. The 500million or so that remain will be perfect little sheeps. Baaa baaa i mean why write the book if your only gonna follow thru so far? Suiting title tho revelations.

  3. A few days shy of her 22nd birthday eh, that would make her middle aged in Brazilian years.

    Mind you, admitting that he made a “big mistake” is a bit of an understatement considering the circumstances.

    Cheating on your partner when drunk can be considered a “big mistake”, a smashed up house, two dead bodies and blood all over the walls however is a monumental fuck up of epic proportions.

        1. When I come home from work
          I’m fiendin’ for an eight-ball
          I got crack on my mind
          I’m hearing cocaine call
          Telling me to beep the dealer to deliver me stuff
          Keep it a secret from my wife, cuz she thinks I don’t use
          There I was, bleeding from my nose and damn
          I couldn’t breathe, but I’m still thinking about the next
          It’s Friday night and I’m not trying to leave my crib doped
          I’ll kill myself while the dealer’s eating Japanese food
          I ain’t got no pride, While buying the shit
          I’m lying to myself telling the runner I’m trying to quit
          It’s all make believe, I pretend that I’m true
          When you give me credit, I’ll dodge you every chance that I get to
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          Beep you back and complain that you put too much cut in it
          If you fall for that and bring me a new sack
          I’ll be making more crazy faces than a JIM CAREY on crack
          Cuz yo I’m ripped, I owe you loot
          Plus I annoy you
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          And I’m telling everyone at this N.A. meeting I’m thirty
          I won’t die even with tuberculosis
          I could go on forever mixing dope with my methadone dosage
          You could find me at Brighton Beach or Coney Island
          Or Rikers Island
          My crack pipe’s my violin
          I play along to the police siren
          My eyes squint looking for crack on the floor
          picking up breadcrumbs and lint
          I don’t know who I am, ask me I couldn’t say
          I took a chance and tried to get clean and it lasted one day
          Tried to go to rehab too but couldn’t get admitted
          And if money’s missing from your pocketbook you know
          who did it
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          Can’t sit and wait for my dealer to come provide it
          Gotta party to go to and I’m the only one invited
          I’ll search the whole house for the damn white mouse
          And when I finally find it, I’ll sniff the whole ounce
          I need drugs

          I need drugs

          1. For all the crack heads out there. Put your rock in just enough rubbing alcohol to cover it in a saucer then light it and burn off the alcohol. Brown shit good smoke it, discard white baking soda.

          2. Tweek tweek tweek tweeker.Hope you’re able to find a way to get off that shit. How many old people do you see that are junkies? Probably none cause they’re either clean or dead……good luck, hope you make it through

        2. Ever been through an acute benzo withdrawal?? I guarantee its about as bad as a heroin withdrawal. I’ve been the ER 6 times since having my regular doc and my Pdoc. Once I started to mention a lawsuit for getting me dependant on ativan and now klonopin, the pain and suffering….nowthey are going out of their way to call me by my first name, seeing me once every 2 Weeks, and a therapist every week. What Ive

          1. @slider Damn I had to look up acute benzo withdrawal but I’m more then sure I’m going through this shit as a fault of my own…no docs. Crazy! I’ve also been hooked on pain pills as well…also a fault of my own. Had to get in the methadone program because of it…but finally got off of that also. Not fun or pretty! We’ll the pain pills were a little fun…l.o.l…but only for a while. It just wasn’t doing anything for me any more.

        1. I also got stopped by the police for not wearing my seatbelt once too. But those were my crazy gangster days… I put that life behind me. Now I try to inspire people so they don’t become the weed smoking non seatbelt wearer like I was. I’m basically saving lives.

          You wanna come with me and @cheeky to find a tentacle monster so I can fuck it?

  4. tits and cocks all over the show tonight im one horny motherfucker my mind is swamped with fucking a big boobed girl hard now grab her by the chin and throw her ontom the bed spreadeagle those legs shag her hard watch them big boobs rattle all over bury my face in them as i shoot hot cum up her drippy snatch

  5. As far as addictions go, I can handle a label like alcoholic, but not crackhead. To be a fucking crackhead of all things… This guy is a murderer on top of that… I have to admit, not even murderer carries as much embarrassment, to me, as crackhead.

    1. Hey hey no need to judge I once was…shall I dare say…no I’m not but I am a very weak person when it comes to drugs. And once you have a taste it’s very hard to stop. Luckily I did & others can too…its not an embarrassment but its something I’m definitely not proud of…sorry had to vent.

      Say No To Drugs Kids…

      1. Aye well the addiction being a symptom…. What made you suseptable to addiction in the first place???? Thats the real question isnt it? We all no doubt have the same illness our choice of symptom is all that really changes!!

        1. im not addicted to smack or crack but its all around me it seems normal where im from i know lots of smackheads they are still people underneath i say alright to them and make them feel thay are still human anyone can end up on gear depending on your circumstances

    1. Gun control?? Lol you funny. Follow that up with machete control and control of anything that could be used as a ligature. Then you only need room for 120 million more prisioners overnight. At least 12 percent will die rather quickly so youd have 14 million more beds pretty quickly anyway.

    1. ***WTF is wrong with Brazil? This site would have only 12 pages of content if you took away all the Brazil entries.

      …I dunno whplaya

      I have counted an awful lot of flip flops, laying next to some fairly decent carnage, posing as motor scooters since I’ve ventured here…

      Follow the pointers, and this may add a few pages for your quest of adequate gore…

  6. “They looked like nice people”

    that is exactly what I thought as I saw the pic… What a nice looking 21 year old woman… Not flashy.. just a nice, warm smile that showed confidence and hope for a good future..

    Snuffed by Mr. Douchebag….. May his death be slow and painful

      1. Yes welcome @Forever Alone. You can make that payment out to me, I will fill you in on details later.

        In the mean time be sure to check out our whore members… you can find them pretty much in every article so don’t be shy, they love to know your deepest darkest sexual fantasies.

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  7. Brazilian men are down right sick and wrong. I typed in the word “woman” on BG and the most deaths of women take place in Brazil, by their drugged out men. They should cut off Brazilian men’s hands off in that country sick ass people.

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