Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them

Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them

Here is some bad-assery in the form of Brazilian self defense. January 11th, 2015, outside the city of Terra Roxa, State of ParanΓ‘, Brazil four man came up to a farm armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and a handgun. Their motive is unknown but it doesn’t seem they were just looking to ask directions. The unarmed farmer and owner of the property went outside to meet the men while the rest of the family stayed inside and phoned the police. Outside with the men, the farmer made the extremely risky move of engaging the men in physical combat. Luck was on his side as he managed to wrestle the shotgun away from the one man and (what I would have loved to see on video) shot three of the men dead on the spot while the fourth ran away. That man was later shot down in a gun fight with police. Badass props to you, Mr. Farmer, defending you and yours.

And badass props to Best Gore member CronnosS2469 for the story and pics.

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          1. These are the best dressed bandits ever. They look like they were planning on going for a (smart casual) high tea at the palace, after their work was done.

            At least they listened to their mothers and were dressed in nice clean clothes and underwear incase they ever needed to go to hospital, or the morgue, unexpectedly.

            Ps. What were you doing fellas? A farmer, seriously? This is something my old man ( a farmer ) would love to do. In a drought he would give his last litre of water to a cow that needed it, but has zip sympathy for the FV who bring such problems on them selves like these ( now dead) super spastic nit wits……..

          1. Sorry, just got a new phone today and it runs android kit Kat which I’m not used to..sorry for the double post, for I know not what I’m doing yet. BTW, the da Silva in the front with the striped shirt looks like he’s just taking a nap.

          1. @stanf who cares the pics are genuinely authentic, with a stronggore factor so why complain ,, plus I like the back story it makes it fun ,, you know somebody shot these fuckers with a 12gage

          2. @stanf :

            You know there are four men because there are four dead men in the photos you drongo.

            Blue shirt, green shirt, brown and white shirt and black shirt.

            That my friend, equals four.

          3. Hey hang on…..there are four dead dudes on the grass. Green blue brown and black shirts……..

            Maybe he killed four and the fifth got away?

          4. @Dutchy it is a smart and may I add dapper robbing crew that attires itself in the same brilliant color patterns as the flies that now feed upon them.

        1. @cronnoss : Well that is a plausible possibility……maybe he had a little plantation of cocoa bush, opium poppies, marijuana, majic mushrooms……who knows maybe even some methamphetamine or ecstasy trees ???

          Maybe farmer got too big for his bridges and cartel wanted to give him a little lesson on how unstable the market really is with these cash crops…….

      1. sorry if I offend but I can breath a little better in here without the sexual themes.
        don’t get it twisted I love pussy as much as any man but
        it’s not on my brain when I’m not getting any ,, plus I’ve given myself a promise never to watch porn or kill babies so It doesn’t do anything for me but waste my time when I could be reading commentary on videos in the archives after I check out what BG celebs are saying/writing now ,,
        yes i creep..

  1. Reminds me of that video where 3 guys in NYC started harassing a guy’s woman, then the boyfriend came up and dealt street justice on the 3 guys bare handed, it was awesome. Fight for your family, don’t let the bastards win.

    1. Reminds of my hubby when 4 black guys cornered him and pushed him into a broom closet and pulled a knife. He made it out but not before engaging all 4 bare handed, knocking 2 out and beating the other 2 so bad they ran away. Hehe my little bad ass! I love it πŸ˜€

      1. that’s awesome you guys like fights too,, reminds me of my days hanging out on I watched on average of about fifty hard core bare knuckle fights a day then the site was shut down do to being extremely graphic plus people started jumping random people for the vids. but right after that I found BG by googling (three men 1 hammer) and I love it here,, Props to Mark for bringing us together.

        1. good point @mikey
          (4) black dudes (1) Japanese kid assassin (2) blades (1) machete (1) katana (2) knuckle stun guns (7) Chinese stars in a broom closet with the lights out,, chuckey had none but came out on top ,, fuckin david blane… say goodbye to hollywood

  2. Ah yes! Home defence. He should hang them upsidown in the trees for an example for the onlookers to see and a sign on them saying what they did and don’t fuck with the homeowner! Too bad they don’t do this in the states. πŸ™

          1. like this case @Bigup
            October 30, 2014, 8:18 PM

            A 20-year-old Reservoir Hill woman was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison for what prosecutors called an act of vigilante justice when she led a group beating of a sex offender that turned fatal. Her father was also sentenced to jail time for his role..

  3. Farmers spend most of their time surrounded by animals therefore they understand the human beast more than most.

    One man takes out three?, I say one man understood the nature of the three and acted accordingly.

