Brazilian Farmer Brutally Clubbed to Death

Brazilian Farmer Brutally Clubbed to Death

Well, as you all no doubt noticed, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties so there has been a massive slowdown in published content. So, let me reward your patience with some hardcore violence from one of our favourite places…Brazil.

On August 10th, a 56 year old farmer identified as Silvino Cazuza dos Santos, was beaten to death on a road close to his home due to what is being speculated as a robbery. Silvino had a panache for drinking but always managed to avoid trouble and had no arrest record. It is believed he was jumped after leaving his house, on the way to the pub. No suspects have been identified and the case is still under investigation.

I don’t know, that shit looks personal. Knocked one eye right out of his head and made him practically unrecognizable.

Mad props to Best Gore member, Der Kopfsammler.

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        1. Yes @tas tiger, where is the rest, @BB?!
          Oh don’t get me wrong, I mean your body…I read myself and thought you could misunderstand me…Nothing wrong with your avi 😀
          Ah my English isn’t so good after all…

          1. Thank you for your correction but the keys on my tablet fail to type out letters sometimes. And I’m too buy being chatty Kathy that I fail to spell check before sending. And thank you for the compliment. I do appreciate them and never take them for granted

          2. Oh I [email protected] You had to go and change yours too. Show off. @littlefoot. I thank you. I don’t take many pictures of myself and I had someone take this one. Long ass story finally shortend…I was being silly and it turned out better than all my rest. Enough about me on with the gore!!!

        1. @Little Foot
          Signs of the time suggest there ain’t no shift required for now but
          if by the name that you go with I want I little popped out foot ruffling the eye thatch staring hard at us and not to mention again at you .
          But beat it down
          eyes are eyes
          you wink and the one missing from the other socket will go winking but CAN’T AND I WON’T tell you of any hard steely stares down the spines

        1. @atucker31
          broken screen and the fucked up messages from someone like you is every man’s fantasy @atucker31 cause when its that fucked up there is gotta be many of us screwing in to not you Lol! but that screen .
          Can I buy you a new phone ?

          1. Awe blucon my screen has been broken for almost a year. I just have passwords and things on here and Im scared to lose them so I havent bought a new one. I duct taped the helk out of this one though. Lmao

          1. The results of this guys beating DONOT look like just an ordinary robbery … That shit looked personal…probably due to something he did while drunk…vicious overkill

    1. @tas tiger
      me too . This one is beaten so bad to minced up meaty loaf that you see shreds falling apart .If his ID is anything to go by he was quite ladywooer . The nigga women ‘s man .
      What’s about you declaring you are tastiger
      one look at those pair of orbs and all of us know its you and you alone

      1. @jack. No mate km not on it, I’m getting married on the 7th September but back in the day I was.. funny days though. You see a girl looking hot as pancakes then you meet in the local Yates or weather spoons and she has a face like the back end of a bus, the photos were clearing taken ten years earlier lol oh happy days

    1. @Brokeback
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          1. I didn’t write that . that was some weird pedophilic poem on this site i found. @blucon

            You say the nicest things though…in your own peculiar way 😉

        1. I haven’t “mounted” anyone in 8 years. Doies that make me a virgin again or even better put me at nun status? It’s been my choice to not have engaged in anything with anyone for that long. I wasn’t happy with the people I met and needed to start evaluating what is more important to me which was raising my son

          1. @trainwreck
            Having remained without mounting any stud really makes you part Virgin and brings you close to being a Nun almost but as you were sacrificial for the sake of your son that indeed is worth the praise but now what ? Will you still be only & lonely ?
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        1. Right antro? I mean it was truly mind blowing to read that this is their way of life. And has been for centuries. Sodomy and pedophilia are highly encouraged. Young boys are molded into young men destined to be married off to old men 🙁 as curious as I was into reading something new as quickly as I became sickened. My disgust is threatened knowing their parents encourage this as well. It’s truly acreligious experience to them of course named after Sodom. I had to share that with you. I know w/o a shadow if a doubt you use that avatar for amusement. The man depicted in it was photographed “marrying” a ten year old. Same age as my son. People label things as religious experiences to somehow account for their wicked ways. Hiding behind the Karan , bible, book of Mormon etc. The biggest and more sadisctic pedophikes are usually the ones hiding behind God as they commit horrendous crimes. And hgence why I live this site so much and the members who post. I want tyo see the evil and dark side of the world. I wasn’t to know the good and the evil. I refuse to wander around in life uneducated and blind

        2. @Antro I replied heavily as usual to which neither one showed up on here. I think BG thinks I’ve talked enough for one day. I was saying how sickening that entire site was.

          @Bluecon. Should I be vpoetic everywhere I go?

      1. @Der Kopfsammler
        my hunger for gore for the day is satiated. Thanks .
        But from the victim ID to the state that his facials have reached there are ample signs that echo of the hatred someone harbored against him. He looks butchered badly lynched and done to death.

  1. Awesome shit, @Der K! Thanks a lot, man. 🙂 And man, Obli, that is some good delivery right there lol.

    And I’m wondering, do you guys think the WordPress update/upgrade could have been the cause for the technical issue? Just asking lol 😀

    1. My pleasure. 🙂

      Im gonna guess the upgrade went wrong, its a pretty common thing to happen in server maintenances, but usually they keep a backup in case such thing happens… But things keep going up and down, and WordPress is a “cloud” service, so i think its very unlikelly that a direct attack was the reason.

    1. @Der Kopfsammler
      Its flesh and gore anyway but that popped up eye will come to haunt me in my sleep and gonna gimme some screaming loud nightmares !!
      Hey but I have had some whisky and nightmares I am gonna be growling at if ever they come visiting .

  2. Mmm! He looks very tasty. Main pic reminds me of some fish head I picked up at fish market to make soup. I must say that the soup turned out pretty good. I don’t like eating fish eyes, not yummy, but rest of soup was delicious. But, of course, I rather eat some vulva. Mmm, mmm good, fish soup and vulva. What a great combination.

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