Brazilian Ex-Con and Fashion Designer Shot Dead in Street

Brazilian Ex-Con and Fashion Designer Shot Dead in Street

A murder was committed by two men on a motorcycle on February 26, 2015, in Riacho das Almas, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim this time around was 22 year old José Jakson Luis de Sousa, aka “Gordo”.

Gordo here was an ex-con who had served time for bike theft and was now working as a fashion designer. He had taken some time off from that recently to work on remodeling a house which he and his wife (I think they mean beard) were planning on moving into. He was in the process of filling a wheel barrow with sand when the two men rolled up and opened fire; hitting him once in the head, once in the neck and once in the shoulder. He died at the scene.

The most interesting part of the story is that Gordo here had two brothers, both of whom had been murdered in the last year, José Luis de Sousa (also 22 at the time of his death), who was shot in a creek on May 30, 2014, and 26-year-old José Carlos Luis de Sousa who was featured right here. All three Sousa brothers are dead now, survived by two sisters. Fucked up.

Props to DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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  1. The De Sousas were too much competition for the Da Silvas and Dos Santos, they didnt needed more competition than they had… 😛

    Also, “Gordo” = Fat man. 😆 There was no space for him in that town… especially since he was able to hang on his flip-flops, and putting the Da Silvas and Dos Santos to shame… 😆

      1. What the hell is a Ralph? 😆

        By the way Kate, now that youre here, i wanted to ask you something, its been bothering me for the last few days… 😐

        Im pretty sure ive seen your picture (assuming that its really you) before… Have we met before? Or probably ive seen you somewhere else… but i dont know… 😐

        1. Lol it’s a line Kanye West said to a radio host regarding his fashion line, that even if it was real good it was no “Ralph” (Ralph Lauren) though. Lol

          No that’s some hot chicks pic I use on forums. Jk haha that’s me 🙂 and maybe you’ve seen me on FB or something.

          1. Ahh that… well i dont understand that fashion stuff… 😆

            And i dont have FB… 😐 But you still look awkwardly familiar though… maybe ive been astral projecting too much…

  2. Beard is right I reckon, that poncey top pretty much says it all.

    Have to say, they don’t hold grudges for long in ol? Brazil, no, they pop ’em off faster than shite runs through a goose.

    What a shit hole.

    1. @Stomper.

      Like the goose thing, not really familiar with defacating large birds but I’ll take your word for it.

      In my head Brazil is like that scene from reservoir dogs where every fucker is pointing a gun and then carnage ensues.

      Just swap the sharp suits for t shirts and flip flops.

      1. @bobcat.

        I’ve seen many a gaggle of geese, they shit for sport. Can be nasty bastards too.

        It’s a good film. Imagine the carnage if Tarantino based a film in Caruaru, or a Favela !. Could be worth a watch.
        I always liked the scene where Patricia Arquette plunges the cork screw into Gandolfini’s foot in True Romance. That was a real one on one scrap !!

      2. Yea, he’s probably sreen printed a tee shirt once and refers to himself being a fashion designer. Sorry, but since when have scruffy old flip flops been de rigueur for fashionistas? I’m always so bored by pretentious (lying) fantasists.

  3. He looks fashionably Dead! Someone didn’t like the idea of him trying to be a Ex con fashion designer so he is better Dead. Maybe that’s what his brothers try to do before him and failed miserably. Let’s see what the sisters can do because I’m sure they set up the Hits. 😀 lol!

  4. Nice beard. Looks like ass hair all over his face. If you can’t grow it right, shave it! Well…you know, if you’re still alive the next morning.

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