    1. Sometimes “Animal people”, including but not limited to farmers, think of themselves as a separate species from everyone else. They have a dislike for most “humans”, plus a bad attitude from scooping up some sort of animal shit. They will jump at the chance to fuck someone up when given a “green light” opportunity.

  4. I would think if the farmer where able to get close enough to disarm and begin killing the no good bad guys….
    Then these here bad guys were never intending to do harm or shoot anyone. If they had been there to kill people they would have started with bad ass dad..

    1. They might have thought the presence of the gun would be enough to intimidate the man into giving them what they wanted. They were not prepared to actually use it on him. Farmer ninjas the shotgun, shoots the one with the pistol first, then pops the other two, just to make a point. Lets one run away with instructions to let it be known what will happen to anyone who fucks with him.

      1. Yes indeed @Gentlenatureman. Like Kaiser Sose in The Usual Suspects. Let just one go free to spread the fear.
        Maybe the farmer pretended to be a gimp too, so as not to arouse suspicion and to draw in his prey !?!

          1. I was referring to Keith Richards @Gentlenatureman, although Lucifer kind of fits. He did snort his uncles ashes believing them to be coke !. The man was possessed !. Well, I say that, but anybody would lose their mind with such a cocktail of chemicals rushing through their veins.

          2. I say it all in jest. Maybe he did mix the ashes with coke, maybe he knew full well what he was doing, but that’s hard to believe with old Keithy boy.
            Either way, that’s one crazy story to tell the grandkids !

  5. That takes ” Get of my land ” to the next level.
    Definitely do not fuck with farmers, who can get very annoyed when their land is invaded by trespassers. After spending their day tending livestock, a human or two is like chicken feed to the average farmer.

    I bet the fourth guy shit a brick while pushing the Brazilian sprint record.
    Serves them right.

    1. @Ewe I have fertilizer tanks on my property that are always a source of concern for me as some are used in the manufacture of Meth.
      Broad daylight no way would somebody try but at night things as you know change.
      I have signs posted on my property that state “Trespassers found on these premises at night will be found here in the morning”.
      No takers to date.

      1. @rayf – sounds like what my grandpa would do πŸ˜† He would check for unknown tire tracks down our dirt road every time he left the ranch. And carried his shotguns on a gun rack in the back window of his truck πŸ˜€

        1. I patrol diligently.
          Never had thieve or vandal problems just a few out of state hunters who get escorted off and told not to come back.
          Never had one get shitty about it but most hunters other than having a deliberate shit sense of direction are for the most part respectful.

          1. While I don’t think gramps was so worried about hunters, I couldn’t swear to it as I never really asked. I do know he felt strongly about any kind of trespassers and would do his best to find out what they were there for. A farmer/rancher’s equipment and tools are mighty expensive and without them even a day can really set one behind. 😐

      1. Just want to say after finding my mum dead when I was fifteen I think this site helped me accept that death is around every corner so there is no reason to fear it so I guess I should be happy I found it while looking for a music video haha

        1. Sorry to hear about your mother.

          It’s a clich?, but death is The only true certainty in life. The only thing we all know for an absolute 100% nailed on certainty. We are all going to die.
          In the meantime, enjoy life to the full. Live rather than exist.
          Three score years and ten my friend, that’s all we’re getting, on average that is. So, not very long in the grand scheme, hence the reason we should all fill our boots to the brim.

        2. To Ryan ward
          BG helped me to understand better my own physical mortality….and to definitely accept it not as a curse but as a metamorphosis. …..”Death is just a other different dimensional univers
          Rip to your mome….
          Ps your were lucky to have one for 15 years…….just sayin!

    1. I’m going to agree with Gentlenatureman, below and ask you to make sure you do not diddle below your exalted status. You are class act, there, Hamabi. Only USDA Prime for you….

      From a Father who is half a world away from his daughter…. And feeling the need to be closer.

          1. It’s dad who bought me things,my mom only gives me clothes,this year santa bring me draculaura and ghoulia yelps dolls,sorry for saying my shit on here no one cares πŸ˜†

          2. Yes @hanabi
            There is a Santa Claus.
            The Easter Bunny is gonna come hopping into town next to leave some lopped off heads for the egg hunt this year cause he’s all out of eggs and chocolate. πŸ˜‰

          3. The only lie I have ever told my children and I would do it again.
            I only have 1 out of my 5 that still believes.
            BEST lie EVER !!! πŸ˜‰

        1. Just got back from New York visiting for 17 days… It was nice. She was out here. Oceania did not agree with her… after consults with the only PhD psych on Island, I thought it best to send her back to New York. She is with my Ex-wife in the only home she has known… She is doing well and is happy. I’ll return for the Summer when school is out.
          My bet is your parents think of you and care for you more than you know. I simply cannot find a job elsewhere. I teach chemistry, among many other things… Long story as to why this is my last stand, but suffice to say, it is.

          Anyway, hang tough, there kiddo… and remember that exalted status hold!

          1. Oh common for god’s sake she’s not a little girl she’s a fully grown young women only a year younger than Kay p. Someone mentioned growing up in a city under siege with people dying around them and her family had to flee. She wasn’t looking for sympathy purely trying to settle a debate about which side was responsible for the massacres. you know what she said to her? “No one gives a flying fuck about your sad stories “. Are half the posts going to back to letting an adult pretend to be a child for attention and everyone playing up to that? Strewth, already people are leaving in droves because of the poor quality of comments.

          2. I’m totally on your side with that Ob’s, but, if I could say, maybe a modicum of diplomacy might be in order sometimes, but I’ve got your back anyway.

          3. Thanks @rota I’m glad to hear there are parents who cares for their children is weird how different life is,I see I still dont like you @wm and sorry @obli it won’t happen again πŸ˜†

          4. I’m sorry hanobi, I didn’t want to be mean. I’m just still a bit bad tempered over Christmas because, sniff, my parents didn’t buy enough presents.

        2. To hanabi.
          Haha….same here.
          Time really heals everything. …
          Just take a good care of you
          You are the most beautiful unique and important person
          To yourself……and……..At least you understand earlier in age
          That you are on your @[email protected]$$$# own…..
          I can really relate to yo on that one…..
          One thing I liked to hear when I came to america……was
          What does not kill you ….makes you stronger. !!!.

          1. Ok. let me break this down to you hanobe. Some one putting you down is when your trying really hard to better yourself, whether working your arse off or just really trying to change yourself. Some one pointing out how self centered, attention seeking and lazy you are isn’t putting you down.

          2. I’m still asking what happened when I was gone and no one wants to reply,I don’t get why you keep bullying me I haven’t done something wrong i just want to have fun and I don’t want to hijack another post of obli πŸ™

          3. And I’m not seeking attention I just like to know someone read what I write,in fakebook and YouTube everyone’s think I’m crazy but here they think its funny

          4. It’s my fault sr. I know this always happen when I start to talk my shit(or tipe my shit)but I’m gonna shut up my fat beak like Wm said,no more personal comments just my shitty jokes πŸ˜†

          1. Looks a bit like Bjork. Which has reminded me of the fat fucker that topped himself over her, that obsessed geezer who video’d his suicide.
            I’m gun a watch it. πŸ˜‰

          2. Yeah shes a good Singer and dancer but kiyoe is better πŸ˜† btw her band “ikimono gakari ” played a song for the London Olympics it’s the best band you should try it πŸ˜‰

  6. Fair play to the farmer, he played his cards well, a risky move to go for the guy’s gun. I would venture to say Brazil is slightly safer with these three gone, but there’s 3 pairs of flipflops unaccounted for here, no doubt they have already slithered and flopped onto their next victims, and death is surely not far behind.

        1. In winter ! , wow, now that takes some doing.
          I’ve never worn any, so I suppose my judgement was a little hasty. Yeah, a little hasty, not too hasty, ‘cos let’s be honest, those things are pretty shite.
          Do you wear socks with them in winter !? πŸ˜€

          1. Never? I’m gonna send you some for your b-day then. No socks though.. that stopped being cool in ’93. But I live in Louisiana.. we’re not big on stylish footwear. Most don’t even wear shoes.

        2. Says the Lady with what are probably gorgeous feet.
          I have a callous on my big toe the old lady calls it my corn chip and makes me keep them covered like they belonged to @ewes Elephant Man. πŸ™‚
          TMI ???

          1. It’s not so bad I got a friend with Hammer Toes “no shit…right” and he’s always walking around limping like he’s wearing boots 3 sizes too small. Sometimes I turn my head so he don’t see me giggle. πŸ™‚

        3. Now I’m excited @Nextie, I promise to wear them at least once, but being English I must insist on wearing socks with them. Yes, I realise it’s not the proper way to don footwear of such quality, but that’s the way it’s gunna have to be. And I don’t like stubbing my toes on furniture ! πŸ˜‰

    1. Most likely to say that about the cops, ma’am =)
      As always happens on our third world countries, the lack of preparation makes cops move the corpses even before they register the facts. Or maybe the farmer just wanted to clean that filthy blood from the path =)

      1. no I wasn’t able to manowar ,,

        because ,,

        I left my android at home because ,,
        I was using my ipod to listen to listen to my self help audio books and TED talks ,,
        I’m so sorry it will never happen again I will always carry my android on me even though my local police department municipality tracks our every movement by precision GPS ,, in the US and in certain states of course but mine is one of them,, you’d be surprised at all the face recognition cctv’s on every other telephone pole and strung along down the highways and the the automatic license plate readers that police have on their cars and the other on telephone poles and stop red light cameras plus they take pictures of you and your passengers in your car and they document every where you go,, I’ll post the link later on..

        1. hey I watched that video for that link you posted ,, very much informative and interesting it filled me in very nicely thank you so much for that now I know and understand the Islamic barbaric crusade going way way back to an early history stage called the “golden age”

  7. hey BG I witnessed a train/car homicide today. can you believe of all days to leave my LG Volt at home cause ive been listening to my self help audio books and ted talks on my ipod plus a lot of locale police department municipalities track our Apples and Andriods by precise GPS tracking so they know our every fucking move..
    but the super gore concealment team (police) wouldn’t let me see the little baby three year old body anyway ,, but know this BG the next fucking carnage I stumble upon I will go as far as I have to get a vid of some mangled little meat bag short of taking gun fire ,, duh just kidding as sonn as they twitch a trigger finger and reach for there firearm I will submit.. here’s the link

  8. manowar
    iluvmyearth on Korean Man Takes a Dive in Bangkok
    ?manowar96 on Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them
    ?iluvmyearth on Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them
    ?iluvmyearth on Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them
    ?iluvmyearth on Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them

  9. i was on that same fucking train going the oppasate way ,, i for fun, strength training, endorance and stamina i take my GT Power Series GT Power Series 24 cruiser full alloy alluminun Race BMX, frame with Euro BB and Reverse Dropouts, 100% Cr-Mo fork with 1-1/8″ Steerer, GT Tubular Cr-Mo 3pcs cranks, Interceptor BMX Cr-Mo bars on train rides and today i happened to be down 95 south and over the bridge to get an 8 of sour deasil

  10. hey BG I witnessed a train/car homicide today. can you believe of all days to leave my LG Volt at home cause ive been listening to my self help audio books and ted talks on my ipod plus a lot of locale police department municipalities track our Apples and Andriods by precise GPS tracking so they know our every fucking move..
    but the super gore concealment team (police) wouldn’t let me see the little baby three year old body anyway ,,

    but know this BG the next fucking carnage I stumble upon I will go as far as I have to get a vid of some mangled little meat bag short of taking gun fire ,, duh just kidding as sonn as they twitch a trigger finger and reach for there firearm I will submit.. here’s the link

      1. I know right @Dre ,,
        he drove around the car in front stopping at the red then turned onto the tracks around the stop arms onto the tracks then boom! they were saying it sounded like a bomb! I was on the opposite south bound train going back to Phillyi was waiting for action news to come from Philly ,, the train driver said train stops here there was an accident ahead so I got off ,, I could see the lights a quarter mile up so I quickly rode there in like 4 mins and the pic shows the opposite side where the little boy body was cops wouldn’t let me slide up over the tracks I didn’t even see all that damage from my side it looked like the Mercedes just lost its bumper though there was debris scattered like it exploded I couldn’t understand why the boy died I got at least three different stories including the eye witness that was in the front car the detective copied a statement from ,,was waiting for the action news to come from Philly but apparently no one had bother calling them that’s why the pic is at night time ,, but yeah they treated it like a crime scene even fucking spray painted the outline of the car like a body.

  11. Okay, I must ask. The back story tells there were 4 men trespassing on a farmers property. This would make a total of 5 men, right? Three were killed by thee farmer, while one ran away. This would leave only the farmer, right?

    Why is there 4 dead shown? Is one of these guys the guy the police killed? They all have different shirts. Did the farmer decide to lay down and pose with the three he killed or did one of the trespassers decide to change his shirt before death? Am I missing something here?

      1. I love the 12gage ,,
        always have ,,
        ever since I discovered what the 12gage slugs do to watermelons and pumpkins they completely violently explode ,,
        a squishy jelly bean head in closed quarters combat should only do the same ,,
        it’s the equivalency of a 50cal snipe right? seems about right cause that’s exactly what they do

    1. The black shirt guy was gunned down by the police, although he was hit by the farmer (as you can see on his arm). Those photos probably were taken after the cops registered the occuring so they moved the bodies for picking up

      1. yes I’m done with that @Obliterator I always wanted to tell you that I always pictured you being just like T?ti (J?hannes Haukur J?hannesson). a cool as fuck gangster in one of my favorite Icelandic movies called (Black’s Game) have you watched it? please check it out. im more like psycho stebbi’s character.

  12. You know what happened here right? One of these guys got allowed the farmer to take a loaded shotgun away from him. I’m sure his friends were asking themselves “What kind of faggot lets their gun be taken away” before they were shot.

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